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  • Kong Lives again

    I Like this show and how it brings the mighty Kong back to life the story line was good and had allot of twists and turns and I too like the Cyber-Linking with animals you can just image all the kinds of wearied things that can happen when merging with an animal of your choice, I even Like The way they had a An evil demon Chiros and he minis Ominous and Harpy, I even like how many legends like The Loch Ness monster, the God of Evil Set and many other things crossed over into Kong it is just a good series and my favourite part is when Kong goes Mega-Kong when ever he gets really ticked off.
  • Decent time waster

    There is only one word to describe this show. That word is okay. This show is not good. This show is not bad. It is simply decent. It had its good elements. Namely they were the science fiction elements behind the DNA merger sequence (I'm a bit of a sci-fi buff), the backstory featuring Chiros and Ramon's hand, the magic aspect of the show. And it inevitably had its bad elements. These were the tacky animation and the unresolved love buzz between Jason and Lua. I mean, sure. At the end, they admitted that they liked each other. But come on. We didn't even get to see one kiss or hug between the pair. That's no way to end a show. So, in the end, the show was okay.
  • The only reason Disney made this was because of the movie.

    Jetix has a habit of showing programs simply because they are based on popular movies at the time. They've done it with the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man. They brought back all these shows, which all flopped.

    But for Kong, they had to sink to lower levels and make a new show which was a spin-off of the more unoriginal movie. The animation, even by American standards, is second-rate and can be outranked by any anime. The storyline is something written at the last minute. The movie Kong ended, but it had to have a mediocre cartoon based on it, with only one intention: get Disney some money.
  • I think I liked this show. It was a good concept overall.

    I liked this show in several ways. Well, I did like the Peter Jackson movie (I know this came out long before that, to compete with the Godzilla series, but still, without the movie, I probably wouldn't have bothered to give it a shot in the first place), and it had a cool, kind of sci-fi concept to it. There are some good monster designs in it, though at times, Kong is more than overpowered, defeating creatures that normally would totally pwn him. However, Kong usually gets his from the morphs of De La Porta. I say, overall, it's not a bad show. I wouldn\'t spend money on it, but I do watch it from time to time.
  • The adventures of a boy, his friends, and Kong, a clone of the original King Kong. Not as silly as it sounds.

    Kong had an interesting concept behind it. The show came up with a believable and cool way of updating the King Kong mythos, and I liked the idea of cyber-linking with animals (stop looking at me like that, I’m a sci-fi/fantasy fan). Kong also had some pretty good animation (well, some of the time, anyways) and episode ideas, but what ultimately kept me from giving this show a higher score was the stupidity of the heroes. Now, I know they couldn\'t get away with killing the bad guys since Kong was mainly aimed at kids, and that killing the main villain, Prof. De La Porta would’ve spelled the end of the series, but every time Jason and co. helped the professor (usually whenever he screwed himself over), I couldn’t believe how naïve they were being. De La Porta had repeatedly shown that he was not the redeemable sort at all, and would\'ve killed the main chars in cold blood if he ever got the chance to. Better and more sensible writing would've helped that prob, as well as several others, including the writers' tendancy to turn Lua (a major female protagonist) into a self-righteous, apparently bi-polar (seriously, that's the only way to describe how much she had changed from what had been established in the earlier episodes) and frankly unlikable character.
  • Not a bad idea for a show.

    I\'ve never been too terribly enthralled with King Kong, however I decided to tape all the shows, and I have most of them. Although, I\'ve yet to watch but a couple of them. And I\'ll have to admit, they weren\'t half bad. So I\'ll probably watch so more episode and then have to edit my review based on my reaction.
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