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Season 1 Episode 5

Where are you going, Mr. Dark and Gloomy?

Aired Unknown Jun 23, 2006 on ColoursTV
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Episode Summary

Where are you going, Mr. Dark and Gloomy?
Akito's been down in the dumps recently, and Sana tries every effort to cheer him up, but it becomes a daunting task as Akito even dares Sana to kill him. Sana also discovers the real reason why Akito's sister, Natsumi, calls Akito a monster.

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  • Poor Akito!!!!!

    Aw, I felt so bad for Akito-kun during this one! If only Natsumi would treat him a bit nicer. I thought it was really weird seeing her treat him this way because I tuned in at episode 17 and they got along just fine. Anyway, Akito has just fully resigned as Boss Monkey, and Gomi has taken over, but to a less extreme point. The class is no longer terrorized. But even so, Akito has become a lone wolf and refuses to hang out with anybody. Sana notices this and blames herself. She tells Akito to get out and loosen up a bit and have some fun. Akito tells Sana that she doesn't know what she's getting into, and if she truly wants to help him, then she'd better kill him. Sana stares at him and tells him that he's crazy. Akito tosses her a knife and waits. Sana sees that he's serious, and stabs the knife into the tree that Akito is leaning against and runs off in tears. The next day, Sana says she won't think about Akito anymore, but everywhere he goes, Sana thinks of a way he could kill himself and runs over to stop him. Later, she stops by his house to drop off Zenjiro's autograph for Natsumi, and Akito does his best to try to get her to leave. There's a war raging between the two siblings. Natsumi calls Akito a monster, and that he killed their mother. However, she didn't notice Sana was there. But now it's too late. Sana Kurata knows the truth behind Akito Hayama's bitter mood.moreless
  • While the plot continues on its merry way, this one relies on more sight gags.

    Sight gags run most of this episode. Whenver Akito makes a sly retort, Sana's mood changes from her usual perky happiness to a gloomy face. Then there's the whole string of Akito's attempts to end his life which are all done in a comedic slapstick manner instead of a serious death wish.

    One frightening moment is when the knife makes its appearance and changes the mood of the episode; that probably wasn't a good idea to watch that in front of the pups. The rest of the episode was OK but that definitely puts it as PG-13 instead of PG.

    I enjoyed hearing Natsumi's voice actress but she definitely sounds more like her FMA character than a middle school student.

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Kate Bristol

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Kent Williams


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Cynthia Cranz


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    • Sana: Hey! I found another player for your team! Is it all right if he joins in?
      Boy: Uh, thanks. But forget about it, Sana, there's no way we're gonna play with that dummy.
      Don't say that, Akito's really good. I wouldn't call him a... (realizes that Akito has replaced himself with an actual dummy) dummy.

    • Sana: And here's the boy who's ruining my chances for a decent education, Akito Hayama! His little monkey gang was acting out of control, so I decided to put a stop to it, once and for all! I won! Then I lost. Then I won! Then I lost. But in the end, I totally caught Akito with his pants down!

    • Aya: Are you going to see the ugly teacher, Akito?
      Akito: (to Aya and Hisae) No, I see enough ugly faces by looking at you two.

    • Sana: I'll work really hard on my TV movie. You just get ready to do your part, okay?
      Akito: I will never understand that girl.

    • Akito: You think you've got it all figured out. You just gab gab gab, like you're gonna save the whole damn world or something; it pisses me off. Go on, live your happy little life if that's what you want, and mind your own business. Stop trying to help me; you'll never understand how I feel.

    • Rei: (rapping)
      Glasses, glasses, I wear sunglasses.
      My name is Rei and I'm waiting in a car. I'm a chauffeur for a TV star.
      She makes me wear sunglasses even in cloudy weather. She won't let me take 'em off ever, no no.
      But I need my sunglasses especially at night. She's a little TV star but she shines really bright.
      Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, (together with Sana) how I wonder where you (sees Sana) AHHH!!!

    • Sana: The Great American breakfast! Corn flakes!

      (Sana eats her cereal.)
      Sana: Easy, delicious, nutritious, and totally American!
      Babbit: I think all that sugar's gone to your head.
      Babbit 2: This week's Sana with a special prize inside. Apron Sana.
      Babbit: Get 'em while supplies last.

    • Sana: Hey there!
      Akito: Why are you following me? Don't you have something better to do, like shouldn't you be rehearsing your Koma-whatevers?
      Sana: Komawari, and that only meets on weekends.

    • (Miss Mitsuya arrives to a quiet class. They all stand up.)
      Class: (together) Good morning, teacher.
      Miss Mitsuya: Yes, good morning class. (thinking to herself) Thank you, God. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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