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  • Season 2
    • Child's Toy Continues Through Thick & Thin
      They get found and treated quickly. Sengoku decides to resign due to his evilness. The next day Sana and Akito are on the roof talking. Akito gets something in his eye. When Sana goes to clean it Akito kisses her again. They both want to confess their love after Akito gets his black belt.moreless
    • The Trio Disappeared Together
      Sana and Akito have found Nakao and get stuck in a window. Meanwhile Sengoku-sensei is plotting to get Akito expelled. Does Akito, Sana and Nakao get found?
    • Disappearance of the Blackboard Erasers
      A student in Akito's class was in the karate club before Akito told him to quit due to his fatigue. His brothers weren't being very helpful either. He takes all the chalk board erasers before locking himself up in the storage room. Does any one notice that he's missing?
    • Come Check Out the Good Karate Club
      Akito's getting bored at school without any clubs. Sana goes to the teacher to tell him that she wants to have a Karate club. The school requirements for any club is 5 members plus a faculty adviser. Do they get an adviser?
    • When my elder sister is in love
      It seems that Akito's sister Natsumi is dating a really cool guy at school. He meets Akito and gets a little creeped out by him. The next day Akito sees that he is with another girl. Akito gives him this big stare, and scares him. Does his sister find out?
    • The Lending-Money-Happily Scheme
      Misako's ex-husband is back again to borrow money from her. She sees the look in his eyes this time and realizes that he is serious. She lends him the money and says nothing. What are his intentions with that money?
    • Adult Love can Wait
      It's time for Asako to go to London to study acting some more. She thinks Rei has remembered that he said he'd come. But he was so busy with Sana he forgot to tell her that he wasn't going. What happens between them?
    • Back Together
      Back Together
      Episode 43
      Since the break up with Akito, Fuka has been dying to tell her old friend Takaishi. Every time she picks up the phone to call, she hesitates as she remembers he still has a girlfriend. But Takaishi had recently broken up so he is single. Both Fuka and Takaishi go to a festival event that night. Takaishi spots Akito catching Aya in his arms, and thinks that Akito is cheating.moreless
    • Child's Toy Starts in the Spring
      After the video comes out, everyone loves it. The producers from Kodocha decide to start up Sana's old TV series again. They call Sana and ask her if she wants to return. Does she return to it?
    • The Same Name Appears
      Sana gets a letter from someone claiming to be Kurata Sana. There is also a concert going on that says the real Sana will be there. What does Sana see when she goes?
    • Not at All a Simple Math Video
      The writer from the movie with the word "Devil" in it comes to Sana's house to tell her about this job she could do easily. Does she take it?
    • Visit from a Fan at the Beginning of the New Year
      Sana gets a letter from her low status fan club. They send her a message card. She goes over there to check things out. It turns out that they're disappointed with the amount of work that she has been doing. How does Sana feel about this?
    • Hayama's Mother is Mecha-Hayama
      Mr. Hayama has been working on a metal mother for Akito. She goes haywire and it's up to Sana to save the day. Does it work?
    • Hallelujah on Christmas Eve? My Heart...
      After Akito watches the film, he decides to go to the park for a walk. Back at Sana's house, Rei has just found out that Asako has work that day so they can't spend that time together. Sana decides to go to the park as well. She and Akito meet up at the park, both eager to confess. Just when they are going to say it, Tsuyoshi, Aya, Hisae, and Shinichi come and interrupt. Sana starts a snowball fight, so everyone starts to play. Will Sana and Akito get a chance to tell each other how they feel?moreless
    • So this Kind of Day Has Come
      Since Sana has no more jobs left due her supposed "Diva" move, she decides that she should take a break from work. She goes to the hospital to see how Fuka is doing. Fuka's mom tells her that Fuka and Akito have broken up because of her injury. Later that day due to Naozumi's discovery of why Sana did what she did, Naozumi realizes the truth behind it. He goes to her house to break up with her because Sana is still in love with Akito. Before going to the day care where he grew up Naozumi calls Akito telling him that the program is running. How does Akito react when he finds out why Sana was fired?moreless
    • Fight for it or End it? Which way Should We Go
      In the hospital Fuka is sitting in her room bored. Akito comes in through the window and they start talking to each other. She tells him that it's over between them because he is still in love with Sana. Meanwhile Sana is fired from the movie due her in ability to say "Devil" in the script, causing her to lose her other jobs. This problem gives her a "Diva" image to the press. Sana goes for a walk in the park and sees Akito. She sees him in the park sitting down all depressed. She hugs him saying it'll be alright. When Naozumi finds out why she wouldn't say "Devil", how does he feel?moreless
    • Everything is Clear When You Can't See
      After Fuka's surgery, she realizes that Akito and Sana Still like each other. Fuka's dad gets so mad he forbids Akito from seeing her. What happens to Sana's line issue?
