Kong: The Animated Series - Season 1

Toon Disney (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Interview with a Monkey
    Jason and Co. attempt to stop De La Porta from delivering the Kong footage to Howling Jack.
  • The Thirteenth Stone
    Our heroes are sent to the past and find themselves on Atlantis. How can they return to the present?
  • Quetzalcoatl
    Episode 38
    In Central Mexico, Kong must face off against Quetzalcoatl and free the captive natives who are mining for gold for De La Porta. But is there more to this Quetzalcoatl than meets the eye?
  • Apocalypse
    Episode 37
    In this sequel to "Lies," Jason, Lua and Kong search for the last of the Primal Stones in an effort to prevent it from falling into Ramone De La Porta's and Chiros' hands. Ramone searches as well, aided by Chiros horrific servant, Harpy. His powers growing, Chiros creates a powerful tornado and sends it against Jason, Lua and Kong. Kong is barely able to save his friends. They return to the hunt and Jason cleverly locates the missing Stone. Chiros sends the powerful demon Ominous to attack Kong. The demon nearly beats Kong, but at the last minute Kong defeats him, trapping the creature in quicksand. The battle leaves Kong and Jason unconscious and Ramone takes the Stone back. Harpy flies him to the sacred Dragon's Head Rock where they place all the Primal Stones in a circle and begin the incantation to set Chiros completely free. To Ramone's surprise and horror, his life force is drained by the spell and transferred to Chiros. Chiros leaves his temple ready to wipe out the entire planet, but Jason merges with Kong and attacks the giant demon. They are losing the fight when Kong's battle rage transforms him into Mega-Kong! As Mega-Kong pounds away on Chiros, Lua and Tann recapture the Stones and Lua begins an incantation to drive the demon back into his prison. She reopens his prison pit just as Mega-Kong lifts him over his head and hurls Chiros back into the Earth and his prison saving our world from utter destruction.moreless
  • Scared Songs
    Scared Songs
    Episode 36
    Dr. Jenkins gets a call for help from an old boyfriend, Dr. Amador, who is working with the Australian Aborigines near Ayers Rock. Lua has a prophetic vision of impending disaster and Kong becoming a wild beast. Despite this, our heroes travel to Australia taking Kong with them. In the desert they repeatedly encounter herds of local animals being driven into a frenzy by an unknown force. In the foothills they discover that De La Porta's henchmen are using large radar dishes and sending ultrasound beams out to scare the animals. Jason merges with Kong to battle and defeat a horrible mutant created by Omar merging with a lizard. Jason and his friends pursue De La Porta to Ayers rock to stop him from activating the Primal Soul Stone with aboriginal songs. Ramone uses the Stone to drive both Jason and Kong wild, sending them to attack Tann and Lua. Kong chases Tann all around the desert while Lua calms Jason with the help of the Aborigine Shaman. Kong is about to crush Tann, when the song calms him too. He attacks the Professor and destroys his helicopter with a giant improvised boomerang. Balance is restored to the Outbackmoreless
  • Sacred Songs
    Sacred Songs
    Episode 36
    Professor De La Porta (David Kaye) is causing trouble in the Australian Outback. With the help of radar dishes and ancient aboriginal songs, the evil professor is managing to drive all the local wildlife into a frenzy. When Jason (Kirby Morrow) and Kong head out to Ayers Rock, they must use all their powers to put an end to De La Porta's plot.moreless
  • Return To Redwoods
    Return To Redwoods
    Episode 35
