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  • A compassionate, tough NYPD detective lieutenant solves high profile crimes in NYC's Manhattan South precinct.

    One of the most memorable TV cop dramas of the past 10 or 50 years, KOJAK earned richly deserved icon status during its five year run on CBS. Telly Savalas became a superstar and the epitome of NYC cool, as Lt. Theo Kojak, NYPD. The show featured stellar writing and directing, especially in the premiere season. The first year's 22 episodes still stand up as some of TV's best written one hour dramas. The first season showcased a keen combo of veteran and new talent, among the noteables, Harry Guardino (DEAD ON HIS FEET), Jackie Cooper (LAST RITES FOR A DEAD PRIEST), Hector Elizondo (WEB OF DEATH), Tina Louise (DIE BEFORE THEY WAKE) and very young James Woods (DEATH IS NOT A PASSING GRADE), Harvey Kietel (SIEGE OF TERROR) and John Ritter (DELIVER US SOME EVIL). The latter seasons offered Richard Gere (BIRTHDAY PARTY), Sylvester Stallone (MY BROTHER, MY ENEMY), Paul Anka (THE BETRAYAL). Telly went behind the camera and directed no less than 5 episodes, leaving yet another legacy. One of the greatest productions in TV history.