Kourtney & Kim Take New York

Season 2 Episode 8

Family Therapy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2012 on E!

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  • kim is controlling

    Kim is controlling. She can TELL her husband he can't go to a club as a business move to get paid for it but she can go to Dubai??? Did Chris tell her she couldn't go? No. Did Chris tell her she couldn't go off on a weekend with Courtney without asking him? No. Did she ask her husband to accompany them? No. This is more of a control issue than a trust issue from where I sit. Now she won't apologize to Khloe for the mean things she has said to her? Khloe has her life together. She loves her husband, is supportive, has followed him wherever he needs to go for his career. I think she is to be commended. Courtney is trying really hard to connect with Scott and I commend her. Kim is all about Kim. She is self centered, has the mind set of a teenager instead of a 30 year old woman. She files for divorce over childish, immature behaviour. I think Chris Humphries is a little to blame but only 10%. The party he had was only because Kim TOLD him he couldn't have friends over. Again, controlling her husband. Enough said. She is a true diva now and she reallly is no one. Also, SHE wanted kids and when she finally got Chris to agree, she backed out because she couldn't possibly move to where he grew up even part time. Selfish.