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On the streets of Vienna there's a new Kommissar, Kommissar Rex. After Rex's handler is killed, Richie Moser, newly divorced, finds himself drawn to Rex and breaks him out of the police center. And the new partnership is born. Rex uses his abilities to help track down the criminals and protect the innocent - and prevent his handler from falling in love. After Moser is killed in the line of duty (Season 4 : Ep 4), a reluctant Rex gets another new partner, Alex Brandtner. In Season 8, Marc Hoffmann is now Rex's partner, and he works along side Niki Herzog. Season 11 sees Rex relocated to Rome, Italy and he now has a new partner. Rex: During the series Rex was played by two different dogs. #1 Reginald von Ravenhorst #2 Rhett Butler #3 Henry (Italian season) Also known as: Commissaris Rex - Netherlands Inspector Rex - Australia Rex: A Cop's Best Friend - UK Filming Location: The original series was filmed on location in Vienna, Austria. From season 11 it is filmed in Rome, Italy. Theme Song / Season 1-4 (Australia): I see heroes without fear Killing thunder, empty streets Time to hide in dirty cages And there you'll see, how it's gonna be When the dog takes over control He'll be fighting til the end That's what I call a good friend He'll always understand That's what I call a good friendmoreless

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AIRED ON 2/11/2013

Season 15 : Episode 12

Alexander Pschill

Alexander Pschill

Marc Hoffmann (Season 8-10)

Tobias Moretti

Tobias Moretti

Richard Moser (Season 1-4)

Heinz Weixelbraun

Heinz Weixelbraun

Christian Bock (Season 3-7)

Fritz Muliar

Fritz Muliar

Max Koch (Season 1-4)

Gedeon Burkhard

Gedeon Burkhard

Alexander Brandtner (Season 4-7)

Elke Winkens

Elke Winkens

Niki Herzog (Season 8-9)

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  • Great European Cop show

    This Austrian Cop show is amazing. The hero is the dog, Rex. He works with 3 detectives to solve murders and other crimes around the city of Vienna. The show started the first season with Tobias Moretti as the lead detective, and he has since been a favorite amongst fans. In season 11 the show moves to Rome, with Italian acotors. The show is still running aand is getting high show is extremely popular in Europe, but strangely enough, in Australia it has cult status. To this date, Australia is the only region that has seen this show released on DVD. And the best thing is that its not overdubbed in english, but retains the German language, with english subtitles.moreless
  • dog = detective

    This Austrian show about a dog and his detective master is very much under appreciated. Rex is smart dog, having worked with police for his whole life. Rex even started detective work as a puppy, in a special Inspector Rex prequel. The show is very well produced with talented guest stars. The main stars are too also greatly talented. Though the show is in German, it is easily understood with subtitles and an easy to follow plot. The scenes are well lit and have great sound. Considering the show was made in the early 90's it can stand against a lot of the many current detective shows.moreless
  • It's the original "Good Dog" police drama. The main character is Rex, an amazingly long-lived German Shepherd dog who has an uncanny knack for understanding people and solving problems... and catching crooks.moreless

    Ok, so it's a sweet puff show, not really deeply dramatic of scary. It's the sort of thing you'd be delighted to let your kids watch; but at the same time I love watching it too. It's not nasty or truly violent the way some shows are; and it has the added benefit of being in a foreign language, thus brushing up on your Austrian (sort of like German. Close enough, really.) Basically, you have a police dog partnered with a police human, and of the two the dog is sometimes the smarter; you get the feeling the guy would be an ok cop, but he leans on Rex a lot for stuff. It's a cute show - one of my favorite episodes was about fairy tales. I like the show - I think it's awesome. Cute, straightforward, not complicated. V. Nice.moreless
  • Marvellous Show!

    My favourite Rex \'handler\' is Richard Moser, beautifully acted by Tobias Moretti although his replacement in the new series, Gedeon Burkhard, also does a very good job. There were two dogs who played the role of Rex, Reginald von Ravenhorst and Rhett Butler and both dogs had equal charm. The two were trained by the distinguished animal trainer, Teresa Ann Miller. Series One to Six are currently available from Australian DVD outlets, complete with English subtitles and spoken in German. I highly recommend this series to anybody, and it is an absolute must if you are an animal lover.

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  • Handsome detective & handsome dog, crime fighting team with Vienna crime squad

    Captivating. Beautifully produced especially with the first Rex's handler, Richard Moser. Every detail thought of & taken care of. Why, the team even had a name board with all their names & title on the wall leading to their offices. Feel good show leaving you wanting more! The plots can be thin but the acting is very fine performance, production is quite realistic. All in all very enjoyable. Focuses on the psychological aspect, than physical. Usually starts with the culprit committing the crime so it is how he/she would be caught. Though at time there is an obvious suspect which turns out to be false lead. Very well done.moreless

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