Kraft Suspense Theatre - Season 1

NBC (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • The Case Against Paul Ryker (1)
    This story chronicles the court martial of a Korean War sergeant accused of treason. He is found guilty and sentenced to die, but his wife refuses to accept that her husband is a traitor and so persuades a prosecuting attorney to reopen the case and investigate further.
  • The Case Against Paul Ryker (2)
    Conclusion to the saga of Corporal Ryker.
  • The End of the World, Baby
    An artist romances both a mother and her daughter. Things get complicated when the mother wants to divorce her husband to marry the artist. The daughter acts to protect her father and ends up in trouble.
  • A Hero for Our Times
    Business executive Mace Ethridge is reluctant to admit that he witnessed a murder - even after an innocent man is charged with the crime.
  • Are There Any More Out There Like You?

    Four inebriated teenagers out joyriding accidentally kill a pedestrian with their car. The rich father of one of the kids tries to get them off the hook to save the family's name, but the students aren't cooperating.  None of the group will say who was actually driving.

  • One Step Down
    One Step Down
    Episode 6

    Wealthy Harriet Whitney battles alcoholism while her womanizing husband George Whitney prepares for a rendezvous with Janet, the wife of her doctor. Everyone's lives become entangled in a web of anguish as George Whitney is found dead by Janet before anything happened between them. When George's death becomes a matter of police and public records, Harriet hires a P.I. to find the woman in the motel room with her husband before his death. Blackmailing is not beneath the motel manager Fargis after he recognizes Janet at the funeral.

  • The Machine That Played God
    After her husband dies from a car accident while she was driving, her mother-in-law threatens to take away her son, citing she is unfit as a mother and responsible for her husband's death.
  • The Long, Lost Life of Edward Smalley

    Wielding a gun, Edward Smalley invades the office of attorney J. Marvin Bean. The attorney has no idea what this is all about until forced to remember an incident in World War II when Smalley had been accused of treason, and Bean was his court-appointed military attorney. The trial was cancelled before Smalley was given a chance to exonerate himself.

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt
    Episode 9
    Rick Peterson's car breaks down in a rural county as the sheriff and his posse are on a manhunt. Outraged by the sheriff's obvious joy in gunning down the escaped prisoner, Rick learns inmates regularly escape which allow the sadistic lawman to satisfy his bloodlust. Making the mistake of voicing his disgust, the out-of-towner finds himself the object of the next hunt.moreless
  • The Name of the Game
    In a plot to break the bank in Las Vegas, wealthy oilman Ed Caldwell offers to finance gambler Pete Braven for $10 million.
  • The Deep End
    The Deep End
    Episode 11
    A woman hires a detective to investigate the death of her sister by drowning, which was ruled an accident but she believes foul play was at work.
  • A Truce to Terror
    A Truce to Terror
    Episode 12

    David Buchanan and Carlos Portay literally bump into each other on the street one night after having too much to drink. A minor argument ensues, causing Buchanan to strike his head on a fire hydrant. A woman screams for the police and the story is reported as a mugging. The police don't find Carlos, so Buchanan goes looking. During his search he causes Carlos's daughter to run into the path of an on coming truck. Now, Carlos grabs a gun and starts hunting for Buchanan.

  • Who Is Jennifer?
    Who Is Jennifer?
    Episode 13

    Detective Sam Manners has narrowed the answer down to two choices: Jennifer had been murdered by her mother, Charlotte Heaton, a few years earlier when she disappeared or an orphaned burglary suspect, Judy Harper, is actually the missing Jennifer.

  • Leviathan Five
    Leviathan Five
    Episode 14
    After an underground explosion in an experimental lab, the five scientists that are trapped must choose one of themselves to die, there is only enough oxygen left for four.
  • My Enemy, This Town
    My Enemy, This Town
    Episode 15
    Johnny returns to his hometown after his release from prison. He has a score to settle with the woman who framed him for assault.
  • The Action of the Tiger
    Imprisoned in Nazi-occupied France, an American pilot is the only POW who has a good chance of escaping with some vital information.
  • Doesn't Anyone Know Who I Am?
    The domineering wife of a businessman sends him off on a business trip. While on the trip he is slugged by a thief and left with amnesia.
  • The Threatening Eye
    The Threatening Eye
    Episode 18
    A beautiful young office worker unaccountably tries to attract an ordinary fellow who's already married.
  • A Cause of Anger
    A Cause of Anger
    Episode 19
    A wealthy man's mentally disturbed son is kidnapped from the detective hired to take his son to an out-of-town clinic.
  • Knight's Gambit
    Knight's Gambit
    Episode 20
    A crooked politician is blackmailed by his mistress and her playboy boyfriend in an attempt to extort money from his wife.
  • Once Upon a Savage Night

    Amazing thriller as the chase is on after a Swedish freighter loses one of its crew just before docking who is carrying a time bomb set to go off in a matter of hours.

  • Portrait of an Unknown Man
    A hermit who lives quietly outside of a mining town elicits fear from the locals when he refuses their offers to get to known one another.
  • Their Own Executioners
    A lawyer defending his client accused of murder seems more intent on his own release of death then his client. The accused sees death as the only way out for himself.
  • The Sweet Taste of Vengeance
    A divorcee who skips the country and heads to Brazil, her ex-husband would normally be happy to see the back of her; unfortunately she took $2 million of his money before leaving. Private eye Forsythe is hired to bring her back. And just to keep Forsythe honest, a second private eye is engaged to bring him back.moreless
  • Charlie, He Couldn't Kill a Fly
    Charlie Kling is just an innocent nobody charged with murder on circumstantial evidence. But the murder charge makes Charlie a somebody in the eyes of his neighbors, so he confesses to the crime.
  • The Watchman
    The Watchman
    Episode 26

    American writer Jack Fleming, having trouble with his craft, returns to Europe where he fought during the war. He visits old friend Roman Castillo who, nearing the end of his life, is now married to the woman he once loved. Roman asks his friend to write his biography, including the noble parts (like fighting against fascism in Spain), but leaving out his darker side. Fleming's refusal to paint a false picture of his friend's life results in a tragic and unexpectedly twist.

  • The Robrioz Ring
    The Robrioz Ring
    Episode 27
    A spinster finds love only to learn that she is the object of a murder scheme for her money.
  • A Cruel and Unusual Night
    An escaped convict sets out on a path of revenge. He's after the judge who sentenced him to death row.