Kraft Television Theatre - Season 8

NBC (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • The King's Bounty
    The King's Bounty
    Episode 52
    Lady Essex convinces King James I of England to grant her a divorce so she can marry the favorite of the king, Robert Carr. Being a schemer, she's involved in the murder of one of Carr's close friends. Eventually, the crime comes to light with Lady Essex and Carr being sentenced to death. The king commutes their sentence to something even more unpleasant.moreless
  • It's Only Money
    It's Only Money
    Episode 51
    Henry Jones plays a bank teller who comes to believe the rules aren't fair to people. Implementing his new policy at the band, he juggles the books and gives money to people the bank normally wouldn't.
  • Woman of Principle
    Woman of Principle
    Episode 50
    A lonely divorcee who refuses to compromise is torn between her two friends. One is an alcoholic and the other has gone through a parade of relationships.
  • The Chess Game
    The Chess Game
    Episode 49
    John Green, a young delinquent fearing he is suspected of murder, takes refuge in the home of John Graham, a cynical, atheistic drunk. Graham, with the help of the theological student Glen Polk, his wife, and mother-in-law, create a new identity for John Green as Johnny Graham. In the mental chess game of trying to evade the law, Johnny is helped by John Graham, who confesses to the crime in order to save the young man's life. Graham's good deed is rewarded when Lt. Finney reveals that the murderer has been found.moreless
  • The Haunted
    The Haunted
    Episode 48
    An attractive Communist falls in love and finds her heart is in conflict with her her party alleglance.
  • The Failure
    The Failure
    Episode 47
    An unassuming bank manager is not especially good at his work but possesses qualities that truly matter in life. His wife believes in him and she instills a new-found sense of ambition in her husband.
  • Two Times Two
    Two Times Two
    Episode 46
    A rural Southern woman is a mathematical whiz, but she's rather stay in the backwoods than be considered a genius in the big city.
  • Spur of the Moment
    Spur of the Moment
    Episode 45
    A medical lab specialist dreams of becoming a sucessful surgeon. One day when no doctor is available, he intervenes in an emergency to perform an operation. When the patient dies, he tries to clear himself of responsibility by implicating a nurse.
  • Meet a Body
    Meet a Body
    Episode 44
    A vacuum cleaner salesman enters a home and overhears a plot to murder a wealthy businessman. The businessman's secretary asks the salesman to help protect her boss by investigating the plan further. Meanwhile, the intended victim thinks they're make much of nothing.
  • In the La Banza
    In the La Banza
    Episode 43
    In this violent story, a brother trains his ten-year-old sibling to be a boxer. The older brother's movitvation is his own vanity and quest for success.
  • The Straw
    The Straw
    Episode 42
    Confined to a tuberculosis sanitarium, a man and woman meet and fall in love. The man is cured and leaves for a while but the woman proceeds to worsen. He returns to find her at death's door and uses his love to help her fight for life.
  • Impasse
    Episode 41
    A war correspondent, fatigued from working the front in Indo-China, returns home to find his life in disarray. His arch enemy has been named his editor and is now engaged to his ex-girlfriend.
  • The Mob
    The Mob
    Episode 40
    An idealistic and outspoken member of Parilament believes his country is wrong in taking a certain military action. He makes a stand, publically criticizing the government's behavior.
  • Drop on the Devil
    Drop on the Devil
    Episode 39
    In the drought-stricken Old West, a man protects his water supply with a hired gunman. A minister and his son intervene and try to make the water available to everyone in the area.
  • My Aunt Daisy
    My Aunt Daisy
    Episode 38
    Unhappy and single Daisy visits the sister she hasn't seen in a while. The sister decides that her spinster sibling needs a husband and goes about finding her one.
  • Someone to Hang
    Someone to Hang
    Episode 37
    A stranger in town becomes the target of a lynch mob that mistakenly believes he's the man they want. Even with his life in danger, he is more interested in protecting the rights of the man the crowd is after.
