Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 5

The Werewolf

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 1974 on ABC

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  • Carl is cast to sea on a luxury liner with stereotypical seventies swingers types, a swarthy stranger, a property-pinching purser, and a seemingly sympathetic single semi-spinster.

    The humor in the first two thirds of this episode of the story was completely excellent. Even for this series it was above par.

    Everything from the Tony's big break, to the hand of fate almost putting Carl where he needed to be - was beautiful story telling.

    All the humor in the first part of the show completely evaporates once the menace appears and people start disappearing.

    The ending of the story of this episode is very reminiscent of the X-Files series that would follow it a couple decades later.

    The whole matter is swept under the rug, all the evidence suppressed, and any inconvenient victims simply go away.

    The character of the werewolf in this episode is the most memorable by far, although ironically the other characters are all remarkably entertaining. They get all the comedy bits in this episode, while he gets all the drama.
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