Kodocha - Season 1

ColoursTV (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Goodbye Yesterday, Hello Tomorrow
    This episode is a summary of everything that's happened in the show so far. Most of it is about Sana and Akito, but it's a general recap episode too. The episode ends with Sana and Akito busting in on the people recaping, and then Rei give Sana her new Middle School uniform. This episode is a good transition between the first 50 episodes (Sana in elementary school) and Sana as she enters middle school.moreless
  • Through the Tears, Spring Comes
    After the death of Takeshi, Sana gets really depressed and won't talk to anyone. She finally starts her denial phase and takes a train to the mountains where she and Takeshi went before. She starts having hallucinations on whether Takeshi is really there. Rei,and All her friends are searching for her. When they get to the mountains there happens an avalanche. Does Sana get found by them?moreless
  • The Final Scene
    The Final Scene
    Episode 49
    Takeshi has finally found out that he is the father of Sana. He leaves the hospital to shoot the last scene before he gets worse. He was in pain during that scene. What happens to Takeshi?
  • Father, You Are My Father
    Currently Takeshi is being hospitalized and is trying to recover. Sana visits him and is telling him that everything is going OK. Her mom just found out the true identity of Takeshi after talking to Keiko.
  • Me & You Together Under One Roof
    When Sana’s apartment building is torn down a week before her new house is finished, it looks like she might be out on the street again! Instead of staying at a hotel with Rei while Misako is out of town, she decides to crash with Gojo, and the rumors really start to fly! How will Akito deal with a new rival for Sana’s affection? And what is the dark secret in Gojo’s past that hangs over his friendship with Sana?moreless
  • Am I Wrong to Run Away?
    Sana's book is finally published, and everyone is very excited. After all, it's on the best sellers list! But something seems to be wrong with Mami. Then Sana realizes that she didn't mention her at all in the book! She is hesitant to tell Mami this, but the reason she wasn't mentioned was because if Sana did write about her, then she would have to bring up the way Akito used to be. How will Sana figure this one out?moreless
  • Bittersweet Valentine's Day
    It's Valentines day and the boys in the class are expecting chocolate from Sana. She comes in and says she's only giving candy to Takeshi. At work he's not there and she gets worried. She goes after him looking and find him on the train. He comes back, but is he happy?moreless
  • Gomi, Gomi, Where Are You Going?
    With his parents pressuring him to leave Jinbo Middle School and try for the prestigious Kaimei School, Gomi is starting to feel the heat! Without thinking, he does something rash—and leaves Akito to face the consequences! Will Akito protect Gomi, even it means being expelled from school? Or will Gomi finally find the courage to do the right thing?moreless
  • Age Difference, Shmage Difference!
    After finishing the book she promised Onda, Sana falls asleep on the park bench. Then after that Takeshi and a woman walk by. He takes her to his apartment to sleep. A photographer see them and takes a picture and posts it. The next day the press is outside Sana's apartment. They ask her what's going on. What does she say? How does Akito respond to this?moreless
  • The Deadline's Here!
    Remember how Onda asked Sana to write a book based on her school essay? Well, neither did Sana! Now the deadline is only a week away, and she hasn’t put pen to paper! What’s more, if she doesn’t meet the deadline, the publisher will go with a different book, one written by the scheming president of the Dreaming Pro Agency! Can Sana pull enough all-nighters to finish the manuscript in time? Is there any way Akito can help her with a crisis like this?moreless
  • He Got Me Blacklisted!
