Kraft Music Hall - Season 11

NBC (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Don Ho / Everly Brothers / Pat Henry
    --Don Ho --The Everly Brothers --Pat Henry
  • Don Ho / Peter Nero / Minnie Pearl
    --Don Ho - "Hawaiian Wedding Song," "Didn't We?" and "Turn Around, Look at Me" --Don Ho and Peter Nero - "One Note Samba" and "Here's That Rainy Day" --Peter Nero - "It Was a Very Good Year" --Robin Wilson - "A House Is Not a Home" --Don Ho and Robin Wilson - "I'll Remember You" and "Born Free" --Angel Pablo - "The Impossible Dream" --Don Ho and the Elsner Sisters - "Night Life" Comedy: --Minnie Pearl (comedian) - pokes fun at tourists' clothesmoreless
  • Don Ho / Rod McKuen / Pat Cooper
    --Don Ho (host) --Rod McKuen --Pat Cooper (comedian)
  • Don Ho / Bobby Goldsboro / Stiller & Meara
    First of four shows from Hawaii: --Don Ho (host) - "Tiny Bubbles," "Gentle on My Mind" and "My Way" --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) - do a Hawaiian version of "Jonah and the Whale" --Bobby Goldsboro - "Little Green Apples" & "I'm a Drifter" --Don Ho and Bobby Goldsboro - "Country Boy" --Robin Wilson - "Soon It's Gonna Rain" --Don Ho and Robin Wilson - "What Now My Love?" --Angel Pablo - "Granada" --Don Ho, Toby Alyn and the Eisner Sisters - "Good Times"moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Victor Borge / David Berglas
    --Sandler & Young (co-hosts, hosting their last show of the Summer) - "All I Need Is a Girl, "Going Home," "Mr. Boom-Boom" --Sandler & Young - medley: "Cotton Fields," "Home on the Range," "Diie" and "Old Folks at Home" --Victor Borge (comedian - musician) - Themes from Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor --David Berglas (magician) --Judy Carne (series regular - Summer 1969) - "I Think It's Going to Rain Today" (with dancers)moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Cyd Charisse / Dave King
    --Sandler & Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - "Scarborough Fair," "Both Sides Now" & "Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye" --Cyd Charisse (dancer) - "Chicago" --Cyd Charisse - "Change Partners" (with dancers) --Dave King (British musical-comedy performer) - "Canadian Sunset" (with Sandler & Young) --Judy Carne - "Over the Rainbow"
  • Sandler & Young / Barbara Feldon / Judy Carne
    --Sandler & Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - Italian-American medley: "76 Trombones," "Wagon Wheels," "Ave Maria," "Funiculi, Funicula," "Arrivederci, Roma," "Moonlight and Roses" and "O Sole Mio" --Barbara Feldon - "Goldfinger" (with dancers) --Sandler & Young with Judy Carne - clothes medley: "High-Heeled Sneakers," "Second-Hand Rose," "Buttons and Bows" & "Scarlet Ribbons" --All (entire cast) - "Bill Bailey" --Norman Wisdom (impressionist) - appears as a man watching a fire truck and a boxer in training.moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Terry-Thomas / Kaye Ballard
    --Tony Sandler & Ralph Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - Beatles medley ("Hey Jude," "Eleanor Rigby," "Michelle" & "And I Love Her") --Sandler & Young - "What the World Needs Now" and "S'ponsing" --Kaye Ballard with Sandler & Young - "Brazilian Love Song" --Kaye Ballard - "I Don't Want to Know" --Judy Carne with Sandler & Young - "Nola" --Judy Carne - "Ring-Around-the-Rosy Rag" (with dancers) Comedy: --Terry-Thomas (actor, comedian) - does a stand-up monologue regarding folk singing --Terry-Thomas and Kay Ballard - comedy sketch about psychiatry. --"Blackout" sketches on doctors.moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Carol Lawrence / Kaye Ballard