  • A Woman for Tony
    A Woman for Tony
    Episode 36
    A widow dreads the thought of losing her son to his prospective bride.
  • Million Dollar Rookie
    A rookie pitcher's father was once a pitcher, and his career was ruined when he beaned a player. Now he is afraid his son will do the same thing, and his fear leads to a serious conflict among father, mother, and son.
  • The Braveness of Christy Fellon
    Since his recent retirement, Christy Fallon has taken to visiting with a night watchman friend. One night, a new element is added: a robber appears and is captured by Christy Fallon himself.
  • Judge Contain's Hotel
    The hotel is the reform school where a rigid judge is accustomed to sending the wayward youngsters who appear before him. Life has an ironic twist in store when he's forced to pass judgement on his own son.
  • Flowers for 2-B
    Flowers for 2-B
    Episode 32
    A kind-hearted woman has sacrificed her personal life to care her invalid mother. When a romance develops and a marriage proposal follows, she's torn between family obligation and her personal well-being.
  • A Seacoast in Bohemia
    This psychological drama centers on the problems of a college student who's a gifted, though unhappy, writer. He life feaches a turning point when he has an argument with a malevolent professor.
  • Gramercy Ghost
    Gramercy Ghost
    Episode 30
    When her elderly landlady dies, a young woman inherits her house and the resident ghost, a revolutionary soldier who cannot go to heaven because he failed to deliver a message to George Washington.
  • Now, Where Was I?
    Now, Where Was I?
    Episode 29
    A divorced former lawyer, now a composer, sees that his second marriage is beginning to fail. He conveniently is struck with amnesia and loses track of both women and careers.
  • Whim of Iron
    Whim of Iron
    Episode 28
    Constantinople 530 A.D. is the setting for this political satire. A passionate young man joins revolutionaries wanting to murder the empress, but he changes his mind after falling in love with a seamstress.
  • The Southwest Corner
    An elderly widow decides she needs some company in her Vermont country home. As payment, the hired companion will inherit the property upon the old woman's death. After hiring a middle-aged woman for the job, the widow finds herself compromised in a way she hadn't anticipated.
  • The Story of Mary Surratt
    In planning the assination of Abraham Lincoln, Mary Surratt's boarding house was the meeting place for John Wilkes Booth and his co-conspirators. Cooler heads fail to prevail during her highly irregular trial, leading some to believe she was unjustly convicted.
  • Jeannie
    Episode 25
    After a life filled with drudgery, a Scottish lass inherits 200 pounds from her tightwad father and spends it all on a whirlwind tour of Paris. At first bowled over by a smooth-talking count, her natural good sense takes over and she falls for a kind washing machine salesman.
  • The Night Watcher
    The Night Watcher
    Episode 24
    A woman's husband is being guarded in a remote mountain cabin because he's a material witness in a murder trial. Tired of his domineering ways, the wife wants to collect on her husband's insurance money. She hires a couple of killers and leads them to his secret location.
  • Half the World's a Bride
    The widowed mother of two children in their twenties ended up being unhappy because her husband was an idealistic dreamer. She tries to convince her daughter to marry a practical man, but the girl is in love with a man as unrealistic as her father was.
  • The Emperor Jones
    The Emperor Jones
    Episode 22
    A Black porter attains power in the West Indies by exploiting the superstitions and ignorance of an island's residents. He soon has them believing that he is so invincible, he can only be killed by a silver bullet.
  • Departure
    Episode 21
    Exhaused by the constant fighting of their parents, a couple of sisters gaze from their window upon the Hudson River and dream of boarding a ship to Europe.
  • Patterns
    Episode 20
    The tale of a young businessman who enters the corporate world and suffers the effects of office politics.
  • The Skin Game
    The Skin Game
    Episode 19
    Two forces battle over the future of an English village. One one side, a factory owner wants to move out the locals and turn it into a factory town. On the other, a member of the community who wants to preserve the village as it is.