    After losing everything Sana thinks she can fix everything by working hard. But that won't be possible because it seems that she was blacklisted. What Who is doing this and who is the strange man who wants to represent Sana. Will she have to let go of Rei and sign with a new company.moreless
  • Suddenly One Day, I'm Homeless Sana
    The Kurata family is bankrupt! With their home and belongings repossessed by the tax man, Sana, Misako and Rei move into a small rundown apartment and try to figure out what to do next. Sana is as optimistic as ever, and all their friends lend what support they can. But then a mysterious stranger shows up, and suddenly Rei can’t seem to find any more acting work for Sana. It looks like things may get a whole lot worse before they start to get better…if they do!moreless
  • 100 Haya-moths / Ooga Booga Boo
    In one episode two adventures happen. The first Sana is a princess who has to stop her people from turning into moths. The Haya Moth is turning everybody into moths even the Queen (Sana's mother) is turned into a moth. So it is up to Sana and Tsuyoshi to find a way to stop the Haya-moth from turning everybody to moths. The second is Sana and friends in the Stone Age. Sana gets into a little trouble because she accidentally squashed Akito. So Sana is sent to jail. While her friends try to find a way to help Akito get to normal.moreless
  • Here She Comes, Mama's Mama
    Sana and her mama are having a relaxing time when all of a sudden Mama's mama's comes along. With her she brings many bachelors for Sana's mother. But Misako rejects them all. So now Misako's mama has to find another heir to the hot springs that she owns. And guess who she has in mind. Sana! So now Mama's mama has to figure out a way to convince Sana to keep the spa open. Will Sana accept or deny this request?moreless
  • The Special Christmas Kiss
    It’s Sana’s big Christmas and mid-birthday party, and Akito is going crazy trying to figure out what to get her for a present! If he doesn’t come through, who knows what Sana will do? Will Naozumi take advantage of Akito’s indecision to win Sana’s heart? Akito may have to do something drastic—even if it means telling Sana how he really feels!moreless
  • Karate and the Trumpet Compete for a Kiss
    Sana has started thinking of her half birthday with Akito. She has everything for the party and is ready. Meanwhile, Akito is still trying to find Sana the perfect present. So he goes with Tsuyoshi to find Sana and Aya presents. While looking, Akito meets up with Naozumi. They both go on a battle to see who is stronger, Akito's Karate or Naozumi's Trumpet playing. Who will win?moreless
  • Take Me to Kusatsu
    Take Me to Kusatsu
    Episode 36
    Sana's family visit the Kurata Inn, which is owned by Misako's parents, for some hot springs vacationing and also some snow skiing. Coincidentally, Akito's family is there as well, which implies a bit of relationship arranging. But not everything is that simple as Sana overhears a plot from the inn boss' associate to take over the place by threats and force, and it may be up to her and Akito to fight for the inn's survival.moreless
  • There's a Reason for the Gift
    Everything’s been lovey-dovey between sweethearts Tsuyoshi and Aya—until Tsuyoshi starts receiving anonymous gifts from a secret admirer! That would be bad enough, but Tsuyoshi has a habit of always falling in love with any girl who gives him presents! Is his devotion to Aya strong enough to stand the strain? Will Aya’s jealousy get the better of her? Will Sana try to interfere? Do you even have to ask?moreless
  • Three, Two, One: Sing!
    Rei books Sana on a TV special with two other famous sixth grade actresses, and they form a sensational singing trio called The Three Teens! But Sana’s carefree attitude is driving one of her co-stars, the ultra professional and super serious teen idol Mayu Tomita, to distraction! If Sana can’t find some way to win her over, there could be fireworks—literally!moreless
  • Love is Like the Taste of Curry
    Zenjiro and the Child's Toy crew plan to visit Sana's school to interview amorous teachers Mitsuya and Tanaka. But all is not peaceful when Sana arrives to a room full of chaos that is likened to the old days. After hearing the back story, Sana gets involved and the class splits into a battle of the sexes, which put Aya and Tsuyoshi in an unfortunate situation.moreless
  • Daddy, You're Busted!
    Tsuyoshi's dad is arrested, yet seems to take the news pretty well. So he says. Sana, Akito, and Aya try to help him during school and after. But what caused the arrest was Tsuyoshi's dad trying to defend a boy and girl who looked lke Tsuyoshi and his sister from some thugs. In the end, everything is back to normal.moreless
  • A Snake Came Slithering in Muddy Shoes
    It’s not easy being a sixth grade TV star—just ask Sana! It’s hard enough being followed everywhere by a sneaky tabloid reporter—but when he starts trying to snap a shot of her and Akito together, that’s too much! How far will Sana go to protect her friend’s privacy? And is there more to this snakey papparazza than meets the eye?moreless
  • Rei and the Jolly Green-Eyed Monster
    Rumors are spreading about Asako and her co-star worker. Is Asako really going out with the hot actor/singer? Rei for one is in denial about it but why does he keep on spacing out? So Sana, Akito and Tsuyoshi investigate. They follow them to a beautiful chapel; could they be getting married?moreless
  • The Romantic Love Song of Mr. Hayama
    Akito spends every birthday at the cemetery…because it’s also the anniversary of his mother’s death. But this year, Sana and Tsuyoshi come along, and they encounter a mysterious, beautiful stranger! Who is she? Akito’s father seems to know. Is he in love? And what is Sana going to do about it?

