Season 1 Episode 2

The Whole Classroom is a Monkey Mountain

Aired Unknown Jun 20, 2006 on ColoursTV

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  • character profile!^^ Rei Sagami-he is sana's manager,bf,prep,in new ones he is going out with the actor Asako Kurumi.rei use to be a hoboe untill sana rescued him,now wants to alwasy be by sana but can pack her with jobs end of character pe

    Last episode sana sqrirted hayama with pain gun so lets see what been happening since then....
    On this one Hayama is harassing mami(sana's friend),because she called him a monster,so sana stoped him from most drowning her,now he is after sana,since she keeps interfering hes really mad,he atually locks her on top roof,and trys to make her scared so she will stop,but you should never count sana out,she try everything to find his weak point to bugs to insect nothing works,she ask hayamas friend(Tsuyoshi)whats his weakness but he dosent tell her....right when she thinks he dosent have a weakness Tsuyoshi tells her that he atually does have one,so now sana knows what hayamas weakness is,but will this stop the class from being a monky jungle or will it make things worse...toon in next time on kodocha news
    bri sighning off,bye^^
  • In a way Mami, you brought this on yourself. And you're a crybaby.

    Ah, I swear, I never get tired of this show. They always keep you guessing. So this one girl, Mami, calls Akito a monster, and was that ever the wrong thing to do! He and Gomi and the other boys toss her in a pond and shove her head under. It was kinda funny, in a cruel sort of way..... Well, I meant to write this review a few days ago when the episode was on, but you know, things come up and you forget. So I don't remember the exact details, but Sana and Aya and that one girl with the braid loopies who I always forget her name save Mami. Sana gets super ticked off and demands to talk to Akito in private. He takes her by the neck and nearly strangles her, telling her not to get in his way again. And that's about all I remember.
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