    Our heroes search an ancient temple on a small Greek Island and uncover a bronze plaque whose inscription holds the key to the stolen Primal Stones. De La Porta and his henchmen arrive and attempt to seize the plaque to use with his Stone. During the struggle Jason and his friends get Ramone's Stone and escape with the Professor in hot pursuit. After a wild car chase through winding mountain roads Jason, Tann, and Lua dead-end on an isolated beach. Kong demerges from Jason to join the fight, but De La Porta gets away with the plaque and MOST of the Stone. Jason finds a large piece on the beach. With Dr. Jenkin's aid, our heroes discover that the Professor is using the Stone to travel back in time to Dr. Jenkin's house in the California redwoods. His goal is to stop Kong from being genetically created, steal the Kong DNA, and create his own Kong. Using their piece of the Stone Jason, Tann, and Lua travel back to stop him and find out that Ramone has gone back to when Jason and Kong were three years old. Jason has a touching encounter with his younger self. De La Porta breaks into Dr. Jenkins cabin, but our heroes stop him with the help of the young Kong. However the mad Professor activates the Stone again sending everyone back to ancient Kong Island and the destruction of Atlantis!moreless
  • Lies
    Episode 34
    The mad Professor Ramone De La Porta Cyber-links with a strand of Jason's hair and is able to merge into an exact duplicate of our hero. With his henchmen he takes his submarine to Kong Island with the intention of gaining all the Primal Stones and Ultimate Power! Frazetti and Giggles attack Jason and manage to subdue him with electric night sticks. Ramone takes Jason's place and gets Lua to take him around to the different hidden locations of the Primal Stones. Suspicious, Kong, tracks down Ramone's submarine and destroys it. Giggles and Frazetti each merge with stegosauri and attack Kong viciously. Jason breaks free and merges with Kong and takes out the two mutant monsters in a wild battle. Lua takes the false Jason to a archaeopteryx's nest on a high mountain and gives him the last of the Stones. Jason and Kong show up. Ramone tries to fool Kong into thinking that he's the real Jason, but Kong figures out that he's an imposter. During the fight Ramone loses one of the Stones. He tries to escape, but is captured by Chirosmoreless
  • Sir James Alex's Legacy
    De La Porta is after an Atlantean weather machine discovered by Sir James Alex and threatens a Mexican village if they don't hand it over.
  • The Invisible Threat
    An invisible man lands on Kong Island and steals the Primal Stone of Antimatter. The thief rendezvous with Professor De La Porta's submarine and becomes visible revealing he to be a young teenager named Guo. Ramone takes the Stone and pushes Guo into the water to drown, but Jason who has merged with Kong rescues him. Guo tells our heroes that his tribe lives in the Amazon and are descendants of the ancient Atlanteans like Lua. Jason, Tann, Lua, and Kong travel with Guo to the Amazon to find that Ramone is forcing Guo's tribe to give him the secret of invisibility. Ramone's men capture Tann and Lua and Guo. Kong and Jason rescue them just as Ramone becomes invisible and Cyber-merges with a jungle spider monkey. Kong and Jason cautiously stalk the giant, invisible mutant through the ancient Atlantean ruins. De La Porta nearly kills them several times with invisible ambushes until they manage to defeat him.moreless
  • Framed
    Episode 31
    Ramone de La Porta's henchmen, Tiger Lucy and Omar raid a government arsenal stealing top secret weapons. They leave behind a set of Jason and Tann's fingerprints and a ripped piece of one of Tann's school jerseys to frame Jason and Tann for the robbery. FBI agents and police arrest Jason and Tann at their University, but Lua escapes. With Kong she investigates the robbery scene uncovering evidence of the Professor's men. She tracks them to a hanger on an isolated pier, where Ramone attempts to trap Kong. Tiger Lucy Cyber-links with her cat creating a giant mutant and attack Kong. Omar merges with a mandrill to attack Lua. Kong beats Tiger Lucy just as the FBI and Jason and Tann arrive. De La Porta escapes along with the Omar/mandrill. The FBI agents drop the charges against Jason and Tann and let them go.moreless
  • The Ice Giant
    The Ice Giant
    Episode 30
    A terrible electric storm rakes Kong Island activating the Primal Stones and creating a vortex that sends the seaplane with our heroes onto an island in a different time and space. In the island's dense forests, ferocious Vikings attack them! After a brutal fight, Kong is lured into a deep pit. Jason, Tann, and Lua are captured and taken to the Viking village. Kong encounters an Ice Giant in the underground caverns. The two titans battle, then make friends. Jason challenges the Viking Chieftain, Harold, to hand-to-hand combat and defeats him. However, the Viking Priest/wizard drugs our heroes and takes them to a high cliff to sacrifice them to the Gods. Kong arrives with his new friend and saves them. After a sad goodbye, Jason and the gang fly back through the vortex and return to Kong Island.moreless
