Season 1 Episode 4

Lone Wolf, Awooo!

Aired Unknown Jun 22, 2006 on ColoursTV
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Lone Wolf, Awooo!
After Akito had been put into an embarrassing situation by Sana, he promises to be good, but it may be at the price of his peers. One of the boys, Gomi, leads the monkey brigade and causes classroom chaos again! Sana struggles with Akito's "lone wolf" act and tries to understand more about Akito's family. Meanwhile Tsuyoshi has a startling mood change when he makes a faux pas in class.moreless

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  • Sana gets Akito to turn his back on his old Boss Monkey ways. But in his abscence, Gomi takes over.

    OK, I'm gonna try to get the details right this time. I watched it this morning! But my memory sucks, so who knows. What I do remember was that Sana finally got Akito to give up the title Boss Monkey ans appologize to all the girls, especially Mami. He does, and everyone is shocked. Although Mami doesn't fully forgive him until episode 25. Anyway, class is finally normal again. That is, until Gomi takes over Akito's position. Sana screams at Akito to do something, and he confronts Gomi. The two end up in a fist fight, and it appears Gomi to have won, until Akito gets up and socks him in the stomach. YAY! Akito has won!!!!! But will this be the end of the terror????? WHO KNOWS!!!! Stay tuned!moreless
  • One of the best ep for this show. If you want to see the ep that showed how Akito changed this is it.

    Sana a very embrassing picture of Akito. Sana uses the pic as blackmail so he would leave the girls alone and tell his followers (the boys) to do the same also. Akito agrees and the boys are wondering why Akito is doing everything Sana tells him, like say he is sorry to the girls and to the teacher and also give back the embrassing pic he took of the teachers. Leaving the boys to fend for themselves, they have choosen Gomi as there new leader. Sana see that Akito has known becaome a lone wolf and begans to feel sorry for him. Later in the class Gomi picks a fight with Akito and strats punching him in the face. Sana forbids Akito to hit him back. Sana laters gives him permission to hit Gomi and Akito punches him in the stomach and he falls out cold onto the floor. Later Tsuyoshi calls the teacher Mama and the whole class makes fun of him. Then Tsuyoshi goes crazy, even scarier than Akito. Sana goes to visit Akito at home and sees how baddly his sister treats him and feels sorry for him. This was a good ep and really sad.moreless
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Sonny Strait


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Sana catches Akito after he gets knocked down by Gomi, a bandage can be seen on her nose. But that morning, Sana did not have it, and it was gone after Akito got back up to fight.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Gomi: So that settles it! I'm the new boss now. You with me?
      (boys agree eagerly)
      Akito: Hey! (punches Gomi hard in the stomach)

    • Akito: Hey! Aren't you tired of this yet? Why don't you just knock it off?
      Gomi: Hmph. You know, I don't have time to listen to losers.
      Akito: (smirks)
      Gomi: Hey, what's so funny?
      Akito: Yesterday you were all standing in line to kiss my butt.

    • Zenjiro: So what happened next? It seems Sana's fans from all over the country were so worried about how she was doing in school, PAPOW! They sent her a gazillion billion post cards!
      Sana: Really? All for me? Thanks everyone! That was so nice of you, but really, things are just peachy again!

    • Sana: Akito! Here, please.
      Akito: What do you want?
      Sana: Just come here, OK? And you better be quick about it too, or else you're exposed!
      Boys: Exposed?
      Akito: Damn.

    • Sana: But you liked being the big boss monkey man, didn't you? So don't just sit there playing all innocent! Like you had nothing to do with it! The other boys were going along with you!
      Akito: Shut up! You already dragged me out of bed this early, I'm not gonna listen to you yell at me, too.

    • Sana: Hey this is supposed to be a Shojo anime.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Julie Mayfield is credited as the voice of Misako in this episode.

    • Original Japanese Airdate: April 26, 2006

    • Kodocha Volume 1: School Girl Super Star features an audio commentary by Laura Bailey and Colleen Clinkenbeard for this episode.

    • Funimation Change: Rei's a pimp again.
      Now that John Burgmeier is handling the English script, the English dub has Sana referring to Rei as her pimp. That was a running gag in the Japanese version since Sana didn't know what pimp actually meant except that she gives him money, and the other characters would typically question her use of the term.


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