Season 1 Episode 2

The Whole Classroom is a Monkey Mountain

Aired Unknown Jun 20, 2006 on ColoursTV

Episode Recap

Sana introduces the story so far with a display of Polaroid snapshots of each character.

Akito was just squirted with ink by Sana, who is sick and tired of his bullying. The classroom girls join in on the argument; one of them goes as far as to call him a monster. The girls and guys start to argue, when Akito decides to leave the classroom. Sana stops him briefly asking if he's afraid to confront the class, but he leaves to go wash his face. The girls celebrate Sana's staring him down.

As Akito washes his face, his friend Tsuyoshi (The guy with the glasses) tells him he's glad he didn't beat Sana up right then. The other boys want Akito to take revenge, asking Akito when they could get her. Akito plans for something "after school", and the boys get excited, except for Tsuyoshi.

It's 3pm, and class is about over. The girls wonder if Sana will be safe leaving the school. Sana replies she'll be fine since she has her gavel and her moves from her stage combat class. She demonstrates twirling around the hammer but accidentally knocks herself on the head. Ouch! One of the girls arrives and tells them that Akito's gang of boys has kidnapped Mami! Mami was the girl with the purple hair band who got really fierce in calling Akito a monster. Tsuyoshi also arrives and mentions Akito is a tough guy to handle, and compares the Akito and Sana rivalry to that of a cobra and a mongoose. As Sana and the girls rushes to Mami's aid, Tsuyoshi tags along offering to help, but Sana questions Tsuyoshi's loyalty; isn't he Akito's friend after all? She punches him away.

Outside the school building, the boys have poor Mami in a pond and continually force her head underwater while she cries for mercy. Akito is delighting in her misery when Sana and the girls arrive and pull Mami out. Sana stares at Akito and quivers, not out of fear, but she's trembling in anger. Akito blows that off, saying, "Who cares?" Sana responds with a huge slap on Akito's face! Akito remarks that's the first time a girl has ever hit him, and that's the first time Sana's ever hit a boy too. Akito is about to strike Sana when Sana starts dodging and dancing around, bragging about her wily sparring skills she learned in stage combat class when she backs into the shed wall and bunch of cement bags land on her.

Sana pulls Akito aside into the gym equipment shed. She wants to work out the situation like adults, and asks how come Akito leads those dumb boys around; he's clearly a smart guy (ranked high in his class, next to Tsuyoshi), but why is he so mean? With one hand, Akito pushes Sana to the wall and holds her neck, choking her and replying "I'm mean because I feel like it. Try and stop me one more time, and you'll regret it."

Sana gets furious as Akito leaves. At her TV appearance she tries to think of a plan to get back at Akito, while dispatching her karate teacher and winning some local karate contest.

Misako is at home, trying out an Electronic Personality Profiler. Sana asks for advice and Misako suggests looking for a weak spot, after all, everything's fair in love and war. Sana gets inspired and raps a song on that same topic.

The next day, Sana sees Akito in class and starts to use different tactics to scare him. She throws a snake at Akito, then a lizard, centipede, frog, and other critters. None of them scare Akito. Not scared? Sana then tries some vegetables: some onions, carrots, and leeks. Akito doesn't even flinch. Sana tries to make Akito listen to the "Static of Death!" as she turns up the volume on a boom box tuned to an empty channel. That doesn't work. Sana scratches her fingernails on the chalkboard, which is so unnerving that she faints from the shock.

Sana later sees Tsuyoshi and asks him if he knows Akito's weakness. She asks sweetly and nicely but it backfires as Tsuyoshi gets so embarrassed that he flees the scene.

The boys bug the teacher, literally. They use the bugs that Sana threw to scare the teacher that she flees the classroom to get Mr. Tanaka. Sana takes this time to confront Akito and the boys, but the boys have other ideas and pull out some scissors. They shred Sana's skirt, which is totally embarrassing, except Sana was prepared for it by wearing her gym shorts. Sana and the boys continue fighting but the boys overpower Sana, and then lock her out on the rooftop.

Sana is stuck on the rooftop and time is running out before her big interview after school. She ponders how she could escape; one idea was to rock climb out, since she was a champion rock climber in one episode. That would work, except she doesn't have a rope. A gust of wind blows and she finds a pair of sweat pants, just her size. That's nice, except now the sky's darkening with storm clouds, lightning, and a tornado!

Tsuyoshi tells Akito he's gone too far and begs for him to stop and let her out now. But Akito doesn't listen.

As Sana dances around the weather, she discovers something in the sweat pants. It's her Burutcha! What luck! She immediately pages Rei, who dashes up to the rooftop and rescues her just in time.

Well, not exactly in time, for they arrived late and missed the interview. Rei and Sana apologize. Sana gets very angry; she's never missed a TV interview before then. Now Akito is going to pay, and badly.

As Rei and Sana go home, they notice Tsuyoshi outside Sana's house. Tsuyoshi thinks Akito has gone too far and is going to tell Sana a little secret about Akito's weakness. Sana perks up and upon hearing the secret, immediately rushes to Misako's junk room. She finds some sort of rope and is excited about the news.

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