Season 1 Episode 38

The Special Christmas Kiss

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 2008 on ColoursTV
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The Special Christmas Kiss
It’s Sana’s big Christmas and mid-birthday party, and Akito is going crazy trying to figure out what to get her for a present! If he doesn’t come through, who knows what Sana will do? Will Naozumi take advantage of Akito’s indecision to win Sana’s heart? Akito may have to do something drastic—even if it means telling Sana how he really feels!moreless

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  • Akito confesses his love for Sana! In a way...

    Well, Tsuyoshi talked Akito into making his move on Sana before she was snatched up by Naozumi. So Akito figures he'll have to do it at the Christmas/Half Birthday party for him and her. Oh, it's just too good! Anyway, Akito shows up at the party empty handed, and tells Sana he didn't get her anything. She tells him that it's OK, because Tsuyoshi had told her that there were so many things and he couldn't make up his mind. And it was that thought that made it a wonderful present. So I quess the thought really does count! After everyone leaves, Akito stays in the yard making some little snow creature for Sana. She goes out into the yard, and asks why he's still there. He tries to tell her that he loves her, but his voice fails him. Instead, Akito gives Sana a kiss on the lips, as Misako and Rei watch from inside the house.moreless

    yeaahh..this is the eppy where sana and hayama kissed...well more like hayama kissed sana instead xP anyways yeah...if you rmb, hayama's bday is wen his mother died so sana decided to make a bday party for him and sana herself...they kinda mix their bday together to make a day and it is xmas eve...she invted the whole class to her house to have a partyy...

    hayama got pretty irratated on what to buy for sana present...anyways..he went around the market and stuff....it was pretty funny...one of his idea was to give her a bra lmao...anywyays...yeah..he even asked his sister what a girl likes...she went bonkers btw..

    then the day of the party...hayama ended up with nothing to give but sana said it was okay cuz he was really troubled about duno what to give her...sana gave hayama a dinosaur model thing and hayama like it..."i don't hate dinosaurs" hehe thats what he sayd...anyways the party was a blast...

    then after everyone left...hayama was still in the yard building this snowman thing...its pretty scary but sweet of him...yaa...all of you that is waiting for this part...sana was like "aww thats a nice snowman" thing....lol my quotes are not really exact but thats what she mean...anyways continue..hayama was like " you want it?" and sana goes all happy....hayama then rmbs that tsouyoshi-kun said to tell sana his feelings but atlas he didnt...but he did kissed her...it was kinda sweet and a scene that makes you go "AWWWWW".... argh...too bad sana opened her eyes ...oh well...so after the kiss he ran away...

    sana was thinking about the kiss on how she could avoid it...then she fell alseep...this ep is sooooo worth watching cuz its sweet, funny and duh...really important to the storyline...hehe okay i'll shut up now :]...wonder how many ppl is gna read this anyways...moreless

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