Kraft Television Theatre - Season 9

NBC (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Shadow of Evil
    Shadow of Evil
    Episode 48
    Trading on the name of his highly respected late father, a young man is talked into running for his office as state governor. He would be executive in name only, answering to a group of corrupt politicians who are backing his run.
  • Mock Trial
    Mock Trial
    Episode 47
    As part of its law school training, a college stages mock trials for students to gain experience. One of it's mock trials turns real when the city's mayor is put on the stand and misuse of taxpayer's money is revealed.
  • The Girl Who Saw Too Much
    Although a model witnesses a murder, she's unable to identify the killer. This doesn't keep her from being sought by criminal so she keeps a detective and a reporter with her at all times. The catch is that either one of those men could be the murderer.
  • The Magic Box
    The Magic Box
    Episode 45
    This week's episode of Kraft Television Theatre is actually a color film made by J. Arthur Rank for the Festival of Britain. The life and work of film pioneer William Friese-Greene, the first man to patent a practical motion picture camera, is dramatized. He's obsessed with the idea of bring motion to film and both of women who loved him offer him great encouragement.moreless
  • Anna Santonello
    Anna Santonello
    Episode 45
    Anna has been held under the thumb of her invalid father, being a virtual slave to his demands, for her whole life. With his death, she only sees more of the same from her three domineering brothers. Her only hope comes in the form of a charming repairman.
  • One Way West
    One Way West
    Episode 44
    A comedian in Czechoslovakia discovers that the Communmist government does not appreciate his jokes at their expense. He and his wife are forced to flee the country for their lives.
  • Prairie Night
    Prairie Night
    Episode 43
    A sucessful and religious rancher enjoys great prosperity as his cattle stock rises. The one thing he most wants, a son, is the very thing that he's denied. Frustrated and angry, he curses God. Soon, his property is threatened by fire and his wife walks out. He comes to believe he is being punished for his blasphemy.moreless
  • Babies for Sale
    Babies for Sale
    Episode 42
    A broken-hearted woman who lost her child at birth desperately wants another child. She and her husband turn to the black market to adopt an infant because the legal route is so cumbersome and slow. They become attached to a particular child but its nurse tries to convince the couple to do things properly.moreless
  • The Long Arm
    The Long Arm
    Episode 41
    An attractive young woman flirts with a store clerk at a pawn shop, inviting him to join her for lunch. While he's gone, the store is robbed and the owner is killed. The clerk is without an alibi because the woman he dined with worked for the criminals.
  • Tear Open the Skies
    Tear Open the Skies
    Episode 40
    A man from private industry, who was brought by his former boss and good friend into the government in connection with an intercontinental missile program, finds himself subject to multiple pressures--personal, political, and interdepartmental.
  • Starfish
    Episode 39
    A young woman hides from life because of a starfish-shaped scar on her face. Nevertheless, she has fallen for a wonderful man who convinces her to live and love.
  • Flying Object at Three O'Clock High
    A UFO crashes into an Air Force plane carrying top secret information. The reporter who witnessed the crash tries to get details for a news story, but is stone-walled at every turn by military brass.
  • Boy in a Cage
    Boy in a Cage
    Episode 37
    A teen-aged informer serving in a reform school for juvenile delinquents fears for his life. He's been placed with members of a rival gang to gain information.
  • The Night of May Third
    Before a woman learns the shocking truth about her husband--that he is a Communist--she must endure emotional stress at his hands. She's horrified to discover a corpse in their house, and even more frightened when it mysteriously disappears. To cover his tracks, the husband tries to convince her that her sanity is slipping.moreless
  • Box 704
    Box 704
    Episode 35
    A 17-year-old feels unwanted living in cramped quarters with his brother's family. He sets out to find a place to call home with little success. He quickly learns that moving in with a pair of crabby old maid aunts is a mistake.
  • Bedroom Twelve on the Appalachian Waterfall
    Aboard a New York-to-Chicago Express train, a master criminal pulls off a sensational heist. Posing as an insurance salesman, he steals a priceless collection of currency from a bonded messenger and then challenges the victim to prove he did it.
  • A Profile in Courage
    Thaddeus Stevens, powerful leader of the "Radical Republicans" in the House of Representatives, wishes to punish the South following the Civil War. First it was Lincoln, now President Andrew Johnson who opposes Stevens' plans of retribution. An angered Stevens begins the process of impeaching Johnson in 1868.
  • Death Is a Spanish Dancer
    Based on a Mexican legend, death takes the form of a Spanish dancer. A young woman, unaware that her life will soon be over, is drawn to a dancer she sees in a club. Her overprotective father tries to keep her away from this fatal romance.