  • Twilight of the God
    Twilight of the God
    Episode 30
    During a raging electrical storm, the Primal Stones accidentally activate. Jason (Kirby Morrow) and his friends suddenly find their plane sucked into a vortex, spinning through time and space. When they land, the friends discover they are not in Kansas anymore. In fact, they are in a land ruled by Vikings.moreless
  • Green Fear
    Green Fear
    Episode 29
    Jason, Tann, Lua, and Kong travel to the deep jungles of Central Africa to seek out the Gwake tribe. These isolated pygmies hold one of the secrets of the Primal Stones. While rescuing a Gwake child from a hungry panther, Jason discovers a hollow tree filled with ancient hieroglyphics. Our heroes are captured by the pygmies and brought before Ramone De La Porta who has convinced the Gwake that HE is the Protector. He drugs Jason and seizes control of his mind. With Jason's help De La Porta activates the Primal Earth Stone giving Ramone the power to instantly grow plants and crops. Kong attacks, and in the confusion the Stone is lost in a lake causing all the local plant life to grow out of control. The runaway plants destroy the Gwake village, freeing Tann and Lua. De La Porta attacks Kong with carnivores plants, but with Jason's help, Kong beats the plants, then fights his way through the plant life to retrieve the Primal Stone. Order is once again restored to the jungle.moreless
  • Dangerous Melody
    Dangerous Melody
    Episode 28
    De La Porta activates the Primal Stone of Time, but in the process he turns almost everyone into kids. Can Kong manage to reclaim the stone and babysit at the same time?
  • Windigo
    Episode 27
    De La Porta and his men travel by helicopter to an isolated Canadian Indian Village where they force the Shaman to raise a creature who might defeat Kong- the Windigo.
  • Cobra God
    Cobra God
    Episode 26
    The ancient stone tablet of Atlantis is up for grabs and mystical powers await whoever can find it first. Ramon de La Porta and Tannenbaum are the final two. When Ramone steals the tablet in his plan to awaken Naga the Fire Cobra, they team up with Dr. Sati Rambalan to stop Ramone De La Porta.moreless
  • The Aquanauts
    The Aquanauts
    Episode 25
    Ramone De La Porta travels to Loch Ness to activate the water primal stone, but the aquanauts are waiting to assist Kong. Can the team manage to regain control of the primal stone?
  • Chiros Child
    Chiros Child
    Episode 24
    Lua discovers the Chamber of the sages after an ambush, but can Kong save her when Harpy is in pursuit?
  • The Renewal
    The Renewal
    Episode 23
    Dr. Jenkins, Jason and Tann host a surprise 15th birthday party for Kong completes with a giant birthday cake! That night Lua leads Kong out into the jungle where she uses a Primal Stone to open a Portal into another dimension and take Kong and herself into a parallel world version of Kong Island. Jason and Tann follow. Kong is forced by the other world's Shaman/Judge to undergo a series of tests to see if he is worthy to be the Protector of Kong Island. Kong encounters Ominous and an evil version of himself that attempt to enrage him and divert him from his quest. When his friends are threatened by a titanic tidal wave, Kong abandons his test to rescue them. The Shaman announces that Kong is worthy and returns them all to their own Kong Island.moreless
  • Blue Star
    Blue Star
    Episode 22
    A meteorite glowing with blue energy approaches Earth. Dr. Jenkins deduces that it will collide with the Earth attracted by the power of the Primal Stones. Guided by Lua's visions, Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong journey to the lost city of Ultima Thule in the icy wastes of Greenland. En route they rescue a pod of humpback whales from a gang of poachers under the command of Andre the Terrorist. Our heroes find the lost city hidden beneath the ice pack. In its center is a giant Blue Crystal. Andre attacks in the form of a Cyber-link created Cyber-bear. After a hair-raising battle, Kong defeats the monster. Lua uses the Blue Crystal and the powers of the whales to activate the Primal Stones sending a powerful beam of energy up to deflect the meteorite and saving the Earth as we know it.moreless
