Kraft Television Theatre

NBC (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Season 11
    • Presumption of Innocence
      In the series' final episode, a lawyer defends a man who admits to writing ransom notes but denies that he killed the child he's accused of kidnapping.
    • Riddle of a Lady
      Riddle of a Lady
      Episode 49
      A suave, seemingly proper British lawyer hires a shady lawyer to get him off the hook when he's chared with the murder of a disreputable woman.
    • A Cup of Kindness
      A Cup of Kindness
      Episode 48
      Ernie Bates takes over his elderly father's hardware store with his new wife attending to the old man and a batty aunt who lives upsatirs. When the bride's father-in-law catches her in an intimate kiss with another man, she decides he has to go. She breaks out the rat poison.
    • Trick or Treat
      Trick or Treat
      Episode 47
      Mike Monroe has problems in his love life. In his effort to climb the business ladder, he's neglected his wife. And despite having an affair with his secretary, he won't ask for a divorce.
    • Back Track
      Back Track
      Episode 46
      An ambitious politician who wants to run for Governor, is determined that nothing shall stand in the way of his nomination. When his wife says she's going to leave him, he warns her that she had better stay at his side until after the political campaign. Arriving home for dinner one evening, he finds his wife struggling with an intruder and he himself is struck on the head. When he regains consciousness, his wife has been murdered.moreless
    • Web of Guilt
      Web of Guilt
      Episode 45
      Locals don't like a loud-mouthed ex-football player they believe married his wife for her money. When her body washes up on a deserted beach, he is arrested and charged with murder. He insists he's innocent yet refuses to hire a competent lawyer.
    • We Haven't Seen Her Lately
      Aunt Violet, who was afraid of a greedy heir, disappears shortly after hiring a new gardener. Relatives and neighbors suspect foul play, so her niece Helen searches throughout the English countryside for the old dowager.
    • Night Cry
      Night Cry
      Episode 43
      A tough hardworking police officer, passed over for promotion, is assigned to a homicide case by his newly appointed superior. Though cautioned against using brutal methods, the officer shakes off his partner on the case and pays a visit to the suspect alone.
    • Death for Sale
      Death for Sale
      Episode 42
      A rich publisher is regretting his hasty marriage to a woman with a roving eye. He encounters a writer whose job is to get rid of unwanted business rivals--or spouses. He hires the assassin to kill his wife, but changes his mind at the last minute.
    • Death Wears Many Faces
      Two young men hitchhiking their way back to college get caught in a nasty storm while passing through a small town. The boys become victims of circumstannce when they take shelter for the night in farmer Ferguson's barn. The next day they hear on the radio that farmer's daughter has been murdered and police are looking for two suspects that fit their description. A local mob forms to take the law into its own hands.moreless
    • Focus on Murder
      Focus on Murder
      Episode 40
      When a Pulitizer Prize-winning reporter from a big city newspaper is murdered, a fellow journalist begins investigating. He discovers the dead man was a blackmailer and comes up with several suspects who would have liked to see him dead.
    • The Man Who Didn't Fly
      Three men charter a private flight and fly to Liverpool for business. The plane crashes, killing the two passengers and the pilot. Noticing that the third passenger never boarded, police believe he was planning on using the crash to fake his death.
    • Cop Killer
      Cop Killer
      Episode 38
      A policeman is killed in the line of duty, reportedly while breaking up a craps game. The precinct captain wants to charge the first suspect they encounter, but an inspector is determined to conduct a complete investigation. That's when they learn the slain officer was a rogue cop.
    • Next Door to Death
      Next Door to Death
      Episode 37
      There are plenty of suspects as a teenager solves a murder whodunit. The girl, who wants to be a writer, visits her playboy uncle on the French Riviera and starts asking questions about a seven-year-old killing. The suspects include a perky butler and a scheming cop.
    • The Eighty Seventh Precinct
      A widow repeatedly phones the police to report that an intruder is breaking into her home. The sergeant on duty continues to dismiss her complaints; later she is found murdered.
    • Now Will You Try for Murder?
      Set behind the scenes of a television game show, a hugely successful contestant is found murdered. It just happens to be the day he was scheduled to try for the $160,000 jackpot.
