Kraft Television Theatre - Season 6

NBC (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • The Blues for Joey Menotti
    A sad but talented honky-tonk piano player reflects his mood in his music.
  • In Albert's Room
    In Albert's Room
    Episode 46
    A college professor is about to be fired because few students are signing up for his advanced math courses. Putting his knowledge of numbers to work, he cleans out the wallets of students by playing crap games. It isn't long before racketeers move in to take advantage of the benefits of higher math.moreless
  • Day of the Vision
    Day of the Vision
    Episode 45
    A supernatural vision appears to a woman and a group of children, vowing to return to them in 20 years. Though it doesn't reappear on schedule, the life problems of all the group members are solved.
  • Old MacDonald Had a Curve
    67-year-old ex-major leaguer "Lefty" MacDonald regales fellow residents at the rest home with stories of his glory days in baseball. After injuring his arm throwing a horseshoe, "Lefty" finds he can now throw a freakish curve ball. He approaches the manager of his old team, the floundering Brooklyn Dodgers. The team is doing so poorly, the manager gives the old timer a spot on the roster.moreless
  • The Intruder
    The Intruder
    Episode 43
    Alison is resentful of his father's new wife, a beautiful though fragile woman who is still recovering from the loss of both parents in a car accident. The daughter uses this knowledge as she schemes against the new step-mother.
  • The Adventures of the Kind Mr. Smith
    A high-spirited old Frenchman is dismissed from his teaching job at a stuffy British school because of the racy stories he tells the students. Being mistaken for an art dealer who deals in forgeries, he's kidnapped and taken to a country estate. His captors expect him swindle a rich young man, but the old teacher may not cooperate.moreless
  • The Blind Spot
    The Blind Spot
    Episode 41
    A psychiatrist has a breach of ethics when falls in love with one of her patients. She eventually realizes that marriage would bring nothing but unhappiness to each of their lives.
  • The House Beautiful
    The House Beautiful
    Episode 40
    A stockbroker with integrity struggles on his modest wages rather than cheat investors with the worthless oil stock sold by his company. His neighbor with few standards, however, soon becomes rich . Later in life, the stockbroker's son finds himself at an ethical crossroads and decideds to take the high road as his father did.moreless
  • The Diehard
    The Diehard
    Episode 39
    A man's perfectionism, originally an asset, is now a liability. He wants to personally double-check everything that before it goes out to clients, making his desk a huge bottle-neck.
  • The Rainy Day
    The Rainy Day
    Episode 38
    A father has been saving money his whole life in case of an emergency. His oldest son, back from Korea, has a chance to buy a small publishing business for $5000. The father is unsure whether to loan his son the money since it would wipe out most of his life's savings.moreless
  • Boy of Mine
    Boy of Mine
    Episode 37
    Story concerns the grief of a couple who are afraid of losing their adopted teenage son to his heartless mother.
  • The Ascent of P.J. O'Hara
    A lonely old man becomes fast friends with a six-year-old boy. When the boy's parents decide to have the man committed to a sanitorium, he risks his health to join the boy on a trip to the moon. Their "spaceship" is made from an old tub, a blanket, broomstick and umbrella.moreless
  • The Twilight Rounds
    The Twilight Rounds
    Episode 35
    A has-been boxer is in love with a selfish woman. Because of her urging, and out of a sense of responsibility to his manager, he agrees to fight one last bout.
  • One Left Over
    One Left Over
    Episode 34
    A man is left with only his daughter after his wife and two sons die in an automobile accident. He tries to hold on to his sanity while dealing with well-meaning neighbors and a five-year-old who must be told the horrible news.
  • Final Edition
    Final Edition
    Episode 33
    A reporter becomes the story when he turns criminal and murders his newspaper's publisher. Another reporter finds out that he did the crime.
