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I'm an Elementary School Student with an Agent

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 2006 on ColoursTV
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I'm an Elementary School Student with an Agent
Sana Kurata is a spunky 11-year old and one of the most famous child actresses on Japanese television. It's been a month since Sana's attended her new elementary school, but her class is a mess. The boys cause havoc and chaos everyday to the point where Sana isn't learning anything. And it's all because of their ringleader, Akito Hayama. But things are just getting started when Sana calls out Akito on her TV show that she stars in, Child's Toy, and she confronts Akito in class afterwards.moreless

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  • ill put a character discretion at top of every review^_^ Zenjiro-hes a movie star like sana but has sorry jobs,he works with sana on child's toys,he also has buck teeth and he has a fan club of middle age women and only a few yonger fans.moreless

    This episode is when sana goes to school and finds out the boys are making trouble,there is stuff flying all over the room and the teacher is about to cry.sana tells them to stop but they dont listen to her so she has to go to the core to there teams leader Akito Hayama,she trys to stop him but she cant.he ends up telling his gang to attack her but she will never give up and at end the boys are attacking the teacher with paint/water guns and sana gets one and shoots hayama with it.will this class ever be the same or will the boys keep tomenting it,and what will happen to sana!find out next time on kodocha news

    bri sighning off,bye^^moreless
  • It's very odd for me. I saw the last few episodes first, so seeing Sana and Akito fight is like having the world being thrown upside down.....

    This is the start of the 5th best anime ever, in my opinion. You just can't beat Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, or Fruits Basket..... But if it makes you feel any better, it's the second best Shojo manga/anime! Well anyway, Sana Kurata walks into school one day to find a war raging in her classtoom! It's a Boys vs. Girls take no prisoners WAR!!!!! (We had a similar war today in English class because our teacher told us we could do whatever we wanted because she was sick. Only we fought with paper airplanes.....) The teacher is a big crybaby I think.... And I kinda forget this episode, but I remember at the end Sana ends up shooting Akito in the eye with the ink gun.....moreless
  • That's So Sana.

    The series starts with Sana being a typical shojo anime kid, waking up late for school, and rushing out. But wait, she's not typical. She's a child actress that lives in a huge mansion and an agent whom she calls her boyfriend. In the same manner, the main characters are introduced rather quickly and with just a byline so I didn't catch all their names unless she used them in the episode. This gets better in episode two.

    The abundant use of sight gags places this in the comedy section instead of a romantic drama. Misako's hats become a mainstay gag with each one more outrageous than the other. Rei's driving got a good laugh but it's a one-time joke. The boys drive the chaos of the out of control classroom, setting up the expectation of conflict between Sana and the leader guy, Akito. Sana gets to rap a few lines. And since it's anime, there's got to be a mascot, like Babbit.

    The main character Sana gets transformed from a typical spunky shojo girl in the manga to the level of a Tomo Takino in Azumanga Daioh or Excel in Excel Saga. Laura really picks up on this excitement and it carries on throughout the episode with repeated phrases and rapid-fire lines. This high-energy character will either annoy you or get you pumped for the series, and it reminds me quite a bit like That's So Raven. The other characters are fairly laid back and mellow, and with very little development so far except for Akito, whose personality is set up to be revealed over many episodes.

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Misako explains to Sana why she didn't wake her up.)
      Misako: A sleeping child grows, but a child who sleeps in grows in depth. Good morning Sana dear. And I'm talking to no one.

    • Boys: Laughter is the best medicine for a stomach ache.

