Kourtney & Kim Take Miami

Season 1 Episode 1

Paint the Town D-A-S-H

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 16, 2009 on E!

Episode Recap

The sisters have moved to Miami and are staying at the Hotel Hilton Bentley. They are excited to open a second D-A-S-H store and brought Lily (manager) from their LA store and hired Erica and Carrie. Khloe says part of the reason her and Kourtney came out to Miami was because they were single. The sisters rented a Jaguar and Porsche. Kourtney got a white Diamond Jaguar and Khloe and got a Cayenne Porsche.
They were four days away until the store opened and they still had to get business licenses, decorate the store, and get the computer system for the store. The sisters are planned to throw a huge party for the opening of the store. Khloe got her own radio show on Y100 in Miami and was stressed with the opening of the new D-A-S-H store and the new job. Khloe met up with Terrence (her co-host) and Michael Yo (Producer, "Khloe After Dark") to talk about the promotion of the show. Michael told Khloe not to curse on the air and he showed them around the studio while they talked about preparing for the show.
Khloe, Lily, and Kourtney picked up Kim from the airport and Khloe and Kim had an argument about the store in the Limo. Kourtney and Khloe set up a meeting with Kim and Jonathan & Simon who own Command PR (one of the biggest PR firms in the country) to discuss a promotion strategy to get ton of press at their dash store opening party. Kim and Khloe fought again at the meeting and this time it made Carrie feel uncomfortable.
Two days before the stores opening and Kim and Khloe were still not talking. It was also the the first night of Khloe's radio show Michael Yo got Bonnie Linda (sex toy expert) to be her first guest. Khloe said Terrence helped her a lot and it was a lot of fun. She was so happy how her first show went a felt that she is really meant for the radio business. Khloe and Terrence when and a celebrated that night and ended up kissing.
The next morning Khloe woke up drunk with hangover. Khloe told Kourtney that her and Terrence kissed and she feels bad about it because she is his boss.
Kourtney got a call from Jonathan saying that Kim is packing and leaving Miami. Kourtney goes to talk to Kim to see why Kim in leaving. Khloe calls Kourtney when she is with Kim and tells her that the new store has been vandalized.
At the store Khloe apologized to Kim for saying that she doesn't help them, and Kim apologized to Khloe for not asking her about her new radio show. Kim helped clean-up at the store by painting over the graffiti.
Kourtney met up with Terrence and they put the kiss behind them. Khloe told the story of her and Terrence kissing on the radio and the fans called in and talked about the kiss.
The sisters went to the Clevelander South Beach and were met with lots of press for their store opening party. The sisters had interview after interview after interview and took picture after picture. There were hundreds of people outside the opening of their store. Kourtney said the opening was a huge success.