    • The Line That Couldn't be Spoken
      After returning, Sana and Naozumi have to play a part in a new movie. She has this line where she has to call a character a "Devil". She can't do it, knowing that if she did, it would hurt Akito's feelings. That same day Akito and Fuka were on a date, and went to the arcade. But when Akito gets into a fight and Fuka gets injured in the eye, the couple finds themselves at the hospital!moreless
    • The Manager Trouble
      Seeing as Naozumi's manager got injured in New York he got a new one. Her Name is Riho. She seems very nice but has an ulterior motive. She wants Naozumi to be more famous than Sana. She will not stand for them being tied. How does this turn out?
    • Perhaps They are the Best Couple
      When Sana Returns, she is welcomed by all her friends. She invites a lot of them. In the airport they were asked a lot of weird questions. One was if Sana and Naozumi were really dating. Their answer was yes. How does this affect Akito?
    • We Got Along Great Afterwards
      This episode is a recap of what happened while Sana and Naozumi were in New York. It's coming from their point of view. What happens when Sana and Naozumi get back?
    • Hello, Goodbye My Love
      Sana and Naozumi are on a plane back to Japan. They're reminiscing on their recent events as well as when they started middle school.
    • One More Song 3-2-1
      Singing and Dancing have been outlawed in New York. So Sana And Naozumi try to protest the restriction. Will they prevail?
    • The Father Who is Unable to be a Father
      Following the Broadway musical run, Gary decides to tell the press the he is the Father of Naozumi. He tells them that he is going to raise Naozumi to be a big star. Naozumi doesn't share that view, and declares he will be returning to Japan.
    • The First and Last Mother/Son Battle
      Since Yuko has lost everything due to her attitude at work all she has left is, Rick. Rick sees how she is and begs Naozumi to comfort her somehow. Naozumi decides to go, but not for the reason that Rick wants. He decides to go for revenge. How does he carry it out?moreless
    • Papa, You're Bad
      Papa, You're Bad
      Episode 25
      After everything thing is all said and done, the Hamilton family is still a mess. Naozumi and Sana arrange for the family to meet in the park and talk out their feelings.
    • Should We Go Home or Not?
      Naozumi finally has found out that his mom never wanted to make up for lost time, she had her own hidden agenda. He gets all upset and starts crying. Sana suggests going home to Japan. Do they go back?
    • Were in Manhattan is my daughter?
      Sicil overhears the conversation between Naozumi and his mom. She decides to run away leaving everyone worried looking for her. Every time they think they've found her it turns out to be someone else.
    • Mother's Gleeful and Practical Joke
      Yuko has completely convinced Naozumi that being in the Broadway musical is a horrible idea. She goes to the office of Mr. Hamilton to talk. She tells him that if he gives her a lead role in a play, she will convince Naozumi to do the play. He does and there is a casting party soon afterwards.moreless
    • Stupid American Parent and Child
      Sicil runs away thinking that no one loves her at all. She runs away from the apartment to be alone. When she is found she and Sana have a talk. What do they talk about?
    • My Exposed Secret
      My Exposed Secret
      Episode 20
      Sicil is tired of being locked up in the house away from Naozumi. She decides to run away from home and stay with Naozumi for awhile how do her parents feel about this?
    • The Sudden Appearance of a Mother
      Brad tells Naozumi and Sana about his motivations. Apparently Brad didn't like all the attention Sicil had been showing Naozumi. With the shocking truth out, Brad tries to run away but collapses in the rain. Someone's mother appears in this episode, but whose?
    • Dangerous feelings at Lunchtime
      Rei, Sana, and Naozumi have moved out of the Hamilton mansion and into a hotel room. The next day, on the way to the studio for rehearsal, Naozumi runs into this strange guy about to tell him something. Right before he says it, Sana and Rei interrupt. While Sana and Naozumi are rehearsing, Rei starts searching for an apartment. Sicil is tired of being locked up in the house, so she runs away to be with Naozumi. Later Sana and Naozumi are attacked, and they discover the identity of the attacker.moreless
    • You Also Have Emerald Eyes
      Sana and Naozumi go to the Hamilton mansion for some sleep. The night they discover that the ghost they saw the other night was a girl a little younger than they are, and she has the same colored eyes as Naozumi. Sana and Naozumi learn she is the daughter of the Hamiltons. Rei returns from Hollywood and offers to stay over and to protect the two.moreless
    • Riddles of Passing into Society
      Since there are so many problems going on with Sana and Naozumi, Rei goes to Hollywood to find Mr. Hamilton. Sana and Naozumi go to rehearsal, but Sana gets injured so Naozumi goes to rehearsal alone. Brad suspects they are being targeted.
