Season 1 Episode 37

Karate and the Trumpet Compete for a Kiss

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 2008 on ColoursTV
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Karate and the Trumpet Compete for a Kiss
Sana has started thinking of her half birthday with Akito. She has everything for the party and is ready. Meanwhile, Akito is still trying to find Sana the perfect present. So he goes with Tsuyoshi to find Sana and Aya presents. While looking, Akito meets up with Naozumi. They both go on a battle to see who is stronger, Akito's Karate or Naozumi's Trumpet playing. Who will win?moreless

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  • The darks die of Naozumi comes out!

    Wow, this has to be the best episode ever!!!!! They really put a whole lot of drama on the love triangle. I personally loved it. And Naozumi's dark side really showed up too. He really expressed his feelings for Sana, yet was calling Akito out by doing so. OK, so Sana finds out she has to do a commercial with her friend, Naozumi Kimura. She is excoted about this, until she finds out she has to kiss him. On the other hand, Naozumi is thrilled because he's in love with Sana. He asks her to spend Christmas Eve with him, but that's also the Middle Birthday day for her and Akito, so she has to decline. But she does invite him to the party. Naozumi wonders why Akito is so important to her, so he tracks him down and calls him out. Wow, I knew those two had a rivalry, but I didn't know it was that strong. Naozumi asks if Akito is dating Sana, to which he replies, "Not really." So then Naozumi declares that since there is nothing going on between the two, Naozumi was going to kiss her. Tsuyoshi, who happened to be with Akito, goes all bezerk and flips out. Then Naozumi and Akito have at it and begin to fight each other. However, their brawl is stopped by a passing police officer. Akito goes home to think things over. Later, Sana prepares on the set of the commercial to kiss Naozumi, but she just can't do it. She goes on one of her infamous "Sana Rampages" and runs around the studio. The director is frantic, trying to figure out why a girl would get so worked up about getting a kiss in the cheek. Sana stops at this news. Cheek? That's fine! Meanwhile, Naozumi fumes in silence. He thought he was going to get to kiss her on the lips! :P So after that's over with, Sana calls Akito to tell him that the kiss never happened. Akito pretends not to care, but you can tell he's really overjoyed.moreless

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