  • The Sixth Anniversary Show
    Four scenes from previous episodes are re-enacted by the original actors; the episodes are Of Famous Memory (Nancy Marchand re-creates her role as Queen Elizabeth I in a scene in which she tears down her lover in a fit of jealousy.); January Thaw (Vaughan Taylor appears as Jonathan in a comedy scene where he find his old homestead occupied by a city slicker who claims to have bought the place.); Wuthering Heights (John Baragrey portrays Heathcliff in the famous death scene.); and My Brother's Keeper (Rod Steiger and George Roy Hill star with Steiger playing the radar operator who talks down a damaged aircraft carrying his brother).moreless
  • Hoodlum with a Halo
    Hoodlum with a Halo
    Episode 31
    An ex-criminal pens a hit novel about prison life and quickly decides that fame is even worse than a jail cell.
  • The New Servant
    The New Servant
    Episode 30
    After murdering his sister, a man desperately tries to justify his motives.
  • Rain No More
    Rain No More
    Episode 29
    After a long period of hatred with his father, a young man returns home and makes a desperate effort to end the unpleasantness.
  • Next of Kin
    Next of Kin
    Episode 28
    The traumatic effect of getting a "missing in action" telegram from the Korean front is dramatized in this episode. The stories of three different families that receive this unwelcome news are told: one is a bookie father; another, a wealthy man who distrusts his daughter-in-law; and the brother of a missing soldier.moreless
  • The Summer Place
    The Summer Place
    Episode 27
    A famous and selfish actress believes her son, a playwright, is jealous of her success so she hires an unscrupulous novelist to write a new play for her. Not only does the writer steal her son's idea for a production, but also takes his girlfriend.
  • Miss Mabel
    Miss Mabel
    Episode 26
    A sweet little old lady forges her sister's will so that the whole town can share in her wealth. Then, there's also the tiny matter of a murder.
  • Autumn Story
    Autumn Story
    Episode 25
    An spinster became caretaker of an orphan girl when she was a small child. The girl develops into a young adult and falls in love. The spinster offers useful insight for the lovebirds and rediscovers her own youth thanks to their romance.
  • So Very Young
    So Very Young
    Episode 24
    A 17-year-old girl inherits several hundred dollars and uses it to buy a bull. She falls in love with the animal's former owner and soon they are making plans to marry. Her father, believing she is too you to wed, is totally against the idea.
  • My Brother's Keeper
    My Brother's Keeper
    Episode 23
    After piloting planes during World War II, a Marine is recalled to serve in Korea. A number of the veterans begin to rebel against the marine squadron commander who's taking too long to train their replacements. They suspect it's because one of the fresh soldiers is the commander's brother.
  • Star Bright
    Star Bright
    Episode 22
    An actress' career has been held back by her close resemblance to a big star. However, when the celebrity dies, she ends up replacing the deceased woman.
  • Snooksie
    Episode 21
    A newspaper's star reporter is irritated when his editor assigns him the trivial job of tracking down his spoiled kid's missing teddy bear. He's so chagrined by being assigned such a petty job, he barely notices a murder he witnesses and the kidnapping of a child actor.
  • Right You Are! (If You Think So)
    A mother refuses to come to grips with the fact that her daughter died in an earthquake.
  • The Chess Game
    The Chess Game
    Episode 19
    John Green, a young delinquent fearing he is suspected of murder, takes refuge in the home of John Graham, a cynical, atheistic drunk. Graham, with the help of the theological student Glen Polk, his wife, and mother-in-law, create a new identity for John Green as Johnny Graham. In the mental chess game of trying to evade the law, Johnny is helped by John Graham, who confesses to the crime in order to save the young man's life. Graham's good deed is rewarded when Lt. Finney reveals that the murderer has been found.moreless
  • Duet
    Episode 18
    Two pianists seek the opinion of a respected music critic regarding their talents. He advises both to give up music immediately. One dedides the critic is wrong, goes ahead with his career, and becomes very successful. The one who follows the critic's advice and quits ends up miserable.
