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Season 1 Episode 24

Math Mess

Aired Unknown Aug 21, 2006 on ColoursTV
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Episode Summary

Math Mess
Ms. Andoh has noticed that Sana's class has been behind the rest of the students in what they have learned so she makes them prepare for an aptitude exam. If the students fail, they won't be able to go to middle school. That poses a problem for Sana, who sucks at math, but Akito pulls something out of his old playbook to remedy the situation.moreless

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  • Sana may have to be held back! O_O

    OH NO! Ms. Andoh came up with her own little plan that the 6th grade has to pass this huge test, or they all get held back!!!!! Ms. Matsuya and Mr. Tenaka help them study extra hard. But wait, doesn't Mr. Tenaka have his own class to worry about? And what power does Ms. Andoh have that she can hold the class back? Is she the vice prinicpal or something? 'Cause ordinary teachers at my school don't have that kind of power without mentioning it to the principal first, especially over someone else's class. If you ask me, Ms. Andoh is just a busy body who likes to get in other people's business. Sana gets all freaked because she knows that she'll flunk the math portion, but Akito comes up with a plan to save her.moreless
Chris Cason

Chris Cason

Additional Cast [E]

Guest Star

Julie Mayfield

Julie Mayfield

Miss Andoh [E]

Guest Star

Jim Foronda

Jim Foronda

Onda [E]

Guest Star

Kate Oxley

Kate Oxley

Mami [E]

Recurring Role

Troy Baker

Troy Baker

Hiroshi [E]

Recurring Role

Kent Williams

Kent Williams

Gomi [E]

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Sana ran out of the school to chase Akito with the broom, Akito noted that she was still wearing her uwabaki (indoor shoes that are used only when inside school). They were visibly white in color. But when Sana continued to chase him, they turned into her pink normal shoes. When in the next scene again she is seen in her uwabaki.

    • If you look closely to Hisae and Megumi's tongues when they argue you can see that they transform into hands.

    • This Week's Sana - Sana as a grandma.

    • Middle School or Junior High?
      These terms are used interchangeably to refer to grades 7-9 in Japan.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Sana Singing about how she hates math)
      Sana: O I hate math, o I hate math I can do a little bit adding and subtracting. Multiplying and dividing gives me a reaction. I can't tell you anything about a hypotenuse. all those different angles make me fell obtuse. Fractions, theorems they bet me to the ground how can they say pi (r)2 squared when I know why its round.

    • (Sana sings about her and math.)
      Sana: Back in 1st grade I was an acting pro I skipped school to do commercials you know, but when it came to math I was a disgrace, 2nd grade I tripped fell flat on my face. I slide down hill in 3rd with no honor in, 4th I couldn't keep my head above water. 5th was a struggle like running up a wall. I was doing okay I was giving my all, but a numbers landslide gave me a hit and when I reach 6th I was back in the pit. That's my story when it comes to math I always end up taking a bath.

    • Akito: (as a bird) There's no way she's gonna be able to pass, man. No way, no way, no way, no way...
      Sana: Shut up!

    • (Since Sana would still be in school, we look at a Child's Toy 2070 episode)
      Zenjiro: Well hi there, boys and girls! Today's Child's Toy is very special because we're all celebrating Sana's 88th birthday!
      Sana: Whoopee!

    • Ms. Andoh: Yes, well I know I said I told the principal about it, but as a matter of fact, I forgot to bring the whole matter up!

    • Ms. Matsuya: Ms. Andoh! Where did you come from?
      Ms. Andoh: I've been hiding under the desk eavesdropping!

    • Tsuyoshi: Uh, Sana...
      Sana: Don't worry, dear scarecrow!
      Tsuyoshi: Dear?!
      Sana: Because the wizard of higher education will grant us all of our wishes in middle school!
      Akito: Not for six months, he won't.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Direct references to The Wizard of Oz:

      Sana dresses in a blue dress like Dorothy.
      Tsuyoshi dresses as the Scarecrow.
      Akito dresses as the Cowardly Lion because of his blond hair.
      They walk on a Yellow Brick Road to Middle School.
      They meet up with a large blue face of Matsuya, who represents the Wizard of Oz. In the movie, the Wizard is a large green face projected on a wall.

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