  • Pity Me and Cough Up Some Dough
    In this episode Mama's ex-husband comes and asks Sana for some money. But this time it seems he's in big trouble with some gangster guys. Can Sana help him out?
  • Every Chicken Has Its Day
    Tsuyoshi seems very tired all of a sudden and no one knows why. It seems that the chick that Sana gave to his sister has become a rooster. Now the rooster yells through out the night and is keeping him and his neighbors awake. So Sana offers to keep him at her house. But now Sana can't get any sleep, and if they don't find a proper place for him to live, someone might just end up eating him!moreless
  • A Bandage for a Broken Heart
    Mami seems to be scared of Akito. Could it be because of what he did to her in the past? But Sana dosn't get it at all. When she finally figures it out, but will she be able to help heal Mami's scars that Akito caused?
  • Math Mess
    Math Mess
    Episode 24
    Ms. Andoh has noticed that Sana's class has been behind the rest of the students in what they have learned so she makes them prepare for an aptitude exam. If the students fail, they won't be able to go to middle school. That poses a problem for Sana, who sucks at math, but Akito pulls something out of his old playbook to remedy the situation.moreless
  • Sunny, with occasional disappearing
    Sana makes a casual remark on television, inviting Mariko, her birth sister, to hang out with her. Mariko takes this to heart, and when she hears Sana's doing a taping in the neighborhood, she takes off. Then Mariko's parents realize she's missing! Sana and Rei join them in the search, while Zenjiro has a really bad day.moreless
  • Karate Heart, Quitting Blues
    Akito decides to take karate lessons and joins a dojo, while Sana thinks about quitting acting so she can hang out with her friends. Rei ponders whether his manager career is over.
  • Look out! It's a pint-sized Akito!
    Sana joins Naozumi in a visit to the Kamura Academy and learns how she inspired Naozumi to go into acting. But there's a boy who has a mean-spirited and aloof attitude much like Akito; Sana tries to take on the challenge of fixing him!
  • Sana's Super Happy Quiz Show
    Babbit is hosting this episode which recaps the Kodocha stories so far (about 10 of the first 20 episodes) from the first confrontations with Akito, to the resolution of the Hayama family up to the truth about Rei’s past.
  • Daughter Cries, Mother Cries
    Now that Sana’s birth mother has made her presence known to Misako, it’s time for Sana to meet her in person and learn about her past and present, which includes a little girl that could be Sana’s sister! What will happen to the Kurata family in this thrilling conclusion?
  • Two hungry people playing hide and seek
    The press continues to hound the Kurata residence and also Zenjiro, Sana hides out at the Hayama residence and shares some secrets with Natsumi. At night, Akito and Sana get the cravings for some ramen. After a run to the convenience store, Sana tells Akito the real reasons for writing the book.moreless
  • Mother's Book of Surprises
    Sana ponders the impact of her mom’s book which is being released tomorrow and they receive a visit from Misako’s ex-husband! The day of the release, Sana and Misako stay home as everyone learns about Sana’s past, including Akito and Naozumi, who start to take some action.
  • Two Pounding Hearts
    Two Pounding Hearts
    Episode 16
    Sana confronts Naozumi on his knowing Sana's secret but doesn't learn much from him. In the meantime, everyone is eagerly anticipating Misako's tell-all book.

    Sana rehearses for a play and invites everyone, including an increasingly jealously Akito, and things get interesting when Naozumi shows up.
  • The Promised Summer, Part 2
    Sana and Akito manage to make it out of the woods, and they return from their summer trip. Sana gets cast to a television commercial with Naozumi Kamura, another popular child actor. This raises a few possibilities of jealousy from Akito.
  • The Promised Summer: Part One
    Misako talks to Sana about fulfilling their promise of writing a book about their life story. While Misako puts together the book, Sana ponders the impact it will have on her life as she goes on a field trip with the school. Akito suspects something is the matter, given Sana's normally cheerful and perky nature.moreless
  • My Name is Going to Change
    Sana and Akito manage to find Tsuyoshi, and help him deal with his parents' divorce, and being the man of the house. The normally shy Aya makes a startling confession in front of the entire class, and Sana discovers the true reason why Tsuyoshi likes her.