  • Curse of the Great Dragon
    Jason is really excited when he receives an invitation to a karate exhibition in the city of Xi An in China! Unfortunately Tann was not invited and now plans to give up karate. Jason and Lua fly to China where they are kidnapped by Ramone De La Porta and taken to an area near the Great Wall. Buried in the nearby tomb of the first Emperor of China is a parchment that will reveal the secret of the Primal Stone of Life and Death. De La Porta threatens Lua, forcing Jason to enter the deadly tomb maze to recover the parchment. Tann merges with Kong and flies to his buddy's rescue. Together Tann and Kong rescue Jason and retrieve the parchment from the boobytrap filled maze. Kong battles with a Cyber-link created Chinese Dragon while Jason and Tann defeat the Professor and rescue Lua. Jason wins the karate tournament and Tann is proud of his bud.moreless
  • DNA Land
    DNA Land
    Episode 20
    Near Death Valley, Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong attempt to trap Professor De La Porta, but the trap turns into a running battle. While our heroes are distracted, Howling Jack stuns and captures Kong and the Giggles/Eagle with a powerful laser. He imprisons the giant ape in his DNA Land, a zoo like compound for rare species. Kong begins working with the other captured animals to escape. Jason and Lua infiltrate into DNA Land and attempt to free Kong. De La Porta follows and attacks Kong with the giant laser. Jason merges with an eagle and fly's Kong to safety, but DNA Land is destroyed and all its animals escape. Poor Howling Jack is left with nothing.moreless
  • Welcome to Ramon's
    Welcome to Ramon's
    Episode 19
    Ramone De La Porta makes a peace offer to Jason, inviting him to meet with him at an Opening at his museum/headquarters in NY. Jason cautiously accepts, but Tann and Lua come in disguise to provide backup with Kong. De La Porta wants Jason to join him in gaining all the Primal Stones to dominate the world together. Jason refuses and De La Porta turns his museum into a deathtrap to destroy Jason and his friends. A Cyber-bull stalks and captures Jason and the Professor contacts Dr. Jenkins offering to trade Jason for the Primal Stones. With help from Dr. Jenkins and Kong, Jason and his friends barely manage to escape.moreless
  • Welcome to Ramone's
    Welcome to Ramone's
    Episode 19
    Jason is invited to meet Ramone De La Porta at a museum Opening in New York. Jason is very cautious, but accepts the invitation. Lua and Tann come with, but in disguise and backs up Kong. De La Porta asks Jason to join forces with him to gain the Primal Stones, so that they could dominate the world together. When Jason refuses, De La Porta tries to kill Jason as well as his friends in a deathtrap in his museum. Jason is stalked and captured by a Cyber-bull and the Professor offers Dr. Jenkins to trade the Primal Stones for Jason's life. With Kong and Dr. Jenkins's help, Jason and friends manage to escape.moreless
  • Indian Summer
    Indian Summer
    Episode 18
    Tiger Lucy and Giggles break into a sacred Indian cave/temple hidden in the Ozark Mountains, and steal a mystical totem for De La Porta. The Professor attempts to use the totem to control the Earth Stone, but his NY headquarters is attacked by vicious swarms of locusts. Tiger Lucy and Giggle's stole the wrong stone! De La Porta flees back to the Ozarks pursued by our heroes and the locusts. Jason rescues him and they team up to try to retrieve the right totem. In the cave/temple, Lua locates a secret chamber with the totem. Before they can stop him, De La Porta uses its powers to merge with the Earth Stone becoming a giant monster made of living rock. In a close battle Kong manages to defeat the Professor.moreless
  • Enlil's Wrath
    Enlil's Wrath
    Episode 17