    • Killer's Choice
      Killer's Choice
      Episode 34
      Tracing the killer of Annie Boone, two detectives question her family and acquaintances in an attempt to learn what kind of person the victim was. They are given drastically conflicting descriptions of Annie. Her mother calls her dumb, her husband says she was brilliant. One man describes her as wild and tempestuous, another as shy and retiring.moreless
    • The Last of the Belles
      Despite being courted by four World War I Army officers, a lovely southern belle can not decide who or what she wants. Love eventually does develop between the young woman and an officer who's stationed there in Georgia.
    • A Boy Called Ciske
      A Boy Called Ciske
      Episode 32
      Growing up in a home with a drunken mother and lazy father, it's no surprise that a young boy is unruly and sullen. He finds understanding from a caring teacher and a handicapped fellow student.
    • All the King's Men (Part 2)
      Willie Stark's power continues to rise as he runs for the U.S. Senate. The politician becomes fearless, so much so that he doesn't hesitate to brige an impeachment-minded legislature. His destruction is inevitable. Second of two parts.
    • All the King's Men (Part 1)
      Obscure, bumbling country lawyer William Stark eventually rises to occupy the governor's office in a Southern state. Now a powerful politician, he hires a newspaperman, Jack Burden, to protect him against his political enemies. First of two parts.
    • The Outcasts of Poker Flat
      A group of ne'er-do-wells from a mining town end up trapped with a nice young couple during a raging blizzard. Surprisingly, even troublemakers can sometimes have a heart of gold.
    • Fifty Grand
      Fifty Grand
      Episode 28
      An aging boxer who knows he's hit the end of his career is talked into the ring for a farewell fight. Big money from racketeers lures him back, but there's one string attached: they expect him to throw the match.
    • Angry Harvest
      Angry Harvest
      Episode 27
      Two men, Hermann Field and Stanislaw Mierzanski, are held by the Communists for five years in a Warsaw prison. The pair never went to trial or learned what the so-called "crimes" were that they supposedly committed. They spent that time writing a book about their experiences, which are dramatized in this episode.moreless
    • Three Plays by Tennessee Williams
      This episode presents three one-act plays written by Tennessee Williams: #1/This Property Is Condemned-- A young man meets a teen-aged girl in a long party dress while walking the railroad tracks. He learns that Willie's parents are dead and she lives in a shack that's posted as being condemned; #2/The Last of My Solid Gold Watches-- Traveling salesman Charlie Cotton visits a small Southern town and is surprised that most of his old friends are now dead; #3/Moony's Kid Don't Cry--Leaving his life as a lumberjack, Moony comes to the city, marries a woman from a dance hall, and becomes a father. Mooney misses the outdoors and tries to convince his wife to move to the woods.moreless
    • The Man in Authority
      This whodunit full of plot twists centers on a Scotland Yard inspector who's assigned the jobe of investigating his own crime. Having killed his daughter's fiance, his digging leads him into international danger.
    • Angry Angel
      Angry Angel
      Episode 24
      An emotionally disturbed young girl attends a school designed to turn troubled teens into solid citizens. She finds herself in a battle with grownups she feels are against her.
    • Look What's Going On
      Bribery and corruption of public officials come into play in this story of underhanded building contractors. A corrupt inspector comes up against one honest contractor.
    • The Sea Is Boiling Hot
      In this two-man drama, an American soldier bails out of his plane and lands on a tiny Pacific island. Stationed there is one Japanese soldier who possesses a knife, the only weapon on the island so he holds the power. With a language barrier and deep suspicion of the other, the bitter enemies attempt to survive.moreless
    • Dog in a Bus Tunnel
      A shy girl who lost her immigrant parents is staken in by a stranger, Joe, and nursed back to health. She lost her ability to speak in a concentration camp; Joe helps her to regain her words.
    • The Woman at High Hollow
      A nagging wife accuses her shiftless husband of having married her for her money and threatens to kill him. The husband disappears, an unidentifiable body is found, and she's convicted of murder and executed. Several months later, the husband reappears.
    • Material Witness
      Material Witness
      Episode 19
      Berle plays an average citizen who happened to witness a murder. His family then faces intimidation from the killer.
    • The Spell of the Tigress
      A beautiful woman, staying at an inn, plots the murder of the wife of the man she is in love with. A young girl, also a guest, learns of her plan, but is so fascinated with the older woman that she keeps the deadly secret.
