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Kokoro Library

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Kokoro Library is a wonderful series about 3 sisters that run a library. The series focus on the youngest, Kokoro, whom which the library, Kokoro Library, is named after. In this series, Kokoro learns the hardships of being a librarian and keeping a library in the mountains open. Kokoro is a sweet child that loves books,and therefore, when they are not returned on time, she goes after them to make sure they are returned, when she feels is part of her responsibility as a librarian at Kokoro library. Kokoro is the Japanese word for heart....and you will lose yours to this darling anime about 3 sisters and their library. Opening Theme: *Beagle* by Yasuko Yamano Ending Theme: *Tsuki wa Miteru* by Yasuko Yamano Duration of Series: 13 Episodes & 1 Special
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  • Kokoro Library is a rare treat that is heart warming all around.

    Almost every aspect of Kokoro Library is charming. From it's opening sequence, to the very designs of the characters, to the entire story and setting of the show. Kokoro Library stars three sisters who single handedly run a library in the middle of the mountains. Unfortunately, it's quite isolated from the city, and it's quite rare for users (people who sign out books) to come by. Kokoro, the youngest of the three sisters, doesn't care of the amount of people who enter and exit the library, for the only thing she really does cares about is the happy smiles the users give her when they exit with the book they've wanted to check out in their hand. However, Kokoro is merely a temporary librarian until she becomes an official one. Throughout the show, Kokoro, along with Aruto and Iina, will be enjoying their moments together running the library, and share the hardships they experience everyday.

    What's so special about Kokoro Library is that it really isn't those animes that focuses on sexy girls, action, love, or even comedy. While there are moments when Aruto compares her body with others, and while comedy does make an attempt of appearing at certain moments, its focal point is within the characters and story. Kokoro is a persistent librarian who'll get any book to any user, and even goes as far as travelling to the city to give it to them. Aruto, while loves to sleep on the job, has a secret identity in order to keep the financial status of her family. Iina, the most beautiful and lovely of the three, is an over worried sister who simply loves her younger sister to death. Their charming personalities makes for a really enjoyable program.

    Though what I found even more intriguing is the story itself. At first it follows an episodic formula, where new characters are introduced through odd and unusual situations, but then in the last four or so episodes, everything is tied together so nicely and smoothly. I'm really not a fan for episodic shows save for a few exceptions, which kind of made Kokoro Library feel slow in the beginning. But then it picks up, and you can't stop watching until the very end.

    The rather less than interesting first half is the only complaint I have of the entire show, because everything else is just so gorgeous. That includes the music, sounds, and especially the animation. Kokoro is a top candidate for anime's cutest design, and Iina is a personal favourite of mine due to her awesome combination of looks and personality. There's also a really catchy tune that plays frequently in every episode that sets the mood perfectly for what is about to happen. The voice acting, even though I only understand a little bit of Japanese, was pretty impressive. The voices of each character fit their looks and personality nicely.

    All in all, Kokoro Library is definitely a recommendable watch. It has minimal problems, and it's one of those shows that will touch your heart. It's really nice to see an anime not elaborating on action, girls, love or comedy, and actually come out pretty good! So, if you want something fresh and unique, then Kokoro Library is a must seen.moreless
  • A wonderful 13-ep. anime about 3 sisters that run a library,*Kokoro Library* focuses on the youngest sister,Kokoro,whom which the library is named after.Kokoro is a sweet girl,who can sometimes go a bit overboard about books,but she's a librarian and shemoreless

    *KL* is not a show for those who are looking for action,for it doesn't have much.It does,however,have a sweet little story that will completely melt your heart.

    It has bits of romance,where the deliveryman is crushing on the middle sister.

    It also has an element of surprise,when the Kokoro and her sister learn that thier older sister is actually the author of thier favourite book series,which she writes under a pen name.

    Kokoro is the Japanese word for heart....and,you will lose yours to this beautiful anime series!moreless