    De La Porta kidnaps a Middle Eastern Shaman forcing him to use the powers of the Air Stone against Kong Island. Terrible storms strike Kong Island. Our heroes journey to temple of Enlil in the Middle East to try and stop the mad Professor. Angry Bedouins then attacked them accusing them of stealing their Shaman. Later on, Kong battles a Frazetti/Hyena. Arriving at the temple, Jason rescues the Shaman while Kong defeats and pursues De La Porta and recaptures the Stonemoreless
  • Billy
    Episode 16
    On the deserted Manhattan docks, a young boy named Billy witnesses a titanic battle between Kong and a giant Cyber-Rat creature. After the battle, Billy finds one of the Cyber-links. He uses it to merge with a cat, but the link was damaged and the merger creates a giant, formless, creature. Kong attempts to subdue it, but does not want to use force on the innocent boy. The police move in and prepare to destroy the creature. Tann finds out about the creature's true nature from Billy's sister and airlifts Lua to the top of the creature. Lua removes the Cyber-Link returning Billy and the cat to normal.moreless
  • Master of Souls
    Master of Souls
    Episode 15
    An old friend of Tann's, Caroline Watson has discovered the Primal Stone of the Soul and is being stalked by De La Porta and his men. Tann, Jason, Kong, and Lua fly to Guatemala to rescue her. Kong fights and defeats the Omar/Giant Anteater. In an ancient Mayan temple the Professor captures Tann and Caroline and uses the Stone to size control of their minds. Jason merges with Kong and battles a De La Porta/Jaguar. Defeating the Cyber creature they free their friends and recover the Stone.moreless
  • Top of the World
    Top of the World
    Episode 14
    Jason and company discovers that De La Porta is on his way to an isolated Himalayan monastery to seize an ancient parchment revealing the use of the Primal Stones. De La Porta and his henchmen attack the monastery, which is defended by a yeti. When Kong arrives, one of the Professor's men merges with the yeti and attacks Kong while De La Porta steals the parchment. Jason merges with Kong and they transform into Mega-Kong, defeating the Cyber-Yeti and recovering the parchment for the monks.moreless
  • The Sleeping City
    The Sleeping City
    Episode 13
    Our heroes travel to Egypt to foil De La Porta's scheme to find the legendary Staff of Set, use it to activate a Primal Stone and resurrect Set, the ancient Egyptian God of Evil. Pursuing the Professor, Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong are forced to fight a giant Crocodile/Giggles Cyber-link created monster. They follow De La Porta to the lost city of Akur Vash, where the evil professor raises Set from his long sleep. Kong must battle the God of Evil to save the world. Merged with Jason and armed with the magical Flail of Osiris, he destroys Set.moreless
  • Hidden Fears
    Hidden Fears
    Episode 12
    Harpy takes Dr. Jenkins and Chon-Dar prisoner in an effort to find the Primal Stones. Jason, Tann, and Lua attempt to rescue them, but Harpy gasses Kong with giant spider venom knocking him unconscious. Lua merges with Kong's mind to try to bring him out of his coma. She is forced to grapple with Kong's inner demons. Tann uses rockets to drive Harpy and her apbats away. Chiros sends the giant monster Ominous against our heroes, forcing Jason to merge with a T-Rex. Jason is defeated, but Kong awakens and saves him, driving Ominous away and freeing Dr. Jenkins, and Chon-Dar.moreless
  • Howling Jack
    Howling Jack
    Episode 11
    Jason, Kong, Tann, and Lua travel to Los Angeles in an attempt to stop De La Porta from stealing a stone tablet on display at an LA museum that contains the secrets of the Primal Stones. Down and out, director and stuntman, Howling Jack Crockett spots Kong and becomes obsessed with getting footage of the giant ape. Our heroes confront De La Porta at the La Brea Tar Pits Museum where they battle Cyber-Link monsters created by the evil professor's henchmen. Howling Jack arrives in a mechanical monster suit and gets caught up in the middle of the action. De La Porta is forced to retreat, but poor Howling Jack never gets his footage. Kong remains a secret.moreless
  • Night of the Talons
    Night of the Talons
    Episode 10
