Kraft Television Theatre - Season 10

NBC (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Vengeance
    Episode 53
    In this story of mob violence, a hobo is arrested as a suspect in a murder. The man confesses to robbing the woman's corpse, but says he's innocent of the killing. Nevertheless, a mob forms and decides to lynch the prisoner.
  • The Killer Instinct
    The Killer Instinct
    Episode 52
    A young veteran becomes a hero when he shoots down an armed robber. He later learns that the criminal was known for using only blank cartridges in his gun. The ex-solider is now worried that perhaps he possesses an evil desire to kill that has carried over into his civilian life.moreless
  • The Old Ticker
    The Old Ticker
    Episode 51
    This wicked satire takes on TV game shows, especially the variety that makes its contestants look foolish. A woman from the midwest travels to New York to appear on such a show, not knowing that she'll confront the husband who left her twenty years earlier. She goes nuts on national television.moreless
  • Triumph
    Episode 50
    A publisher is frightened at the prospect of losing his vision and perhaps his business. To prepare himself, he devises methods to move around his office and gets used to listening to information rather than reading it.
  • Sing a Song
    Sing a Song
    Episode 49
    A singing star visits New York and is surprised to encounter his teenaged daughter who he hasn't seen since she was a baby. Despite the efforts of the manager to prevent any father-daughter bonding, the entertainer starts to want the closeness that comes from family and children.
  • Ride into Danger
    Ride into Danger
    Episode 48
    Four dangerous desperadoes are heading into a peaceful western town. The young sheriff gets no support from the merchants who fear a shoot-out will ruin the town's reputation or the locals who are simply afraid. He's left with just his gun and sense of duty to take on the deadly quartet.moreless
  • Circle of Fear
    Circle of Fear
    Episode 47
    In this thriller, a psychotic actor goes to extremes to keep his ex-girlfriend from going out with another man. When she falls in love with a new guy, the couple becomes the target of threats and violence from the berserk thespian.
  • Sextuplets
    Episode 46
    In this comedy, a hillbilly couple finds itself the center of national attention when the mother gives birth to sextuplets. The husband protects his wife and six boys from sightseers and reporters with his shotgun. Thanks to all the media attention, the mother's brother becomes a popular TV personality.
  • Success!
    Episode 45
    An executive in a corporation is forced out of his job and makes a major career change. Forced to take a less-than-glamourous position, he finds that he really likes being a shoe salesman.
  • Welcome to a Stranger
    A 15-year-old Puerto Rican boy who comes to New York to live with his sister must choose between going to school or being bullied by the neighborhood toughs trying to recruit him into their gang.
  • The Big Break
    The Big Break
    Episode 43
    An elderly actor has a chance at a career comeback in television. He has great trouble remembering his lines to the crew tries to rig up an electronic contraption to help him. A young script girl comes up with a better solution.
  • The First and the Last
    An attorney awaiting a judgeship learns that his delinquent brother has murdered in London's Soho district. Fearing the bad publicity will disrupt his appointment, the lawyer does his best to cover up the crime. When a derelict is conveniently named as the prime suspect and sentenced to hang, the murderous brother remains silent.moreless
  • The Long Flight
    The Long Flight
    Episode 41
    The Strategic Air Command is losing some of its best personnel to jobs in the private sector. One unit commander makes it his mission to convince his men to choose the Air Force as a career.
  • The Curly-Headed Kid
    A young hitchhiker is picked up in a small town on suspicion of robbery and murder. A headline-seeking columnist takes up his cause for publicity and eventually gets the kid freed. Having relished the attention, the teen decides to make another headline for himself.
  • Nothing Personal
    Nothing Personal
    Episode 39
    Kraft begins its summer series with a story of a couple whose marriage is on the rocks. The husband schemes to win her back by using unusual and desperate methods. A pair of young newlyweds come to his aid.
  • Fire and Ice
    Fire and Ice
    Episode 38
    Set in the old West, a good-hearted but irresponsible husband is finally set on the right path by a patient wife and courageous son.
  • The Roaring 20th
    The Roaring 20th
    Episode 37
    A mousy bank clerk whose hobby is collecting guppies attends his 20th anniversary college reunion. He assumes an outgoing persona for the occasion and impresses the alumni with his gregarious ways.
  • All Those Beautiful Girls
    A high fashion photographer of beautiful models has serious problems with his life and career, leading him to turn to drink. The faith of a young woman allows him to salvage both.
