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  • Too epic

    Seriously, this was rejected, yet Superjail!, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, And Xavier Renegade Angel were picked up??!! Korgoth was WAY better than those shows.
  • Korgoth Rocks

    I do not understand why this is not a series, Korgoth is 10 times better than any thing else there showing on Adult Swim.
  • When you read my review, you'll see WHY Korgoth is the best barbarian ever. NO, I mean, the best show ever.

    Korgoth has got to be one of the greatest animated short-lived shows ever only on [adult swim]. Created by SpongeBob Storyboarder named, Aaron Springer, who's intrested into adult-oriented blood and gore... and comedy! And something that's... MANLY! Really really MANLY!

    Korgoth is a barbarian who likes to kill... and say our prayers goodbye. And he is MANLY! All MANLY! Rosie O' Donnel MANLY!

    Everything is... MANLY! And I mean... hold on... please... wait for it... MANLY! And to mention more MANLY stuff in this sitcom. Ready? You sure. This is the last time so... MANLY!

    After watching this, I thought that Korgoth can be picked up. Well, it did, but Aaron Springer didn't make more episodes of Korgoth, anymore. Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Overall: The best as of this decade along with "Robot Chicken" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," right?

    Korgoth, makes it as MANLY as it gets.
  • One of the most best shows ever. I wish they make more of this. I mean this is like one of the funniest shows ever.

    Well I love spongebob because of its humour and how it's presented. so when you get the creator of spongebob working on an adult cartoon, you know you are going to get great stuff. The show currently just has one pilot episode, I am not sure why they stopped or if they will continue on. I hope they continue, I mean it has great music, storyline and just spongebob-styled humours that are for adults. Humours are based around everything, ripping bones, flesh whatever. This can't be displayed in spongebob, as it is a kid's show, but now I guess it is possible. WATCH IT!! guranteed satisfaction...
  • Society has crumbled and mankind has slid into a primeval state where the Earth is shared with foul beasts and cruel wizards and only the strong survive. Of the Strong one is strongest, he is Korgoth of Barbaria! His exploits will become legend.

    Korgoth of Barbaria is sure to be an Adult Swim classic. With sharp animation, groovy musical score, and witty dialouge the show's pilot, (the only episode seen so far), suggests good things to come. The show will presumably follow the mighty Korgoth as he travels the despoiled, post-apocolyptic Earth in search of women, beer, and battle. The show combines the right amount of gags and witty dialouge with visceral scenes of blood and gore. The grim setting is complimented with richly drawn landscapes and fantastical creatures. At least in the pilot, the complimentary characters provide excellent comic relief, and Korgoth's inherent aloofness only adds to the hilarity as he ruthlessly dispatches all in his way primarily so that he can be left alone.

    The show involves the work of some proven and brilliant animators of our time including Aaron Spelling, Tom Kenny, and Genndy Tartokovsky (who was animation director for the pilot). Overall the show hopefully will fill the role currently occupied by endless re-runs of Futurama and Family Guy as a half-hour animated program that appeals to [as] viewers not obsessed with anime. Though Korgoth of Barbaria has a long way to go before truly rivaling a stellar program like Futurama, it will be a welcome addition to the [as] line-up...that is as soon as the first season is finished and aired.
  • Something great.

    I must say, It's been a long time since i enjoyed fantasy, at least the movie/cartoon type. It's been done to death. The last better ones were obviously the lord of the rings and that is basically it. This one is came as something really new. First of all it's a parody to famous Conan the barbarian, and as someone who likes black humour - it's actually really good. It's not too out there, like southpark or drawn together, and that is what makes the blood\sex jokes even better. I might say it's a perfect pitch of black humour, parody to famous stuff and fantasy. I really would like to see that show go on.