Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 12

Mr. R.I.N.G.

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 1975 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Carl says Dr. Avery "might" have family and friends. Carl was the one assigned to do Avery's obituary - shouldn't he know if Avery has family?

    • Trivia: We find out in a brief exchange that Ron Updyke hails from San Francisco (or perhaps considers it a second home).

    • The first murder takes place on April 2, and Carl spends April 3 investigating. But the next day he says is April 3 again when he goes to Dwyer's apartment. Later that day, he learns that Mrs. Walker has sold her house and collected her insurance (and is preparing to move on). Anyone who has actually sold a house or collected insurance knows it takes far longer than a day.

    • Despite the fact that earlier the military had instructed Akins not to shoot the robot, the military arrive at Dwyer's house later and open fire on it almost immediately.

    • Why does R.I.N.G. need tapes for the blind? It can see - why can't it read?

    • Despite the fact that the missing tapes Carl spots earlier are cassettes, when he arrives at Dwyer's country home she's using a reel-to-reel player.

  • Quotes

    • Kolchak: (after being drugged by government agents) I don't know when exactly I was in this office last. Someways, it seems like I never left. But no, that's not right. For at least a few days I was away, far away, in the hands of men with no faces and no names. They broke me down, broke my story down, telling me how it hadn't happened the way I claimed. At least, that's what I think they did, between injections. Memories fade fast enough without chemical help, but if I don't tell this story now, I don't think I ever will.

    • Kolchak: Uh, what time is it?
      R.I.N.G.: Considering the expense of my development, it would be wasteful to utilize me for simply telling time, especially I do not wear a watch. The prudent option would be to consult a rudimentary clock.
      Kolchak: Makes sense.

    • Mrs. Walker: Have you ever been bored to tears?
      Kolchak: Yeah, I spent four years in high school and the hanky never left my hand.

    • R.I.N.G.: (dying words) Alpha…beta…gamma…delta…Leslie…Leslie…mama…ma-ma.

    • Kolchak: I went up to the Tyrell Institute, and I got the feeling that if I mentioned R.I.N.G. up there, I'd spend this weekend in a concrete room with a giant joy buzzer strapped to my temple. So I thought I'd mention it to you instead. You know, just sort of drop it down the well and see if it made a splash...yeah, it made a splash...

    • Miss Emily: Mr. Vincenzo wants to see you.
      Carl: Oh? Oh...well, here I go, into the Valley of Death.

    • Vincenzo: What you're trying to say is you spent the day fishing...you thought as long as you were up there, we could do without you. Be careful, Kolchak - one day we'll realize we can.

    • Carl: (being given an obituary assignment) Do you know in the old days they gave the obituaries to the lowest form of animal life in the newsroom? Do you know that?
      Vincenzo: Some things never change, Kolchak. You should take some comfort in that.

    • Mrs. Walker: They wouldn't even let me see Avery's body. Not that I really wanted to - he wasn't all that attractive alive.

    • Carl: What kind of installation is Tyrell, anyway?
      Guard: That information is not available to the public.
      Carl: So if I call your office of public information, they won't give me the information that I require, right?
      Guard: That would depend entirely upon your clearance classification.
      Carl: You're very good at that.
      Guard: Thank you.

    • Akins: You a reporter?
      Carl: No, I'm the county assessor.
      Akins: You're a reporter.

    • Carl: Tony, do you remember when you were a kid in grammar school, above 110th in New Amsterdam, remember, and they used to draw the tax dollar as a great big pie, with one slice out, one for defense, and another slice, one for social programs, another slice went for...well, what they didn't tell you then was that your tax dollar wasn't buying just pie, it was buying pie a la mode. That's right. There's a mysterious scoop of something on your tax dollar pie, and that something is Project Ring. Now, how would you feel if, at Manny's, you ordered pie a la mode but they wouldn't tell you what flavor of ice cream you're going to get. Your apple pie might arrive with some horrible chocolate chip, or butter brickle, or rocky road.
      Vincenzo: I don't like rocky road.
      Carl: I know you don't like rocky road. You wouldn't let Manny push you around like that, now would you?
      Vincenzo: No.
      Carl: Of course not. So why should you let your government do it?

    • Kolchak: (about a happy Ron) He got a raise?
      Miss Emily: Not that I'm aware of.
      Kolchak: He was promoted? (Emily nods 'no') Then why is he so happy?
      Miss Emily: You're in trouble.
      Kolchak: Of course! I should have known all along!

    • Carl: Let me talk to them - I've always had a knack with guys in uniform.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Carl: ...this will make Watergate look like a pie fight.
      On June 17, 1972, burglars broke into the Democratic Party offices in the posh Watergate Hotel. They sought the Democratic strategies for campaigning against Richard Nixon. They were discovered, and the scandal eventually cost Nixon his presidency and his reputation. One of the most far reaching political scandals ever, it generated tremendous amounts of news coverage. Only a very significant story could eclipse it.

    • Carl: I'm not exactly Jimmy Olson, cub reporter.
      In the Superman comic books, Superman's secret identity is Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet. Jimmy Olson is a young and very raw reporter who is also a member of the Daily Planet staff, and a major supporting character in these comics.