  • Boys Will Be Boys
    Boys Will Be Boys
    Episode 18
    A small town eccentric inherits a fortune and promptly enjoys his second childhood. He liberally spends cash on sodas, gum, and tickets to baseball games. His nephew, a lawyer, is horrified by his behavior, especially since he wants to get his hands on the money before it's all gone.
  • The Written Word
    The Written Word
    Episode 17
    A mentally handicapped 20-year-old is convicted of murdering a policeman and sentenced to hang. While awaiting his fate on the gallows, a caring guard teaches him how to read and write. Suddenly, a whole new world has opened up to him, even though his remaining time on Earth is brief.
  • Patterns
    Episode 16
    Young Fred Staples is the new executive at Ramsie and Company and the unwitting replacement for good natured vice president, Andy Sloane. Ruthless Mr. Ramsie, president of the company, is determined to oust Sloane whose humanitarian outlook Ramsie feels is the enemy of big business.
  • One Hill, One River
    One Hill, One River
    Episode 15
    Following the Civil War, a Southern soldier returns home with the Union soldier who saved his life. When the Yankee falls for a Southern Belle, the resentments of the soldier's southern family quickly bubble to the surface.
  • Strangers in Hiding
    Strangers in Hiding
    Episode 14
    A young couple, here in America on expiring work permits, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child. They do not want to leave the country, hoping their child will be born in the United States. Facing the possibility of deportation, the two hide out in small towns around the country until their baby is born.moreless
  • The Little Stone of God
    A lonely publisher loses his fiance because he's determined to be fair, whatever the cost.
  • Account Rendered
    Account Rendered
    Episode 12
    A man is accused of embezzling but, in the process of being acquitted, he destroys the reputation of the key witness. His wife then discovers evidence that proves her spouse actually did commit the crime.
  • Career
    Episode 11
    A British spy works in the Soviet sector of East Berlin. Her fiance is arrested by Communists who wrongly suspect him of being a secret agent. The woman is faced with the dilemma of either exposing her own cover or allowing him to suffer needlessly.
  • Camille
    Episode 10
    A beautiful woman loves a man who is far above her station in life. The man's father intervenes, asking her to leave his son before she destroys his life. She does leave the man and doesn't see him again until she's on her death bed.
  • Emma
    Episode 9
    Emma is a beautiful and smart heiress who cares for her elderly father. In desperate need of diversion, she makes it her business to become involved in the romances and affairs of her friends. This episode is adapted from Jane Austen's popular novel "Emma".
  • The Independent
    The Independent
    Episode 8
    Two former correspondents, who are also ex-lovers, continue their rivalry when both are elected as state representatives.
  • The World and the Werners
    A man has become bored and restless after 25 years doing the same job every day. His son shares with him what he's learned about the meaning of life from the writings of Schopenhaur. This leads the man to quit his job and do things he's always wanted to do. This causes great disruption to his sedate middle-class family life.moreless
  • Full of the Old Harry
    In this comedy, a young man teaches drama at college rather than take to the stage and compete with his actor father's legendary talents. He takes out his frustrations on his students with disasterous results until he's forced on stage by circumstances and some trickery.
  • Split Level
    Split Level
    Episode 5
    A young architect who's finding it tough to make his mark in the big city is faced with a great temptation.
  • The Luck of Roaring Camp
    The members of an 1870s mining camp care for a helpless baby. When the child is lost during a flood, the luck of the camp seems to go with it.
  • Papa Was a Sport
    Papa Was a Sport
    Episode 3
    A father who always spent more money on himself than his family gets his payback. When his children grow up, they decide to run his life.
  • The Office Dance
    The Office Dance
    Episode 2
    A secretary can't afford a new outfit for the office dance, thanks to a self-centered mother who squanders her weekly paycheck. In desperation, she resorts to stealing in order to attend the party.
  • A Simple Matter
    A Simple Matter
    Episode 1
    Joe is accused by a powerful local figure of drunk driving. He brings a defamation of character lawsuit against the man but runs into problems with the lawyer he's hired. The attorney is less interested in defending Joe than he is in destroying the man who made the accusation.
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