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Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 16

Demon in Lace

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1975 on ABC
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Episode Summary

On a college campus, young men are dying of heart attacks. When Kolchak investigates, he finds that the men were associated with Professor C. Evan Spate, who is researching an ancient Middle East tablet, and that a series of similar deaths plagued the expedition that recovered the tablet. In fact, similar deaths have occurred in connection with this tablet for centuries. Kolchak must uncover the secret of the tablet to stop the murders, but doing so might just make him the next victim.moreless

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  • An ancient stone with instructions for evil (unearthed in Iraq, no less!) figures centrally in this tale of beautiful women luring handsome young men to untimely death.

    All the ingredients that made "Night Stalker" such a rare gem are here: wit, kitsch, moments of sheer fright and Darren McGavin, the archetypal TV anti-hero.

    There are little threads that lead nowhere, including the subplot back at the newsroom, serving only to provide co-star Simon Oakland with a few scenes (but who's complaining? Oakland is another top-notch tube star)and what the heck is with Andrew Prine? He's got Sonny Bono's hairdo, a mod expedition jacket (for indoor wear!) and plays an obsessed college professor with such vigor that you can almost see spittle forming at the corners of his mouth! Wonder if Prine was at any time uncomfortable, what with the story of pretty young women dying young and the trail, rightly or wrongly, leading to him?

    After all, his girlfriend Karyn Kupcinet died violently and mysteriously on Thanksgiving Day, 1963, and though the case remains unsolved, Prime was the prime suspect for a time.

    But I digress...Solid work from all involved, including vets Keenan Wynn, Ruth McDevitt, Milton Parsons, Carmen Zapata, Donald Mantooth (brother of Randy) and Maria Grimm, a ravishing beauty who provides one of the episodes most chilling moments with no more than a spirited giggle. Great goofy, ghoulish stuff!moreless
  • Kolchak discovers a demon at a local tech college that scares men to death.

    Kolchak investigates why men at Illinois State Technical College are dropping dead of heart attacks next to women who were dead beforehand. His associate in this episode is a girl who works on the college newspaper. It is discovered that the women are being possessed by a female demon known as a succubus, which possesses the bodies of dead women and scare men to death. Kolchak learns that all of the victims are all somehow connected to a college professor who is trying to decipher an ancient stone tablet from Iraq. Meanwhile, back at INS, Vincenzo decides that they should concentrate on more positive news instead of the kind of stuff that Kolchak lives to investigate. Kolchak narrowly escapes being locked up again. It is not as exciting as most of the episodes, but it is pretty good.moreless
Andrew Prine

Andrew Prine

Prof. C. Evan Spate

Guest Star

Jackie Vernon

Jackie Vernon

Coach Toomey

Guest Star

Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones

The Registrar

Guest Star

Jack Grinnage

Jack Grinnage

Ron Updyke

Recurring Role

Ruth McDevitt

Ruth McDevitt

Emily Cowles

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When the succubus wrestles with Carl, at one point she falls to the floor and you can see the black knee-length socks that she's wearing underneath.

    • Trivia: Vincenzo discloses that he played drums in a band called "Tony Vincenzo's Neopolitans" while he was in college.

    • Carl storms out of Tony's office, supposedly to head out. But in the reflection off the window you can see Darren McGavin just standing there once he's off camera, waiting for the scene to end.

    • As Mark Hanson is escorted to a squad car, Siska accidentally calls him "Mike".

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Kolchak: (opening narration) It was Goethe who said we love girls for what they are. Well, even the great Goethe could have learned something from the tale that took place on the campus of Illinois State Tech.

    • Kolchak: I wasn't too choked up with Vincenzo sending me to an alderman's press conference, so when I caught the police report of two bodies being found on the I.S.T. campus lake, it gave me an excuse. That and running out of gas, which I didn't plan.

    • Updyke: Have you screwed up the filing system again?
      Kolchak: Of course.

    • Kolchak: (about the stench of the succubus) Your yard smelled bad enough to send rats back to Detroit!

    • Rosalind: Do you have a comment to make?
      Kolchak: Well?
      Siska: Yeah, but you couldn't print it!
      Kolchak: Ah. Ha ha!

    • Siska: Look, Kolchak, I gotta tell you something. Some people dream about retiring.
      Kolchak: Uh huh?
      Siska: I dream about breaking your face.
      Kolchak: Aw! (makes kissing noise) I love you too, Siska. Listen. How's your therapy coming along? A-okay?
      Siska: Aw, shut up.

    • Siska: Is that a popular address with the boys at this frat?
      Tim: No. And uh it's "fraternity." We don't call it a frat anymore.
      Siska: Don't get lippy with me, boy. I might be tempted to go in your room and…poke around. Might find some funny vegetables in there.

    • Vincenzo: In the 60s, the kids used to bust windows and pelt Marine recruiters with rotten fruit. Now that was bad enough. But today, it seems that every school is an extension campus of Weirdsville University.

    • Vincenzo: It's days like this that make me wish I'd stuck to playing the drums.
      Emily: I didn't know you played.
      Vincenzo: Oh, back in the 40's, in college. Sure.
      Kolchak: Playing drums? You?!? You haven't got a syncopated bone in your body! You walk off-rhythm!

    • Vincenzo: Whitehead. Julius Whitehead. Didn't we carry an article on him recently. He found something in a desert somewhere and went bananas.
      Kolchak: Yeah, Iraq
      Vincenzo: What?
      Kolchak: Iraq. He went bananas in Iraq.
      Vincenzo: He should have stayed in Chicago. The same thing would have happened, he would have saved travel expenses and jet lag.

    • Kolchak: Like their creator Asmodeus, demons can take on many guises, but are often pictured as horrible creatures accompanied by a foul stench. Which they give off at moments of diabolic excitement or activity. A stench of corruption, rot, and noxious brimstone!
      Emily: (working on a crossword puzzle) "Brimstone"! Oh great, I can use this!

    • Kolchak: Did you hear that, huh, Tony, did you hear that? Another vanishing corpse, we're in luck! It's terrific – another vanishing corpse!

    • Siska: There ought to be a law that only policemen can have police radios.
      Kolchak: Write your congressman.

    • Kolchak: (closing narration) However, published story or not, I can only say to you that should you ever meet a young woman who seems too lovely to be really of this world, well just remember there's a very good chance that she isn't.

  • NOTES (2)