Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 8

Bad Medicine

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1974 on ABC

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  • A cursed Indian medicine man steals and murders in Chicago.

    Kolchak begins the episode by investigating the mysterious deaths of two of Chicago's wealthiest women. It was ruled a suicide, but Kolchak suspects otherwise. On the way to buy some new clothes, he gets diverted by the news of a robbery/homicide at a gem exchange. Upon arriving he sees that a giant Indian with a coyote was responsible. The Indian escapes by jumping off the roof and disappearing. Kolchak learns that the outfit the Indian was wearing is the costume of the Diablero, a tribal sorcerer who could transform into a crow or a coyote. After another murder, and discovering black feathers at the scene, Kolchak is convinced that the Indian is a Diablero. While at a gem auction, the Diablero kills several people. Kolchak escapes because he takes a picture using a flash. A wise Indian tells Kolchak that the eyes are how the Diablero casts his spell on people. As usual, the police are don't believe him. Also, the Diablero is under a curse to build up an eternal treasure. After learning how to kill the Diablero, Kolchak sets out to find it's hiding place and kill it. Apparently, the Diablero belonged to a tribe of cliff-dwellers. So, Carl has to find a really tall place where the Diablero might be staying. Kolchak finds the place from one of Ron Updyke's articles on a high rise building in downtown Chicago. This episode is a Kolchak classic. The scene where he is walking up those flights of stairs is probably the hardest part of his mission. I also like the part when Carl leaves to buy new clothes and Miss Emily exclaims, "Finally"!