    • Sana: That big dummy needs someone to show him what a knuckle sandwich tastes like, and I'm the one to do it!
      Rei: That big dummy... Are you referring to that rowdy kid in your class? Akito, was it?
      Sana: Rowdy sounds like he's a cowboy, and cowboys are nice, but he's not!
      Rei: Let's just try to keep that temper under control. He's a lot bigger than you.
      Sana: Don't worry about me! Using ancient sword fighting techniques that I learned in my stage combat class, I'll cut him apart! CUT HIM APART LIKE MEAT! LIKE THIS! (accidently jabs another guy in the stomach with the script)

    • Hair Stylist: Sana, that manager of yours sure is something special. He's got a reputation around town for being nicer than almost anyone in the biz.
      Sana: Sounds like a crush!
      Hair Stylist: Oh no, just an observation. That's what the rumor mill says.
      Sana: Well you tell that rumor mill of yours that Rei is my boyfriend and a very taken man!
      Hair Stylist: BOYFRIEND?! He's much too old for you, sweetheart!
      Sana: But he's a gentleman. And, he sticks around as long as I keep paying him. Right, my darling?
      Rei: Whatever you say, my dear Sana.

    • Sana: Good morning, Akito! It smells like your foot stepped in something your mouth left behind, so I guess that explains the ugly look on your face!

    • Sana: Akito Hayama! That's him! The one! The scoundrel! He started picking on the teacher and the other boys follow everything he does like it's the law! That kid is pure evil. Nothing else.

    • Babbit: (Sana is kissing Rei on the cheek in the background) Oh come on! How much longer is she going to keep her lips pressed against his cheek?!

    • Babbit: Kindergartners are passing your car!

    • Misako: If you do sleep in, that's your decision, Sana. But your mother is responsible and she will make you stay here, until you finish all of your breakfast.
      Sana: All right, fine, I'll eat it then I'll go.

  • NOTES (12)

    • Japanese Title: I'm an Elementary School Student with a Pimp.

    • Kodocha Anime Additions in comparison to the manga:

      Zenjiro is the teacher of the Child's Toy TV Show.

      Babbit is the official talking mascot for the anime and is placed on many of the products and clothes in the show. In the manga there's only a brief scribble of him in Volume 7.

      Sana raps and sings with a voice sampler, and uses a burutcha (vibrating pager).

      Sana's mother is named Misako in the anime. For the manga, she was Mariko.

      Sana's mother drives around a toy car.

      New hats for Maro to reside in.

    • US DVD Information for Volume 1
      Title: School Girl Super Star
      Release Date: August 2, 2005.
      Episodes: 1-4
      Cover Art: Sana with a mike, and Akito.

      Japanese Captions: Those with the DVD can see all Japanese captions and credits including the episode titles by selecting the Japanese version in the Menu video options; this is also available by changing the "Angle" option on a Sony PS2.

    • Original Japanese Airdate: April 5, 1996

    • From manga to anime
      Author Miho Obana makes note of the anime series being in production in both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of her Kodocha graphic novels.

    • Casting: Julie or Colleen?
      On the English DVD Volume 1, Julie Mayfield was credited instead of the director, Colleen Clinkenbeard, for playing Misako Kurata.

    • Funimation edit: What happened to Tokio?

      Due to licensing issues, Tokio was translated to xxxx in the English sub, and was changed to Kyoto in the English dub. His song titles were similarly changed as well.

    • Funimation edit: Sleep with me, Rei
      When Sana goes off to bed, she invites Rei-kun to sleep with her. Mama's original warning to Rei is that he is not permitted anything beyond a kiss on the cheek regarding Sana. In the English dub, this is changed to don't stay up too late singing.

    • Funimation cut: Hairdresser's sexual orientation.
      The exchange between Sana and her hairdresser was edited to remove any references to the hairdresser's sexual orientation and interest in Rei.

    • Funimation edit: Didn't Sana call Rei a pimp?
      The episode's original title was I'm an elementary school student with a pimp. Sana also regularly refers to Rei-kun as her pimp, or gigolo in the TokyoPop translation. Funimation's release of the first three episodes changed the references to something less toned, like Agent. Not to worry though, this was changed back to pimp in Episode 4 and the English subtitles still call him a pimp.

    • Funimation cut: opening song
      The original opening song, 19 o'clock News, was replaced with the second opening song, Ultra Relax due to licensing issues.

    • On the English DVD's, Animation director Nobuyuki Tokinaga was credited as Yoshiyuki Tokinaga throughout the series.

      Kate Oxley (Mami) was credited as Kate Borneman for the first part of the series.


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