  • Man of Prey
    Man of Prey
    Episode 35
    It's the 1850s in the lawless Southwest and bounty hunters are on the rampage. With Mexico offering $500 cash for the scalps of Indians, Jed Heath risks his life and ranch to save the Native Americans from the band of money-crazed marauders.
  • The Glass Wall
    The Glass Wall
    Episode 34
    A mother who's been away for years recovering from a mental illness returns to find her life quite different. She comes home to a daughter who doesn't remember her and a husband who has since remarried.
  • Flesh and Blood
    Flesh and Blood
    Episode 33
    The teenage son of a deported American gangster is trying to map his future. The youth is debating on following in his father's line of work or listening to his mother and choosing a legal occupation.
  • Drummer Man
    Drummer Man
    Episode 32
    An ambitious musician is driving hard to make it to the big time. He becomes enamored with an older singer, but she turns down his advances.
  • A Night of Rain
    A Night of Rain
    Episode 31
    A young man comes into the life of a childless married couple, functioning in many ways as a son. Trouble begins when he and the wife fall in love and begin plotting the death of the clueless husband.
  • A Matter of Life
    A Matter of Life
    Episode 30
    A man visiting the United States contracts a deadly blood disease that is curable only by a rare drug; there is only one dose of the drug remaining in the world and it's being rushed to the sick man. The taxi driver who is bringing the dosage also is suffering from the same disease.moreless
  • The Medallion
    The Medallion
    Episode 29
    A European child of American foster parents is kidnapped and flown to the Russian-controlled sector of Vienna. The Communists believe that the boy is a descendant of the dead Czar Nicholas.
  • Sheriff's Man
    Sheriff's Man
    Episode 28
    Conflict develops between an old sheriff and his ambitious, young deputy as the two pursue a killer on the loose.
  • Night of the Plague
    Night of the Plague
    Episode 27
    A British pathologist conducts an autopsy on a corpse to discover the cause of death. He's shocked to discover that the unidentified man died of the bubonic plague. Scotland Yard is very interested, as well as a couple of foreign agents.
  • Collision
    Episode 26
    On a foggy night in the Atlantic Ocean, two passenger ships collide. In the rescue, one life is lost. During the Coast Guard investigation which follows, it turns out that Captain Sorrenson of the S.S. Wingate served under Captain Trawley of the S.S. Red Star for many years. There also appears to be some personal conflict between the two men.moreless
  • The Duel
    The Duel
    Episode 25
    The behind-the-scenes political events leading to the bitter anamosity--and gun duel--between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr are dramatized.
  • A Traveler from Brussels
    An American salesman who is about to return home from Brussels after an unsuccessful business trip is offered $10,000 to smuggle diamonds to the U.S. He agrees and promptly has the gems stolen. He then frantically goes in search of the thief.
  • Give Me the Courage
    Give Me the Courage
    Episode 23
    A successful businesswoman gives up her career to marry. She finds it impossible to make the adjustment and turns to alcohol.
  • The Man Who Couldn't Say No
    A young man couldn't say "I do". He flees his upcoming wedding to a snooty rich girl and ends up in Brussels, Belgium. That's where he becomes involved with "The Dresden Doll", a gorgeous woman who's a black marketeer.
  • The Discoverers
    The Discoverers
    Episode 21
    The life-saving work of Canadian doctors Banting and Best in developing insulin for diabetics is dramatized. In 1922, the pair are successfully injecting animals and themselves in their studies. When another doctor and a young boy who both are dying from the disease ask for injections, their discovery is put to the test.moreless
  • The Singing Idol
    The Singing Idol
    Episode 20
    A young country boy with a guitar skyrockets to the top as a rock 'n roll idol. With his religious background, he finds himself constantly at odds with his sleazy manager. This is especially evident at the funeral of the singer's grandmother. A hynm him he's supposed to sing turns into a rock'n tune.moreless
  • Most Blessed Woman
    Most Blessed Woman
    Episode 19
    A hardened mountain man is lying wounded in a cave after killing the last member of the family he's been feuding with. A lovely young mute woman comes by and nurses the grizzled outdoorsman back to health. After his recovery, he comes down from the hills to win her over, showing surprising tenderness for a man with his history.moreless
  • No Warning
    No Warning
    Episode 18
    Wanting to add to his war glory and prove the ineffectiveness of civil defense, an ex-Army sergeant forms his own group of storm troopers. They stage a make-believe "invasion" of a small town to make their point. Things turn serious when the police arrive with their real bullets.
