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Kodomo no Jikan

Chiba TV Premiered Oct 12, 2007 In Season


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Kodomo no Jikan

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A Child's Time - Comedy, Romance, Slice of life (May contain adult themes, bad language & nudity) ... A new school teacher at the age of twenty three, Daisuke Aoki is put in charge of an elementary school class. This third grade classroom also has the notorious trouble maker Rin Kokonoe attending. Daisuke notices that Rin is very adult acting for her age which becomes a big problem when he finds out that Rin has a crush on him. Opening Theme: "Rettsu! Ohime-sama Dakko" by Eri Kitamura, Kei Shindou, and Mai Kadowaki Ending Theme: #1: "Hanamaru*Sensation" by Little Non
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  • Story about Kokonoe Rin who lost her mother at a young age. She fiercely protecs her friends and will go to any lenths to protect them.A new Teacher has arrived, after the last quit suddenly,Rin takes a liking to new Aoki sensi and the story starts there.moreless

    I Love this show and especially the manga. Even though it has some young kids in it, the story and how it moves is just briliantly done. Such like the meaning of Rin pain. How she can be so innocent one minute then show having the soul of a much older adult. The contrast is just so engaging. It's a pure child's love testing herself against someone she know is safe and whom she can trust. Do not let the content keep you from watch this Briliant story. The other characters are Hilliarious and round rin out. It deals with issues others may found uncomfortable, but that what I applaud Kaworu Watashiya (the Author) for is not writing another Fan-service with no real story or heart. I can't Recommend this show Enough!moreless