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New York's most famous police lieutenant from the 70's is back! The candy eating, jazz and fashion loving bald guy hunts criminals again. This time Ving Rhames plays the role of Theo Kojak. Kojak doesn't do the police work after the book; he fallows his heart while he searches for the bad guys. His methods are successful, but he needs protection by his old friend and boss Captain Frank McNeil. While out of duty Kojak enjoys his life listening and playing jazz, other than that he loves to dress up in the latest fashion clothes. Although the series was very successful on its cable network, it didn't manage to survive longer than one seasion.
Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames

Lieutenant Theo Kojak

Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Sanchez

Assistant District Attorney Carmen Simone

Chazz Palminteri

Chazz Palminteri

Captain Frank McNeil

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  • The 2005 series of Kojak was to die for!

    Ving Rhames, was/is the best choice for Kojak. His suits were out of this world, his car was a perfect choice, his lady friend, ok. Plots were great and not "far-fetched". So why was there not a second season? I recorded the 10 episodes and watched them repeatedly, I even made my husband a couple of "Kojak" suits. The car is too much for me, but the show was great!! kept us on the edge of our seat, Ving showed emotions only a "man" could show, honesty, pain, and commpassion for the victims and determination to solve each case. Please think about making a new series.moreless
  • Take another iconoclastic bald actor and put him in the role made famous by Telly Savalas and you have the return of the famed NYPD crime fighter

    Ving Rhames was perfect for the gritty role, he was suave and smooth with just enough toughness and edge to pull the role that Telly Savalas made famous off with style and class. The only things that thia Kojak had with the old was a love of candy, a bald head and a name. Oh make no mistake he was tough and no-nonsense like Kojak of old but he was cool too. There were a lot of similarities I will agree. You got to give the production company dap, I booed USA for not giving this critically acclaimed series more time to find its niche.moreless
  • Better than the original

    This is exactly what one would expect from Ving Rhames and Chaz Palminteri, a gritty, realistic, and heartfelt cop show.

    Unlike the catch phrase spewing original, this remake was all about character development. Instead of a cop hell bent on making an impression, Ving Rhames gave us a cop bent on doing the right thing and also gave us an insight on why he was so driven. The supporting cast was wonderful, the writing was top notch, and the acting was just what you would expect from Rhames and Palminteri; top notch. Why USA cancelled this show and kept things like Monk is baffling to the mind.moreless
  • Griity show, gone..

    Well, i wasn't happy when I saw how quick the pulled the plug on this show.

    And it was way more cool than the original to boot.

    Anyways.. USA Network should have been a bit more patient, this show had great potential, the acting was really amazing.

    Oh well...

    Bring it back! :)
  • This is a absolutely fabulous show, much better than the original due to the current technology in graphics and other factors. The acting, plots and storylines are excellent. This program is a must return. On a par with Monk all day.moreless

    I am 62 years old and I have enjoyed the Kojak series, both with Telly and Ving equally. The 2005 series is undeniably better because of newer technology but the plot lines and the personal situations really hieghten the overall programming. The toughness of Ving coupled with his hidden soft side and the subtle lovelife makes for a program that wends it's way in an out of the viewers personal lives as well. I have found a better attitude on my part for the police community due to the show. It is a must to bring it back.moreless

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