    • Run, Joe, Run
      Run, Joe, Run
      Episode 17
      After confessing to the police his role in a narcotics gang, Joe flees from the wrath of the mob. He finally comes to a small town where he is convinced the gang will never find him. But after checking into the town's one hotel, he receives a phone call from the gang and realizes there is no hiding place. Joe goes to an all-night diner in an attempt to keep watch for the killers.moreless
    • Eddie
      Episode 16
      A well-liked policeman dreams that he will have a shoot-out with a criminal on a specific day. While walking his beat on that night, he encounters the thug of his dreams.
    • Code of the Corner
      Code of the Corner
      Episode 15
      A respectable businessman is forced back into to a life of criminal activity, something he thought he'd long since left behind.
    • The Velvet Trap
      The Velvet Trap
      Episode 14
      A high level government appointee is suspected of espionage in this story of congressional committee and spying.
    • The Battle for Wednesday Night
      The networks' battle for ratings causes headaches for TV star Bill Brogan. For seven seasons, his variety hour has been a success. Now's he's getting competition from a new young singer airing opposite him on another network. He's forced to jump into publicity fray to keep the upstart from stealing his audience.moreless
    • The Other Wise Man
      The Other Wise Man
      Episode 12
      This is the story Ariaban, a fourth priest who also saw the star over Bethlehem. He sold all of his belongings to buy gifts for the Christ, but was detained from joining the other wise men because he wanted to care for a dying man. After years of searching, he finally finds his King--dying on the cross.moreless
    • Polka
      Episode 11
      The Polish-American father of three daughters takes great pride in entering the annual polka contest each year with one of the girls. Last year, when his oldest daughter married, the second daughter Theckla danced and won the contest with Papa. But this year Theckla is in love, and she refuses to put on the old-country costume and dance.moreless
    • Heroes Walk on Sand
      Sometimes heroes happen by accident. In an Iron Curtain country, a non-political engineer accidental falls into a gutter during a rally. This unplanned mistake leads to him being declared a hero by the underground.
    • Come to Me
      Come to Me
      Episode 9
      An emotionally unstable young man brings heartache into the lives of two sisters; one is a dress shop owner and the other a singer.
    • The Sound of Trouble
      A traveling family of country music performers, the Singing Canfields, face a crisis. Daughter Marietta has fallen for a farm boy and wants to settle down and get married. Papa Canfield will not stand for this; not only will he lose his best singer, but also his guitarist. Musician Troy, sure Marietta would one day marry him, decides to take action with his gun.moreless
    • The Big Heist
      The Big Heist
      Episode 7
      Effie's the owner of a dive diner who constantly reminisces about her late, great husband Rocco: a gangster sentenced to the chair. Danny's a small-time pickpocket from the old days she's kept on as cook. He's madly in love with Effie and wants to impress her by doing something big. Danny picks the keys off a dining bank truck guard so he can heist the vehicle and its loot once its filled with cash.moreless
    • The Category Is Murder
      The two contestants on The Million Dollar Quiz are placed in their isolation booths, ready to compete for $120,000. As the host prepares to ask the big-money question (about murder), he falls over dead, poisoned during the show.
    • Gun at a Fair One
      A modern day Romeo and Juliet story of teen love is set against a background of gang violence.
    • Man in a Trance
      Man in a Trance
      Episode 4
      In this unusual episode, hypnotism is shown to be used for both good and evil.
      Also, Dr. Lewis R. Wolbert, professor of psychiatry at the New York Medical College, will demonstrate the process of comedian Bert Lahr.
    • A Cook for Mr. General
      As a chef, he's a whiz in the kitchen. As a soldier, he's undiciplined and is constantly getting into trouble. In this comedy, the GI's shenanigans bring a gruff general down with him.
    • Smart Boy
      Smart Boy
      Episode 2
      A jobless combat veteran who desires some publicity stages a phony hold-up. Instead of a gun, he uses a pencil and then turns himself into police. For his effort, he's offered a job by his unharmed victim.
    • Barefoot Soldier
      Barefoot Soldier
      Episode 1
      In the season opener, a Confederate soldier is injured in his escape from a Union prison. He finds refuge in a nearby farmhouse and proceeds to fall in love with a young Yankee woman.
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