    --Sandler & Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - "My Favorite Things," "Trains and Boats and Things" & "If We Only Have Love" --Carol Lawrence (with dancers) - "Mad About the Boy," "The Man that Got Away" & "There Are Hundreds and Thousands of Men in the World" --Kaye Ballard - "Sonny"
  • Sandler & Young / Lena Horne / Kaye Ballard
    --Sandler & Young (Summer 1969 hosts) --Lena Horne --Kaye Ballard --Norman Wisdom
  • Don Ho / Carol Lawrence / Bill Dana
    From Hawaii (first of 5 shows hosted by Don Ho): Music: --Don Ho - "Welcome to My World" and "Born Free" --Don Ho with native Hawaiian children - "Feelin' Groovy" and "Hey, Jude" --Don Ho and Carol Lawrence - "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" --Carol Lawrence - "Both Sides Now" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy"/"You're A Grand Old Flag" medley. --Robin Wilson - "For Once In My Life" --Angel Pablo - "Impossible Dream" Comedy: --Bill Danamoreless
  • Sandler & Young / Sid Caesar / Judy Carne
    --Sandler & Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - "Bye-Bye Blackbird," "Pretty Things Come in Twos," "Dick-a-Dum-Dum" and "Il Nostro Concerto" --Judy Carne - "My Old Desk" --Norman Wisdom and Tony Sandler - "Irish Eyes" --dancers - "Le Danseur" Comedy: --Sid Caesar plays a young man on his first date. --blackouts on insurance Finale: --Life in Italymoreless
  • Sandler & Young / Frank Gorshin / Judy Carne
    Tony Sandler & Ralph Young (Summer 1969 co-hosts) --Sandler & Young - "Together," "Edelweiss," "Down by the Old Mill Stream," "The Whiffenpoff Song," "I Believe" & "Ave Maria" --Frank Gorshin (impressionist) --Judy Carne (from "Laugh-In") --Judy Carne, Sandler & Young - "Feelin' Groovy" --Norman Wisdom (British musical-comedy star) - "Walking Happy" (with dancers)moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Sid Caesar / Norman Wisdom
    --Tony Sandler & Ralph Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - "Dominique," "Side by Side," "One of Those Songs," "Donegal," "Danny Boy" and "Impossible Dream" --Norman Wisdom - sings "Look to the Rainbow" --Judy Carne (with dancers) - "Harrigan" Comedy: --A sketch with Sid Caesar (as an Irish poet), Norman Wisdom (as a leprechaun) and Judy as a barmaid. Sandler and Young narrate the story. --Norman Wisdom plays an orchestra leader.moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Ella Fitzgerald / Norman Wisdom
    Taped in London: --Sandler & Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - "Smile" & "La Fiacre" --Ella Fitzgerald - "That Old Black Magic" & "This Girl's in Love with You" --Judy Carne - "Punky's Dilemma" --Norman Wisdom - "The Joker" --Norman Wisdom, with Sandler & Young - "Watch What Happens" Finale: A Tribute to the Circus with Carne performing with a trained bear and Young; Wisdom and Young as dog trainers.moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Nancy Ames / Norman Wisdom
    Second show from London: --Sandler & Young (hosts for Summer 1969) - "Dominique," "Put on a Happy Face," "The Yodeling Song," "My Funny Valentine" & "Elegy" --Nancy Ames - "Green Dolphin Street" --Norman Wisdom - "Mademoiselle de Paris" --Norman Wisdom with Sandler & Young - "Try a Little Tenderness" --Judy Carne - "I Will" & "One, Two, Three" --All (entire cast) - "When the World Was Young"moreless
  • Sandler & Young / Judy Carne / Lena Horne
