Kolgath The Barbarian

Sunday 12:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jun 03, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Animation and Hijinx reminiscent of Heavy Metal Mag.

    While not gold, the animation quality and delivery of Kolgoth is better than that of other recent Adult Swim productions. Seemingly derived from Ren and Stimpy and similar oddball low-brow comedies, it has a certain edgy character about it and appears to know what it's focus is. Much less meandering than Minoriteam, Perfect Hair Forever, 12 oz. Mouse, etc. (Minoriteam having the best animation of the previously mentioned and thus being the biggest shame), the pilot actually comes off as a complete thought- not a very intellegent thought- but atleast a complete one. With some work and tweeking, Kolgoth could easily be a stylish gross-out version of Samurai Jack... though with a name like Kolgoth, it is hard to see it becoming popular.