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    When I heard USA would be airing a revival of Kojak, I was fairly excited. The original series with Telly Savalas was arguably the best cop show of the seventies and the most realistic cop show of the time. An updated version with that approach could have been fantastic.....what a shame it didn\'t happen. I read in an interview with star and executive producer Ving Rhames that he never watched the original show..too bad. If he had maybe this show wouldn\'t be so clueless. The new version is poorly written and it\'s star seems to be sleepwalking his way through it. In an early episode Kojak tries to free a kidnapped woman who is being held hostage by an atrractive but nasty young lady who\'s some sort of martial arts expert....Kojak gets in a fight with her and proceeds to get his butt kicked. He has to use trickery to defeat her. WHAT?!?!.. Sexy female super bad guys are fine if we have a movie with Arnold or Jackie Chan...but KOJAK? ...and what is with the stupid lollipops? Not only is Ving sucking on them all the time , but it gets a big close-up in the opening credits. In the orignal series, Kojak sucked on lollipops because he was trying to give up cigarettes. It was a little chatracter quirk but nothing really important...in fact, when Savalas made his new Kojak movies in the 80\'s, he didn\'t use them at all. The people responsible for the new show seem to think if they have a cop with a bald head and a lollipop-they have Kojak...Wrong!! Do yourself a favor, If you want to see Kojak done right, buy the first season on dvd, or look for the Savalas version on Hallmark or Wgn....You will be much better off with the original.
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