    From London: --Sandler & Young (Summer 1969 hosts) - "Dominique," "Malaguena" & "It's All Right with Me" --Lena Horne - "Cycles" & "People Gotta Be Free" --Lena Horne with Sandler & Young - "Pass Me By" --Terry-Thomas (comedian) - appears in a sketch with Judy Carne about English speaking tourists in Spain. --Judy Carne (Summer 1969 series regular) - spoofs Spanish dancing (as part of a tribute to Spain)moreless
  • Peter Cook & Dudley Moore / Donovan
    From London: --Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (co-hosts) comedy team, appear in several sketches --Donovan - sings "Land of the Reedy River" and "The Sun Is a Very Magic Fellow" --Dudley Moore's Jazz Trio and the Jack Parnell orchestra - perform the theme from "Bedazzled"
  • Peter Cook & Dudley Moore / Anne Bancroft / Mel Torme
    From London: --Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (co-hosts) comedy team, appear in several sketches --Anne Bancroft - "Limehouse Blues" (with dancers) --Anne Bancroft with Dudley Moore (on harpsichord) - "Scarborough Fair" --Mel Torme - "Hooray for Love," "Hi Lili, Hi Lo" and "Little Green Apples"
  • Johnny Cash...On The Road
    Johnny Cash (host) - "Folsom Prison Blues," "Rock Island Line," "Wreck of the Old 97" "I Still Miss Her So" and "Water Into Wine" --The Statler Brothers - "Flowers on the Wall" --Carl Perkins - "Restless" --Paul Lynde (comedian) --Don Ho - "Tiny Bubbles," "The Sands of Waikiki" and "Pearly Shells" --Kate Smith - "If Ever I Would Leave You" --Browning Bryant (11-year-old singer) - "Dawn Holds Another Day" --The Tennessee Three (from Cash's traveling show)moreless
  • Ladies' Night
    Ladies' Night
    Episode 21
    --Mike Douglas (host) - "Try a Little Tenderness" & "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" --Lena Horne - "Hello, Young Lovers" & "Softly, As I Leave You" --Mike Douglas and Lena Horne - sing a medley of Horne's hits --Jeannie C. Riley - "There Never Was a Time" --Totie Fields (comedian) - plays a businesswoman with a male secretary (played by Mike Douglas) --Barbara Jo Rubin (female jockey) - the first woman to win the Aqueduct Race Course in New York --Debi Faubion (Junior Miss 1969)moreless
  • Broadway's Best - 1969
    "Broadway's Best - 1969" with songs from seven Broadway musicals --Henry Fonda (host) --Herschel Bernardi - "If I Were a Rich Man" (from "Fiddler on the Roof") --Joel Grey - "Wilkommen" (from "Cabaret") --Joel Grey (with singers and dancers) - "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "You're A Grand Old Flag" and "Mary" (songs from "George M!") --Richard Kiley - "Man of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)" & "The Impossible Dream" (songs from "Man of La Mancha") --Jane Morgan - "If He Walked Into My Life" (from "Mame") --Lynn Kellogg - "Where Did I Go?" & "Walking In Space" (songs from "Hair") --John Cunningham and Herschel Bernardi - "I Am Free" (from "Zorba") --Marian Mercer (from "Promises, Promises") appears in sketches.moreless
  • Wayne, Women, and Song
    --Wayne Newton --Judy Carne --Lucie Arnaz --Browning Bryant --Going Thing
  • A Night Out With The Boys
    "A Night Out With the Boys" --Robert Goulet --Phil Silvers --The Lettermen --George Lindsey --Edward Villella
  • Jimmy Durante and Don Knotts Do Their Thing....Also!
    --Jimmy Durante (co-host) - sings "This Is All I Ask" --Don Knotts (co-host) --Jane Powell sings "Cycles" --Jimmy Durante plays the piano in a segment with Jane Powell. --Baja Marimba Band - "A Taste of Honey," "Brazillia," "Flying High," "Inka Dinka Do" and "Spanish Eyes" --Jimmy Durante and Don Knotts - "Dear World"

