Koihime Musou

Season 1 Episode 8

Kan'u Interrupts Kouchuu's Plot

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 26, 2008 on AT-X
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Kan'u Interrupts Kouchuu's Plot
At the tea house near the mountain's ridge, a young lady is entangled with a big burly guy and Kan'u knocks him out only to find out that he is the owner and the girl was skipping out on her bill and now Kan'u must pay for the girl. Who is this girl and what big event in town is about to have disastrous consequences?moreless

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Yu Amamiya

Yu Amamiya

Kouchuu / Shion

Guest Star

Mariya Sumida

Mariya Sumida


Guest Star



Son Shoukou / Shouren

Guest Star

Emi Motoi

Emi Motoi

Chou'un Shiryu / Sei

Recurring Role

Erika Narumi

Erika Narumi

Shokatsuryo Koumei / Shuri

Recurring Role

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    • Kouchuu: It is a shame, but we must part here. Kan'u, words can't express my gratitude for what you have done.
      Riri: Thank you, big sister.
      Kan'u: Please, there is no need; you've already thanked me enough.
      Kouchuu: Kan'u, as two friends raising small children, let's vow to do our best from here on.
      Kan'u: What? A child?
      Kouchuu: (embarrassed) Oh dear, I'm sorry. I was sure Rin Rin was...
      Kan'u: What are you talking about? Rin Rin is not my daughter.
      Chouhi: Aisha and I sealed our relationship in bed.
      Kouchuu: Oh, that means...
      Kan'u: No, it's nothing like that! She means we made a vow of sisterhood. That's all!
      Kouchuu: Oh, really?
      Kan'u: (to Chouhi) Seriously, stop saying things that can be misconstrued!

    • Shoukou: (yawns) Geez, why did all four of us have to squeeze in a twin room? Thanks to that, I didn't sleep well.
      Chouhi: How dare you complain, after snoring all night and exposing your bellybutton?
      Shoukou: Hey, don't just make up stuff! There's no way I, Shao, wouls snore.
      Chouhi: Well, you definitely did.

    • Kan'u: How come you're not traveling with an entourage?
      Shoukou: Eh? Because...I have my reasons. Just to let you know, I didn't run away because I got fed up with ceremonial life in the castle! (they look at her like they know that that was the reason she left) What's with that look?

    • Kan'u: Are you really the youngest daughter of the Son Family?
      Shoukou: Of couse.
      Kan'u: Not that I doubt you, but do you have any proof?
      Shoukou: The proof is sitting in front of you, which should be enough.
      Kan'u: (whispering to Chouhi and Koumei) That's what she says. What do you guys think?
      Chouhi: No matter how you cut it, it's weird for a princess to wander around alone and show her bellybutton.
      Koumei: Lately the weather's been nice, so maybe she...
      Shoukou: Hey, stop whispering, I can hear you!

    • Chouhi: That was delicious!
      Shoukou: See? When I saw this place, I knew right away it was going to be good. In other words, I am always right.
      Chouhi: Huh, the way I'm built, everything becomes delicious when I'm hungry.
      Koumei: Rin Rin, you shouldn't be exactly proud of that.

    • (the crow that was knocked from the sky gets up and flies away)
      Chouhi: What just happened?
      Kan'u: Most likely, the arrow caused a strong shock wave that stunned the bird.
      Koumei: Is that even possible?
      Kan'u: Possible or no, it just happened right in front of our eyes.
      Koumei: Could have been an accident? Maybe her aim was a little off and it accidentally happened that way?
      Kan'u: It could be. But if she did it on purpose, let's just say it's not humanly possible! (thinks to herself) What a terrifying skill.

    • Shoukou: This is a nice place. Let's eat here.
      Kan'u: We'll eat after we find an inn.
      Shoukou: Eh? Why does that matter? I'm hungry. I want food.
      Kan'u: Do you even have money for food?
      Shoukou: What are you talking about? Naturally, as servants, you are paying for it.
      Kan'u: Hey!
      Shoukou: Look, if I had money, I wouldn't have skipped on my bill at the tea house now, would I?
      Kan'u: I see.
      Koumei: I don't think you should fall for that explanation

    • Shoukou: Shut up, over there, Kiddie number 2!
      Chouhi: Ha, ha, she called Koumei a kiddie.
      Koumei: Umm, if I am Kiddie number 2, then you are probably Kiddie number 1.
      Chouhi: Who's a kiddie?!
      Koumei: I didn't call you that!

    • Shoukou: Hey, wait!
      Kan'u: You're the girl who ran out on her bill. Where have you been hiding all this time? Thanks to you, I...
      Shoukou: You guys seem pretty promising, I like you. I will allow you to be Shao's servants.
      Kan'u: Huh? Umm, Shao, I have no idea what you are talking about.
      Shoukou: Hey, we just met. Don't call me by my first name.

    • Kan'u: Uh man, what a complete disaster!

    • (Kan'u and Chouhi have just clobbered a man holding a girl and she got away but...)
      Kan'u: Eh?! A swindler?
      Tea House Owner: Yeah, that little girl tried to run out on her bill. That's why...
      Kan'u: I am so sorry. I didn't know and I took it completely the wrong way.
      Tea House Owner: (holds out hi hand) Pay. For the one who swindled me.
      Kan'u: Ah, I see. Why an I paying?!
      Tea House Owner: That little girl got away, thanks to you. So now, you have to pay for her.

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