    • Suspense in New York
      Sana and Naozumi arrive in New York and head to a party. In the crowd there is a boy that looks exactly like Akito. Sana and Naozumi go after him. The boy says his name is Brad and he has never been to Japan. In the ballroom, Then in the ballroom, something falls and nearly hits them and they get the impression they are being targeted.moreless
    • Run Away, Run Away, Over The Ocean
      Sana is sitting on the roof when Naozumi calls saying how they should go to America. She decides to go, but she hasn't told any of her friends that she's going. They are in the airport when they see all their friends: Tsuyoshi, Aya, Fuka, Hisae, and Akito. How will they react?moreless
    • And Then the Pair Say Goodbye
      The next day Sana goes to school trying to avoid Akito the entire day. During gym she fakes an injury to avoid having to answer who the guy is that said goodbye to her before she left. As she rests at the nurses office, Sana discovers Akito is in an adjacent bed! Sana escapes the office but Akito follows her. What happens between them? Does Fuka find out about this?moreless
    • The Truth is There
      The Truth is There
      Episode 13
      That night the press is interviewing Naozumi at a conference, and asks whether he and Sana were dating each other. Naozumi denies the rumor, but reveals a secret: there is a guy that she likes, and he came to say good bye when they left. Sana learns of the interview, and goes to Naozumi's house to confront him.moreless
    • Don't Believe in Rumors
      Sana made it out of the burning house safe and sound, thanks to Naozumi. The movie filming concludes and Sana returns to school, but the rumors fly that she is dating Naozumi! Sana runs off, with Akito in chase. How does Fuka feel about this? What does Akito say to her? How does this affect Sana?moreless
    • The Summer's Constant Flames
      Sana gets trapped in a burning house. Her leg still hurts, but this time it hurts so much that she can't move. She attempts to contact Rei but the phone and buzzer options don't work. How will Sana get out of this one?
    • I Won't Cry After Being Jilted
      Since Sana is in her mood of depression, her mom comes to visit her on the campsite and try to cheer her up. Misako is still got Onda chasing her for the manuscript because her deadline is approaching. Like always she's avoiding it. So Sana finally figures everything out and is right back on track.moreless
    • Becoming Aware of Love After Being Jilted
      Sana is dying to call someone from home. Asako gets the director's phone and gives it to Sana. She makes a call to none other than Akito. She asks him what he wanted to tell her, He says never mind and that he's dating Fuka. She hides her shock and tells him how happy she is for him.moreless
    • Getting Past an Injury
      Normally, Rei and Maeda would be dealing with paparazzi and bogus articles, but since they are secluded on the mountain and busy with the movie the rumor mill has been working overtime. Sana's classmates are beginning to wonder if the rumors are true. Even Akito is starting to fall into the trap. Meanwhile, Sana struggles to deal with the pain of her injury while filming. The director is getting impatient and considers replacing her with another actress.moreless
    • Romance in the Mountains
      Asako and Kawai has a big love scene in the upcoming film. While talking to Rei about declaring his love for Asako, Sana can't stop thinking about Akito. When Kawai asks Asako to go for a walk, Rei finally confronts him and asks him not to get close to her. Three fans of Naozumi become jealous of Sana becasue they believe the rumors about Naozumi and Sana's relationship in the magazines are true. One night, they find Sana by herself and attack her.moreless
    • Pretend Boyfriend for Sushi
      Fuka asks Akito to go out with her and her old friends and pretend to be her boyfriend. At first, Akito is totally against the idea, but then she bribes him with sushi.
    • Really, Really, Seriously, Really
      They've finally settled in the shoot set. Naozumi and Sana do a scene together that requires Naozumi to be in character and, fall in love with Sana's character. After they take a break Sana and Naozumi take a little walk to the lake. He confesses his feelings to her. Later that night Sana goes to her place and finds out that her stuff has been messed. Who did it?moreless
    • The Actress Goes to the Mountains to Shoot a Movie
      Sana's is preparing to leave for a three month long movie shoot. Tsuyoshi panics over Akito's reluctance to reveal his feelings to Sana. The rumors of a relationship between Sana and Naozumi spread like wildfire.
    • Sana Who Cannot Love Completely
      It's the class trip to the Zoo. The animals are not in their cages, because there are no dangerous animals in that particular zoo. Tsuyoshi is talking to Akito about confessing and he says it's too embarrassing to talk about. He talks to Sana asking her how she feels about Akito. She tells him that she can longer believe in love due to her experience with Rei. Later Akito pulls her aside. What Happens between them?moreless
    • The kiss that ruined my life-plan
      Hayama is a big hit with the girls of Jinbou Middle School, Sana finds out the reason behind the drama between Fuka and Hayama, and could there be some competition for Hayama's affection?
    • I met my Best Friend in the Bathroom
      Sana Kurata, child actress, first-year middle school student. Today Sana starts her first year at Jinbou Middle School where she meets her new best friend, Matsui Fuka, in the bathroom! Things go very well between the two, until Fuka meets Hayama, and that's when the trouble starts.
  • Season 1