  • Six Hours of Terror
    Six Hours of Terror
    Episode 17
    A powerful diplomat and a possible Russian spy are among the passengers on a trans-Atlantic flight thought to have a bomb aboard. As tension builds, a French detective goes about the job of determining if it's simply an empty threat and who might be behind such a deed.
  • Hang Up My Guns
    Hang Up My Guns
    Episode 16
    In the Kentucky Hills during the 1920s, legends have grown about the Coxes, the surviving family of an old mountain feud. One day, their self-imposed isolation is rudely threatened by the arrest of the son on a charge of murder.
  • The Just and the Unjust
    A young lawyer is urged by the local political boss to run for the district attorney's office. Wanting to fight for justice, he debates accepting the politician's support. Though he despises the boss' methods, he feels he can accomplish much good with the man's endorsement.
  • The Wonderful Gift
    The Wonderful Gift
    Episode 14
    A stubborn old woman woman at a residence for the elderly sacrifices much to create a good home for an abandoned child.
  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear
    Episode 13
    While being held as prisoners during the Korean War, one man betrayed several of his fellow soldiers to get better treatment from the Communists. Following the war, the traitor who's been dubbed "Teddy Bear" by the other prisoners opens a road-side diner. One day, an intense, limping man comes into the diner. He's a former prisoner whose best friend was killed because of "Teddy Bear's" actions. He has come to avenge his buddy's death.moreless
  • The Ninth Hour
    The Ninth Hour
    Episode 12
    A pair of convicts, the leader and his psychopathic follower, attempt a prison break. The two take over the isolation wing of a penitentiary and hold a couple of guards hostage. Then negotiations start with the warden and a shady politician.
  • Time Lock
    Time Lock
    Episode 11
    A young boy wanders into a bank vault with a timer that prevents it from being opened for 72 hours. The burglar-proof door is attacked by welders, construction workers, and the like trying to break in and rescue the child.
  • The Day of the Hunter
    A father takes his son on a hunting trip, hoping their two very different personalities will finally bond. Instead, matters are made worse when the father is humiliated by a pair of sadistic duck hunters.
  • Before It's Too Late
    A frantic father helps police search for his traveling wife and daughter. The child had been bitten by a rabid dog and needs medical attention immediately.
  • Shadow of Suspicion
    After being accused by a little girl of kidnapping and murdering her sister, a salesman finds his reputation permantly damaged. Despite being exonerated of all charges, he still finds himself having to prove his innocence to family and co-workers.
  • Hit and Run
    Hit and Run
    Episode 7
    A juvenile delinquent gives the wife of his father's boss a ride home. Enroute, he gets into a race with another boy, and accidentally runs over a woman. Members of his gang threaten his passenger to keep her from telling police what she knows about the accident.
  • Ten Grapefruit to Lisbon
    A mysterious woman traveling on a small freighter charms the other passengers with her good cheer. She says she's a schoolteacher from Vienna, but is she? She says it's her first trip, but the captain is sure she has sailed with her before.
  • I Am Fifteen--And I Don't Want to Die
    This episode recounts the World War II experiences of a teenager in Nazi-held Budapest during the 1945 Russian siege. The girl witnesses a tense meeting between an Orthodox Jew and injured German, a Hungarian solider finding his stolen food is useless and, amid the horrors, a couple becoming married.
  • The Murder of a Sand Flea
    A young man is used to simply walking out of a situation that's not to his pleasing. As a Marine recruit in boot camp at Parris Island, SC, he's learns he doesn't have that option. Lt. General Vernon E. Megee, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, introduces the story. The title refers to the sand fleas at Parris Island. Soliders are instructed not to swat at them since the sound would give away their position.moreless
  • The Life of Mickey Mantle
    In this somewhat unvarnished look at the life of baseball phenom Mickey Mantle, he's shown to be a sullen and uncommunicative young man during his early years in the big leagues. Using documentary films and re-enactments, his life is traced from childhood through his appearance today (10/3/1956) in the World Series.moreless
  • The Plunge
    The Plunge
    Episode 2
    Al Kendall has climbed from delivery boy to ownership of a dress manufacturing plant. Now facing bankruptcy, he hires an arsonist to burn the plant down so he can collect the insurance. When the building goes up in flames, a man is unexpectedly killed, leaving Kendall facing a murder charge.
  • Out to Kill
    Out to Kill
    Episode 1
    A young ranch hand is out for revenge. He's gunning for the the land dealer he blames for his father's suicide.
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