Season 1 Episode 2

The Whole Classroom is a Monkey Mountain

Aired Unknown Jun 20, 2006 on ColoursTV



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    • Rei: Oh, how cute; she's only in the 6th grade but she's already having her first breakdown.

    • Sana: (singing) Everything's fair in love and war, yeah.
      Recorder: Everything's fair in love and war, yeah.
      Sana: (singing) Gotta find a way to hit him in a weak spot, hit him in a week spot that's what mamma taught everything in fair in love and war; you gotta find a way to hit him with a cheap shot Oh yeah cheap. Sorry Rei.

    • Sana: Here take this, Akito! It's a poisonous snake! (hurls rubber snake at him) Not scared, OK! How about a lizard and a centipede and a big beetle and a praying mantis and a frog!
      Gomi: Hey stupid! What are you doing?
      Boy: What the?
      Sana: Akito! Heh, heh, heh... Don't think I'm going to give up that easily! Leeks, onions, hot peppers, carrots, celery! PSYCHO! VAMPIRE! NO SKIN! Had enough? Ready to give up? How much more of this do you think you can take? Huh Akito? You're not scared at all, are you?! OK, I didn't want to have to do this, but you've left me no other choice! This will be painful! Here! (pulls out radio) Listen to the static of death! More? How do you like this? (scratches fingernails on black board)
      Gomi: No! Not that!
      (Sana and Gomi both fall over unconscious)

    • Misako: Sana, dear, there's something I want to tell you.
      Sana: Huh?
      Misako: Think militarily. In order to defeat your enemy, your best plan is to hit your opponent in a weak spot.
      Sana: In a weak spot? Rei, do you think that would be OK?
      Rei: Some people might think you weren't fighting fair...
      Misako: WAHAHA! You know what they say! All's fair in love and war!

    • Misako: (playing with the personality profiler) So, Sana did well at the show, won the contest, and got this nifty personality profiler.
      Rei: Yeah, but she's been acting strangely ever since we left the studio. I'm a little worried. I mean, it's no big deal now, but you just never know how things work out later. Are you even listening to me? Hello?
      Misako: My personality type is... Ah, it says I have the personality of an angel. I'm kind to those around me, and everyone else.
      Rei: Come on, let me see that thing.
      Misako: (snaps the profiler shut)

    • Akito: So you're really, really mad. Well who cares?
      (Sana slaps Akito across the face.)
      Sana: That's the first time I've hit someone. Do you even care?
      Akito: And this will be the first time I ever beat up a girl.

    • Mami: Help me, please!
      Gomi: (pushes Mami's head under the water) Heh, heh. Look at her! She looks like a big wet cat!
      Akito: You know, you said some pretty mean things to me earlier, girl. You said I was a monster. Do you think I'm a monster now?
      Gomi: Akito asked you a question. Answer it!
      Sana: Get out of the way! Mami, are you all right?
      Mami: (weakly) Thanks, Sana.

    • Sana: I'm ready for anything!
      Hisae: Sana, please be careful!
      Sana: Don't worry about me! We're taping the TV show today, so Rei, my agent, not to mention boyfriend, will be picking me up in his car. Plus, I'll just do this (starts to spin mop around) all the way to the car and there's no way they can get past it! I learned this smooth move in my stage combat class for the acting troup! It's handy for an actor and deadly to Akito! (accidently bonks herself on the head)
      Hisae: And you.
      Girl: You should be careful, Sana.
      Sana: Ow. My head.

    • Akito: We'll get her after school.
      Gomi: You got it, buddy!
      Boys: Time to get the girl!
      Babbit: Now don't forget to wash your hands, boys!

    • (This phrase is uttered many times by Tsuyoshi in the early episodes.)
      Tsuyoshi: Akito has gone too far!

    • Sana: I'm being serious! Why are you so mean?!
      Akito: (grabs Sana by the neck and begins to choke her) I'm mean because I feel like it. That's it girl. And there's nothing you can do about it. Try and stop me one more time, and you'll regret it.

  • Notes

    • Original Japanese Airdate: April 12, 1996.
      Also known as: Title was also translated: The Whole Classroom is a Barrel of Monkeys

    • Star billing
      Starting with this episode, following the opening credits, there's a slide show of autographed photos where Sana describes the main characters in the series. Babbit is listed as ???? until episode 9, although he is mentioned by name in the dub.

      The opening list isn't all inclusive as there are many regulars that are listed in the first page of the closing credits but aren't profiled.

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