Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 2

The Zombie

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1974 on ABC

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  • A deadly problem keeps arising. Carl makes it his problem.

    Kolchak stumbles on a situation where a zombie is stalking and killing a certain group of people.

    Decent episode with a pretty straight-forward plot.

    Embodies the Kolchak series plot: Carl finds an unbelievable story. His editor tells him to get ahold of himself and not to write a crazy story. Police tell him to shut up and warn him not to upset the public with any crazy stories. Carl puts himself in danger going after the killer.

    It was kind of humorous how a certain character kept popping up in the story. No matter how many put downs he received, he just could not get the message. Kind of like Carl, in a very abstract way.

    As always, Carl get to the bottom of the story but cannot write the full truth about it.
  • Zombies and voodoo!

    The episode begins with the death of a crime syndicate member, Willie Pike, who dies by having his spine snapped by an unseen horror. Kolchak, at first, dosen't investigate it. But, Vincenzo gives Carl a chance for an exclusive on a police raid at the Russo brothers farm. The catch is that Kolchak has to take along the niece of an INS bigwig. Afterwards, the police squad, led by Captain Leo Winwood, won't let the press view the bodies. After a visit to the morgue, Kolchak learns that both Willie Pike and the Russo brothers both died from having their spines snapped. Another body, a Haitian named Francois Edmonds, was brought in that had been previously buried. The weird part is that he died from .44 bullets and he was bleeding chicken blood out of his ear. After investigating, and witnessing Francois Edmonds walking around and killing, Kolchak learns that voodoo is involved and that Edmonds is a zombie. Kolchak discovers that Edmonds' mother is controlling Edmonds and killing everyone who was involved with her son's murder, including Captain Winwood. She has also targeted Kolchak because of his investigating. Kolchak later hunts down the zombie and uses salt, candles, needle and thread to kill it. This was a pretty exciting and creative episode with a touch of humor.
  • Pretty good episode and a well developed plot.

    A guy that is involved with voodoo and black magic gets killed and comes back from the dead. He is brought back by his "auntie" and goes after the ones responsible for his death and whoever this "auntie" wants dead as well. The scenes where the zombie kills people are pretty funny because it looks like a wrestler giving someone a back braker. It is fun watching Kolchak avoid the zombie and then finally getting him. All in all a very good episode.
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