  • This Time, Sana is the Lone Wolf
    Sana gets a pile of jobs from Rei and has to work more, to the point where she's isolated from her classmates, and forgets Hisae's birthday. Akito and Tsuyoshi try to help her out.
  • Mr. Hayama, you're a real dad!
    Sana decides on a more mature approach to the situation. After doing a whole pile of commercials, she brings Rei to Asako's place!

    After a brief encounter with Mr. Hayama, Sana is left thinking about Akito's choice of words, but then an emergency arises that shocks the entire Hayama family.
  • Love flew out the window like a chicken
    Sana helps Tsuyoshi's sister Aono turn an egg into a chicken, but while she covers up Aono's reality, her own is about to be shattered when Misako reveals the truth about Rei's management position. With no one to pick up the pieces, Sana runs away, but doesn't get far when Akito spots her.moreless
  • Double Double Sana's Love Trouble
    Sana tries to sort out her feelings after receiving her first kiss on the lips! She feels she's betrayed Rei, and attempts to hide her face from him as much as possible. Meanwhile, Sana's mom seems to have her own agenda, including meeting Akito for the first time, and Rei deals with an unexpected visit from Asako.moreless
  • A Fruit Juice Soaked First Kiss
    Sana learns that her actress idol, Asako Kurumi, used to be Rei's high school sweetheart and now she wants Rei back for her very own. This bothers Sana to the point of shutting Rei out of all her activities, including an upcoming field trip.

    Akito and Tsuyoshi also confront Rei and learn the truth of Rei relationship with Sana, and Sana experiences her first kiss, but with whom?moreless
  • Asako Kurumi - Rival in Love!
    With Akito and his family's seeming to get their act togther, Sana is happy again. On top of that, she gets invited to a magazine chat with Asako Kurumi! But when the day approaches, Rei is either avoiding the situation or is nowhere to be seen. What's going on here?
  • Crazy Stew Family Crisis
    Sana gets an idea to cheer up Akito: have him get inspired after watching her upcoming TV movie, which practically parallels Akito's life, but has a happy ending. But getting the Hayama family together to watch the movie becomes quite a challenge!
  • Where are you going, Mr. Dark and Gloomy?
    Akito's been down in the dumps recently, and Sana tries every effort to cheer him up, but it becomes a daunting task as Akito even dares Sana to kill him. Sana also discovers the real reason why Akito's sister, Natsumi, calls Akito a monster.
  • Lone Wolf, Awooo!
    Lone Wolf, Awooo!
    Episode 4
    After Akito had been put into an embarrassing situation by Sana, he promises to be good, but it may be at the price of his peers. One of the boys, Gomi, leads the monkey brigade and causes classroom chaos again! Sana struggles with Akito's "lone wolf" act and tries to understand more about Akito's family. Meanwhile Tsuyoshi has a startling mood change when he makes a faux pas in class.moreless
  • Operation Eyeball-Toothball
    Sana has learned Akito's weakness from Tsuyoshi, and challenges Akito to a bungee jumping duel. Whoever screams that loudest is the loser. Sana also learns the truth behind Mitsuya and Tanaka's fear of Akito, and attempts to avenge them, fighting fire with fire.
  • The Whole Classroom is a Monkey Mountain
    Having confronted Akito in the classroom, Sana learns that the boys have been harassing her classmate Mami, who called Akito a monster and is now paying the price. Sana tries a variety of tactics to convince Akito to stop bullying everyone, but as each tactic flops, Sana might be left high and dry (or wet).moreless
  • I'm an Elementary School Student with an Agent
    Sana Kurata is a spunky 11-year old and one of the most famous child actresses on Japanese television. It's been a month since Sana's attended her new elementary school, but her class is a mess. The boys cause havoc and chaos everyday to the point where Sana isn't learning anything. And it's all because of their ringleader, Akito Hayama. But things are just getting started when Sana calls out Akito on her TV show that she stars in, Child's Toy, and she confronts Akito in class afterwards.moreless
  • Kodomo no Omocha OVA (PILOT)