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Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

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Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (Is This a Zombie?) is a 2011 Japanese anime adaptation of the popular manga series of the same title by Shinichi Kimura. It tells the story of Ayumu Aikawa (Junji Majima), a teenage boy who is brutally murdered. He is brought back to life by the powerful necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe (Midori Tsukimiya) to join a team of demon slayers. There he meets Haruna (Iori Nomizu), a girl from a magical realm that wields a mystical chainsaw named "Mysteltainn." Also on the team is Seraphim (Yoko Hikasa), a busty vampire ninja, and Mael Strom (Hisako Kanemoto), another vampire ninja who has a crush on Ayumu. Together, they save the world from the invasion of demonic forces known as Megalos, and try to unravel the mystery behind Ayumu's death. The series ran for 12 episodes. Any fan of Japanese animation or supernaturally charged stories will find something to like about Kore wa Zombie desu ka.

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AIRED ON 4/4/2011

Season 1 : Episode 12

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