Kore wa Zombie desu ka?



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  • Season 1
    • Yes, it keeps going.
    • Yes, stay with me!
      Yes, stay with me!
      Episode 11
    • No, that will explode
    • Yes, you won't believe what's under this
    • Hehe, I'm a school wife.
      What do girls talk about together? Those dream words fuel fantasy. Like any good school romantic comedy, there's handmade lunches, walks home together, and group activities. Even a zombie like me wants to enjoy the bittersweet flavors of youth. However, storm clouds seem to be approaching...
    • Hey, what school do you go to?
      I'm studying because I'll lose my vacation to summer school if my grades suck. Going to school under the blazing summer sun would be brutal for a zombie like me. I'm supposed to be studying, but somehow I ended up learning about the origin of the universe and a life devoted to tonkotsu soup. Huh? A message from Dai-sensei. What? She wants me to hold on to something? What is it?moreless
    • Yes, I am the harbinger of death
      There's a person I've been searching for. The serial killer who killed me. Face to face with this person, there's something I've finally realized. Only death can cure my stupidity. I was stupid. Yuu, let's end this and go home. Let's have dinner when we get home. Think of what you'd like to eat.moreless
    • dofu
      Episode 5
      I'm Aikawa Ayumu, a zombie and a Masou Shoujo. I arranged to meet Kyoko-chan at the great spot of my recommendation after her release from the hospital, but while the sun is up my mental and physical capacity is that of a three year old's (according to my research). That's why I was the only human in the world lounging around and waiting to see Kyoko-chan while hoping the sun would explode...moreless
    • Am I radiant?
      Am I radiant?
      Episode 4
      I ordered a pizza and got the watchdog of the underworld. He's here to drag me back to hell. All sorts of characters keep showing up. Whether it's the king of fear or nuclear missiles, I'll take them all on. If that's all it costs to be with Yuu, bring it on! ...is what I thought, but this is far beyond my expectations.moreless
    • Yes, I have twin tails
      Masou Shoujo Haruna, necromancer Yuu, and vampire ninja Sera. Somehow I ended up with a harem. If my friend Orito found out about this, his delicate mind wouldn't be able to handle it. I need to keep him in the dark. Orito received a single text. The sender is a young girl who describes the person she believes is behind the serial killings. I know one person who sounds like this...moreless
    • No, I'm a Vampire Ninja
      It's been a week since she'd moved in. I'm working on accepting my bizarre life. I'm not especially tolerant. I just don't want to think about the hard stuff. Now that I think about it, the time I became a zombie was just like this. The day I was killed my a serial killer, I met a fantastic girl... While I was thinking about that, another strange girl appeared.moreless
    • Shoujo
      Episode 1
      Unchanging friends and scenery. I thought these comfortable days would last forever. Actually, I'm sure they will go on forever. Most people live their lives without ever realizing this world is full of untouchable secrets. When people encounter these secrets... Oh, and I forgot to mention I'm a zombie.