Kolgath The Barbarian

Sunday 12:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jun 03, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • "Korgoth Of Barbaria" Pilot was Awesome.

    "Korgoth Of Barbaria" Pilot was Awesome. It reminded me of Heavy Metal & Heavy Metal 2000. The chicks are hot the guys are gross the show is violent gore filled and funny. If you like splatter movies and film/ comic violence in general, this is the show for you! Great dialog, great everything. Personally I think this is the very best cartoon show on TV by the creature of Spongebob! And seeing that this is the first episode, I think the best ones are yet to be made. Not that the pilot is bad or anything. I love the fact that Korgoth is a straight forward type: when he get's a chance, he makes love to a chick, when he gets angry, he punches someone down. You just have to love him. So do check out the series for your and the shows sake. This is a hit waiting to be seen by those who do and those who don't like it!
  • Weird

    Tis show was really dumb. Other than the fact that it was on adult swim it was dumb. There was only one funny moment when the warriors found the girl. THen Kalgoth and the girl "got it on" in the bush. What was tht thing with the wizard using the girls head as his own. When Kalgoth threw the one warrior into the waitress breast was kinda funny in some tense. Since there was only one episode nobody knows what this show is really about. It show no character within the different characters. The wizards stupid, the women are fisty and HOT, and Kalgoth is a bruit.
  • Animation and Hijinx reminiscent of Heavy Metal Mag.

    While not gold, the animation quality and delivery of Kolgoth is better than that of other recent Adult Swim productions. Seemingly derived from Ren and Stimpy and similar oddball low-brow comedies, it has a certain edgy character about it and appears to know what it's focus is. Much less meandering than Minoriteam, Perfect Hair Forever, 12 oz. Mouse, etc. (Minoriteam having the best animation of the previously mentioned and thus being the biggest shame), the pilot actually comes off as a complete thought- not a very intellegent thought- but atleast a complete one. With some work and tweeking, Kolgoth could easily be a stylish gross-out version of Samurai Jack... though with a name like Kolgoth, it is hard to see it becoming popular.