Koihime Musou

AT-X (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Rival Warlords Battle for the Position of Student Body Pres...
      Ririn has a fight with Aisha which leads both girls to compete in the Sports Festival with other the teams.
    • Kan'u Accomplishes Her Goal
      With the help of Kan'u and her group, Ryuubi has quelled the rebellion. However, with his chance to make his claim to fame, Ryuubi abandons Touka and decides to focus on the fighting the rebels and tries to encourage Kan'u to join him.
    • Kan'u Encounters Ryuubi
      Kan'u wakes up and immediately finds her group and herself in the middle of a battle between bandits and militias. They decide to team up with Ryuubi's army to defeat the bandits; and with Chouhi's fighting skills, Koumei's strategies and the strength of Kan'u, they will help Ryuubi get back in the good graces of his lord.moreless
    • Sonsaku's Life is Threatened
      The kingdom of Wu under Queen Sonsaku has been rapidly expanding through warfare and her younger sister has been warning her that the battles will exhaust her people and supplies. Later, after Kan'u has brought Shoukou back home, there is an assassination attempt on Sonsaku and Kan'u is the prime suspect in Sonken's eyes and she has her arrested. Can Kan'u' innocence be proven?moreless
    • Enshou Finds a Treasure
      After finding a treasure map in a warehouse, Enshou, Iishe, and Toshi head out on a treasure hunt while Kan'u and friends hunt for a hot springs.
    • Kan'u Interrupts Kouchuu's Plot
      At the tea house near the mountain's ridge, a young lady is entangled with a big burly guy and Kan'u knocks him out only to find out that he is the owner and the girl was skipping out on her bill and now Kan'u must pay for the girl. Who is this girl and what big event in town is about to have disastrous consequences?moreless
    • Chouhi Has a Fight With Kan'u
      Kan'u and Chouhi have a fight and go their separate ways. Chouhi finds a town and also runs into Bachou and a little girl that can eat more than anyone she's ever met. Will Kan'u and Chouhi be separated from now on?
    • Chouhi Competes With Koumei
      While walking in the mountains, Kan'u gets lost in the thick fog with Chou'un. Furthermore, Kan'u slips on the cliff and sprains her ankle. As they are waiting for the fog to clear up, Chouhi finds a small cottage. It turns out it's at the bottom of the mountain where there is an elementary school where Suikyo-sensei teaches. The cottage is the home of a student named Koumei.moreless
    • Kan'u Exterminates a Monster
      Kan'u and her group meet Toutaku, the Governess of Zhao, and she informs everyone that she came to investigate a rumor that a monster has been threatening a village. While they implore the help of strategist Ka Ku, Kan'u and her friends decide to take on the 'monster' even though they are weary and a little scared of it.moreless
    • Bachou Attacks Sou Sou
      After subduing the rebel armies, Sou Sou and her troops return to Shao. Upon her return she sees Chouhi and Bachou. Bachou scream's out Sou Sou's name and charges at her...but for what reason?
    • Chouhi Battles With Bachou
      With their new found friend in tow, Kan'u and her companions decide to take jobs at a restaurant in order to take care of their traveling expenses. However, Chouhi was no good at it and decided earn money another way where she meets Bachou.
    • Kan'u is Going to Die With Chou'un
      Kan'u and Chouhi are on their journey together and their first stop happens when, Kousonsan, a local feudal lord, and Chou'un ask the two to help them find a hidden base of bandits so they can be eliminated. Can they find the bandit's hideout and eliminate the threat?
    • Kan'u Makes a Vow of Sisterhood With Chohi
      Black haired bandit hunter, Kan'u Uncho, investigates a small village plagued by rampaging bandits.
    • The Brotherhood of Kan'u, Chouhi and the sisters
      Kan'u travels throughout the land training her skills, but one day she enters a village and encounters Chouhi, a small bandit girl from the mountains. On that day, Chouhi is being sought out by the head of the village for the damages she has done to the village. However, Kan'u decides to add Chouhi and her rag-tag group of friends.moreless