    De La Porta takes Tann's billionaire parents hostage in Paris, forcing Tann to agree to lead Lua into a trap. An unhappy and confused Tann sends Jason and Kong off on a false trail and takes Lua to a chateau outside Paris and into De La Porta's trap. Jason shows up with Kong, surprising everybody. Kong battles a Cyber-Link created Gryffin in a tremendous fight over the French countryside and Paris.moreless
  • The Infinity Stone
    The Infinity Stone
    Episode 9
    In England, De La Porta forces a Druid Priest, Dr. MacKay, to agree to help him use ancient Druid ceremonies to unlock the powers of a Primal Stone. Kong and his friends travel to England to stop them. Merging with a wild boar, De La Porta dukes it out with Kong, forcing our heroes to retreat. The battle resumes at Stonehenge where MacKay is unleashing the power of the Stone. Merged as a fantastic cat/scorpion hybrid--the manticore--De La Porta holds Kong at bay until the Stone opens up a vortex into Infinity. Kong is nearly sucked into the vortex, but Jason merges with him and becomes Mega-Kong, escaping the vortex and defeating De La Porta.moreless
  • Reborn
    Episode 8
    Kong, Jason, Tann and Lua investigate a temple in the Atlantean ruins of Shama-Ra on Kong Island. Tann and Lua are possessed by the ancient spirits of the Atlantean King and Queen. They take the Primal Stone of Lightening from Kong's Lair and use it in an attempt to destroy their old enemy--Chiros! A massive battle takes place with Jason, Kong, and the Atlanteans fighting against Harpy, Ominous, and an army of Apbats. The minions of Chiros are defeated, but the temple is destroyed. Tann and Lua are released by the King and Queen who rejoin their ancestors.moreless
  • Mistress of the Game
    Jason, Kong, Tann, and Lua are forced down in Africa by engine trouble. Lua encounters an evil poacher named Rakhir who kidnaps her to use as bait for his real target--Kong! With his mercenary hunters, Rakhir ambushes and captures Kong. With the help of a baby gorilla whose father was captured by Rakhir, Jason and Tann defeat Rakhir and set Lua and Kong free. Jason merges with Kong, becoming Mega-Kong, and the hunters become the hunted.moreless
  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire
    Episode 6
    A "sea monster" is stealing hi-tech weapons. Jason and his friends suspect that it's De La Porta using the Cyber-Link. While investigating, they uncover De La Porta's connection with Andre a notorious underworld arms dealer. De La Porta attempts to doublecross Andre, but is taken prisoner in Andre's hideout in an offshore oilrig. Our heroes attempt to free De La Porta and keep the Cyber-Link from falling into Andre's hands.moreless
  • The Giant Claw Robberies
    Jason, Tann, Lua, and Kong travel to New York City in an attempt to stop a series of robberies of ancient tablets connected to the Primal Stones. They discover that De La Porta is behind the thefts and is trying to learn how to unlock the power of the Stones. Kong and Jason are forced to battle two monstrous Cyber-Link creatures, BadKat and Slothbear, in order to stop De La Porta.moreless
  • Dark Force Rising
    Dark Force Rising
    Episode 4
    The theft of the Primal Stones from Kong Island threatens to awaken the ancient demon Chiros. Lua journeys alone to Chiros' ruined temple in an attempt to imprison him. She is captured and brainwashed by Harpy, one of Chiros' servants. They journey to the Island's volcano and set the demon free. Jason, Kong, and Tann arrive and Chiros awakens the monster Ominous to stop them. Jason merges with Kong and confronts him. In the fight Kong's anger transforms him into the gigantic Mega-Kong. He easily defeats Ominous forcing Chiros to retreat.moreless
  • Primal Power
    Primal Power
    Episode 3
    De La Porta succeeds at taking the Primal Stones, and now only Kong can stop him and restore peace to the island.
  • The Return (Part 2 of 2)
    The evil Professor Ramone De La Porta arrives and aims to take the mystic Primal Stones. Can Jason and Kong find a way to defeat him?
  • The Return (Part 1 of 2)
    18 year old Jason and his best friend Tann journey to the mysterious Kong Island hidden in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle where many mysteries await them, but the biggest one will change their lives forever.