Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Episode 2

The Night Strangler

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 1973 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When the killer busts into the restaurant and attacks the sixth victim, there's a scream on the soundtrack but the woman's mouth doesn't move on the screen.

  • Quotes

    • [opening narration]
      Carl Kolchak: This is the story behind the most incredible series of murders to ever occur in the city of Seattle, Washington. You never read about them in your local newspapers or heard about them on your local radio or television station. Why? Because the facts were watered down, torn apart, and reassembled... in a word, falsified.

    • (hearing Kolchak ranting in a bar)
      Vincenzo: Take a look around that corner, and see if there isn't someone that looks like he just came from a road company performance of "The Front Page."

    • Crossbinder: Get this straight, Mr. Kolchak. No carnival or hoopla tactics on this paper. This isn't Fun Town, USA. This is Seattle.

    • Vincenzo: Go to Journalism School, my father said. It's a good, sound, down-to-earth profession.
      Kolchak: Don't you want to hear this?
      Vincenzo: What I want to do is raise tulips for a living but there's not enough demand.

    • Kolchak: I'm just a dumb reporter doing his job.
      Dr. Malcolm: You grovel nicely, Mr. ...er...?
      Kolchak: Kolchak. Kolchak, sir.

  • Notes

    • Bill Spiedel who makes an uncredited cameo appearance plays himself. He is the founder of Seattle Underground Tours.

    • The quickly made sequel to the original made-for-TV movie that inspired it all - only Darren McGavin and Simon Oakland appear throughout both movies and the series.

    • The originally aired version deleted some footage with Al Lewis and Kolchak's co-worker Janis Watkins. The more recent DVD version restores their scenes. There is also a deleted scene featuring George Tobias as a reporter, Jimmy Stacks, who followed the Malcolm story and who Kolchak consults. Some syndicated versions include this scene as well.

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