    Comedy: --Jane Powell plays a contestant on a match-making show. --Don Knotts plays (1) a TV weatherman trying to ad-lib while he awaits the forecast from the weather bureau (2) a nervous speechmaker at a medical convention.moreless

  • Don Adams and Don Rickles Are Alive and Well and Living In California
    Show satirizing life in California --Don Adams and Don Rickles (co-hosts) --Kaye Ballard --Joseph Cotten - narrates a satirical documentary of Hollywood with Adams, Rickles and Ballard reenacting scenes from famous movies.

    Also: --The Beach Boys perform "California Girls" and "I Can Hear Music"

  • What It Was, Was Love
    "What It Was, Was Love" - Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme sing love songs written by Gordon Jenkins. Jenkins appears as conductor. Songs: "Boys and Girls," "What You Say," "I Have a Secret Place of My Own," "Where You Are," "There Goes the Bride," "To Be in Love" and "Room with a View," "What It Was, Was Love," "A Man," Which Way Is Yesterday" and "Old Man"moreless
  • Eddy Arnold Down Home
    --Eddy Arnold --The Cowsills --Polly Bergen --Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang --Browning Bryant
  • The Sound of The Sixties
    "Sound of the Sixties" --Bobby Darin (host) - "Let The Good Times Roll" (opening song) --Bobby Darin also performs a medley that begins with "Splish, Splash" --Stevie Wonder - "For Once in My Life" and "I Don't Know Why I Love You" --Stevie Wonder and Bobby Darin - "If I Were A Carpenter" --Judy Collins - "Both Sides Now" and "Someday Soon" --Judy Collins and Bobby Darin - "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (a Bob Dylan song) --Laura Nyro - "He's A Runner" and "Save the Country" --Buddy Rich and his orchestra - "West Side Story" medley --Following the "West Side Story" medley, there's a short segment with Buddy Rich and Bobby Darin. Bobby starts dancing while Buddy plays some rifts on the drums. They then trade places with Bobby taking over the drums and Buddy dancing.moreless
  • Jack Jones / Debbie Reynolds / Johnny Cash
    --Jack Jones --Debbie Reynolds --Johnny Cash --Godfrey Cambridge
  • The Nancy Sinatra Show
    --Nancy Sinatra --Don Ho --Rod McKuen --Sandler & Young --Pat Henry
  • The Eddy Arnold Christmas Show
    Christmas Show --Eddy Arnold --Burl Ives --Terry-Thomas --Lynn Kellogg --By George Singers
  • Alan King's Wonderful World of Aggravation
    "Alan King's Wonderful World of Aggravation" --Alan King (host) --Angie Dickinson --Paul Lynde --David Frye (impressionist, imitates leading politicians) --Gunilla Knutson (blonde actress known for her Noxzema Shaving Cream commercials)

    Sketches include: --A gung-ho scoutmaster berates a father whose boy scout son has a poor attendance record. --A husband is annoyed by his wife's blind obedience to the whims of her interior decorator. --At a restaurant, a couple is distracted by a businessman partying with a showgirl at the next table.moreless

  • 2nd Annual Country Music Association Awards
    Country Music Association Awards (taped at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tenn.): Performers: --Roy Rogers & Dale Evans (co-hosts) - medley --Glen Campbell - "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" --Johnny Cash - "Folsom Prison Blues" --Bobby Goldsboro - "Honey" --Jeannie C. Riley - "Harper Valley P.T.A." --Tammy Wynette - "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" Other guests / presenters: --Roy Acuff --Chet Atkins --Pat Boone (offers a tribute to his late father-in-law Red Foley) --Dick Clark --Jimmy Dean --Roger Miller --Tex Ritter --Mickey Lolich (pitcher of the Detroit Tigers & hero of the World Series)moreless
  • Comedy 2001 - Give Or Take A Few Weeks
    "Comedy 2001 - Give Or Take A Few Weeks" --Steve Allen --Julie Harris --Shelley Berman --Bill Dana --Lynn Kellogg
  • The Friars Club Roasts Johnny Carson
    Friars Club roasts Johnny Carson --Alan King (as the "Roastmaster") Other guests: --Groucho Marx --Ed Sullivan --Steve Allen --Flip Wilson --Dick Cavett --Ed McMahon --John V. Lindsay (mayor of New York City)
  • Kraft Presents Eddy Arnold
    --Eddy Arnold - "This Land Is Your Land" (with chorus and dancers) --Eddy Arnold - "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" and "Up Above My Head" --Eddy Arnold and Al Hirt - "Back to Nashville, Tennessee" --Al Hirt - "Tenderly" and "You Made Me Love You" --Jimmie Rodgers - "The Lovers" --Jimmie Rodgers and Eddy Arnold - "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," "It's Over" and "Honeycomb" --Eddy Arnold and Dana Valery - "Hole in My Bucket" --Dana Valery - "I'm Gonna Go Fishin'" and "Cry Me A River" --Pat Henry (comedian, does a stand-up monologue)moreless
  • Alan King At The Movies
    --Alan King --Janet Leigh --Paul Lynde --Will Jordan
  • Kraft Presents Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
    --Roy Rogers & Dale Evans --Sons of the Pioneers --Stiller & Meara --Kate Smith --Bobby Van
  • Don Rickles' Brooklyn
    "Don Rickles' Brooklyn" --Don Rickles --Joan Rivers --Steve Lawrence --Robert Merrill --Roy Campanella
  • The Kraft Premier Show
    --Eddy Arnold (co-host) --Don Rickles (co-host) --Alan King (co-host) --Bobbie Gentry --Rocky Graziano --Joe Louis --Sugar Ray Robinson