Kolgath The Barbarian

Sunday 12:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jun 03, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • "Korgoth Of Barbaria" Pilot was Awesome.

    "Korgoth Of Barbaria" Pilot was Awesome. It reminded me of Heavy Metal & Heavy Metal 2000. The chicks are hot the guys are gross the show is violent gore filled and funny. If you like splatter movies and film/ comic violence in general, this is the show for you! Great dialog, great everything. Personally I think this is the very best cartoon show on TV by the creature of Spongebob! And seeing that this is the first episode, I think the best ones are yet to be made. Not that the pilot is bad or anything. I love the fact that Korgoth is a straight forward type: when he get's a chance, he makes love to a chick, when he gets angry, he punches someone down. You just have to love him. So do check out the series for your and the shows sake. This is a hit waiting to be seen by those who do and those who don't like it!