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This is a Swedish television show about a commission that is put together because of a terrorist attack against Sweden’s Capital city, Stockholm. This is the only Swedish show of its kind. No other Swedish show has ever been this awesome before. When a big blast blows up a big part of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, a group of people is put together to catch the terrorists. In this group we have former politician Lena (Katarina Ewerlöf), international minister Grete (Chatarina Larsson), Former chief of police Sigvard (Helge Skoog), a young policeman Karim (Peter Perski), media adviser Nils (Göran Gillinger), a lawyer Anne (Anna Ulrika Eriksson) and a young woman Uni (Cecilia Häll). These people will together spend a year to try to catch the bad guys. This becomes a spectacular and dramatic year. This is definitely the best Swedish TV show. I can imagine that this is just how it would look like if it happened for real!