  • A Square Peg
    A Square Peg
    Episode 17
    With no outlet in her community to lavish her energy, a take-charge woman so dominates her family that she begins to tear it apart. Her son, finally free of her iron hand, runs wild at college. After having broken up her daughter's romance, the girl causes a scandal by eloping.
  • Zone Four
    Zone Four
    Episode 16
    A former naval intelligence officer, now a college professor, is offered a job by leftists in Europe. He is forced to confront the changes in life since the start of the "cold war".
  • The Fire Below and the Devil Above
    Eben Stone, mate on the brig Ellen B, takes over as master after the first mate is murdered and Captain Brewster dies. The Reverend Obadiah Harkness and his daughter Tabby are passengers, and Eben falls in love with her, and she with him. When Bluey leads the crew to mutiny and a fire breaks out in the hold, Eben says he must deal with a fire below and the Devil above and he goes into the hold to save the ship. Bluey tries to gain control of the ship, but The Reverend Harkness and Tabby, with the faithful Chips, the ship's carpenter, save both Eben and the ship.moreless
  • The Paper Moon
    The Paper Moon
    Episode 14
  • A Christmas Carol
    A Christmas Carol
    Episode 13
    Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by ghosts from his past, present, and future, leading him to change his miserly ways.
  • The Guest Room
    The Guest Room
    Episode 12
    A spinster aunt causes problems for a newlywed couple. The niece wants to put her relative in a comfortable apartment, but the old lady lady would rather live with them. The niece's new husband, however, will not go along with that idea.
  • The Intimate Strangers
    A young woman catches a husband by pretending she's a good deal older than she is.
  • The Iron Gate
    The Iron Gate
    Episode 10
    A heavy-handed father is determined to keep his family under his grip. When one of the daughters falls in love with an Army captain, another of the siblings becomes filled with jealousy.
  • Mr. Lazarus
    Mr. Lazarus
    Episode 9
    Mr. Lazarus appears at the boardinghouse of the Sylvesters and claims that he is John Molloy, Mrs. Sylvester's first husband. He proves Dr. Sylvester to be a fraud and helps Pat, Mrs. Sylvester's daughter, and Booth, her fiance, on the road to the altar. Mr. Lazarus suddenly leaves, but the family is undecided as to who he really is.moreless
  • The Quiet Wedding
    The Quiet Wedding
    Episode 8
    The impending nuptuials of a young couple prove dangerous to their relationship. The preparations for their wedding prove so stressful that the future-bride displays a side of her personality that neither she nor her fiance have ever seen before.
  • Hilda McKay
    Hilda McKay
    Episode 7
    In an update of Hedda Gabler, the wife of a university professor gets into a fight with the man who got a bigger promotion than her husband.
  • Melody Jones
    Melody Jones
    Episode 6
    A young girl learns that she's adopted in this light comedy.
  • The Divine Drudge
    The Divine Drudge
    Episode 5
    A wife has assisted her doctor husband for many years in his medical experiments, but grows weary of the work and runs away with a man who wrecked outside of their home.
  • A Long Night in Forty Mile
    During the fading days of the Klondike gold rush, a man loses all of his money to a gambler. Desperately wanting to impress his wife with his success, he steals a couple of bags of the ore from two miners. His expecting wife arrives and almost immediately goes into labor. A veterinarian steps up and helps save the woman's life.moreless
  • A Kiss for Cinderella
    A cleaning woman who works in an artist's apartment has a vivid imagination. After running into some minor trouble with a young policeman, she has quite a romantic dream.
  • The New Tenant
    The New Tenant
    Episode 2
    An old woman is suspicious of the new neighbor, a woman who turns out to be her son's first wife. The new tenent has intentions of blackmail and this leads to a murder.
  • Michael and Mary
    Michael and Mary
    Episode 1
    After being deserted by her husband, Mary falls in love with Michael. After a few years, they marry, raise a son, and Michael becomes a succesful writer. Then the first husband returns with plans of blackmail.
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