  • A Night to Remember
    A Night to Remember
    Episode 31
    Due to viewer and critical acclaim, Kraft rebroadcasts, via kinescope, its recent presentation of A Night to Remember.
    The night of April 10, 1912 when the "unsinkable" Titanic went to the bottom of the Atlantic is reenacted. Based on the best-selling book by Walter Lord, the episode builds suspense by contrasting the mounting panic of those in the crew with the initially nonchalant behavior of the passengers above board.moreless
  • The Gentle Grafter
    The Gentle Grafter
    Episode 30
    Four short stories by O. Henry are united in this comedy about a medicine show con man. Jeff Peters uses his personal magnetism to fleece the mayor of a hick town, run a shady matrimonial agency, and establish a monopoly on the rot-gut whiskey business. Peters is joined in these schemes by a right-hand man and a beautiful widow. The trio thinks it's unstoppable until they meet up with a former master of the con game.moreless
  • No Riders
    No Riders
    Episode 29
    The death of their child almost wrecks the marriage of a truck driver and his wife. Then one night he goes against company regulations and picks up a Mexican waif on the road.
  • The Last Showdown
    The Last Showdown
    Episode 28
    A big city real estate mogul gets involved in a shady tax deal. Facing exposure, he plans to flee the country, leaving his son-in-law behind to take the blame. His daughter learns of his scheme and puts a stop to it.
  • Paper Foxhole
    Paper Foxhole
    Episode 27
    A sergeant and two other soldiers are going stir crazy serving on an isolated South Pacific atoll. Needing more points to rotate back to the States, the men fabricate their own small guerilla war.
  • A Night to Remember
    A Night to Remember
    Episode 26
    The night of April 10, 1912 when the "unsinkable" Titanic went to the bottom of the Atlantic is reenacted. Based on the best-selling book by Walter Lord, the episode builds suspense by contrasting the mounting panic of those in the boiler room with the initially nonchalant behavior of the passangers above board.moreless
  • The Lost Weekend
    The Lost Weekend
    Episode 25
    Don Burnam is an alcoholic who lies, steals, and sacrifices his dignity to fulfill his craving for alcohol. During four "lost days" of drinking, his sweetheart persists in trying to rescue him from the bottle. Broke and desperate for a drink, he resorts to selling his girlfriend's coat for booze money.moreless
  • The Fool Killer
    The Fool Killer
    Episode 24
    In this tall tale, the "fool killer" is a mythical figure who chops the heads off of those who make fools of themselves. In the days after the Civil War, a young boy who is haunted by this creature in his dreams. When he runs away from home he encounters the beast in the flesh.moreless
  • Bobbie
    Episode 23
    An 18-year-old tomboy suddenly discovers her womanhood when her mother takes in a boarder. With the arrival of a traveling salesman in her home, the young woman packs up her sweatshirts and becomes quite the feminine girl.
  • Snapfinger Creek
    Snapfinger Creek
    Episode 22
    A poor Georgia family farms cotton on the land around Snapfinger Creek. According to a local legend, if you snap your fingers three times while crossing the creek, your wish will come true. The daughter puts this superstition to uses when she falls in love with a man who she fears is above her means.moreless
  • Man on Roller Skates
    On a morning that an investment banker's car won't start, he straps on his daughter's roller skates to catch his train. This turns out to be so convienent that he starts doing it every morning. Soon, this candidate for town council has attracted more attention than he ever wanted from his employer, political friends and the newspapers.moreless
  • Good Old Charlie Faye
    In a retelling of Arthur Godfrey's downfall, top TV producer Charley Faye hires hires his old friend "Boom Boom" Cannon to star in a show, and then unceremoniously fires him. The callous move endears Charley to no one; he finds himself under attack from network executives, the press, and even his wife.moreless
  • Five Minutes to Live
    A robber marches into a bank president's office and demands he cash a worthless $70,000 check. As an incentive, the criminal's partner has broken into banker's home and has a gun held to his wife's head. The thugs have given the banker exactly five minutes to decide between his money or his wife.moreless
  • Home Is the Hero
    Home Is the Hero
    Episode 18
    A man who in a drunken rage killed a neighbor is released from prison after serving five years. Paddo returns to home and takes out his rage on his friends and family members. His son Willie stands up to the brute and proves Paddo is neither needed or wanted by the family.moreless
  • The Devil as a Roaring Lion
    A New England family of cod fishermen facing a financial crisis experience what seems a miracle. For at least a while, they are back on their feet.
  • The Sears Girl
    The Sears Girl
    Episode 16
    The mother in a high-society Beacon Hill family puts a stop to her daughter's first love affair. The stuffy matron considers the lowly musician and songwriter far below their social status. Ten years later, the writer and daughter meet again and sucessfully renew their relationship.
  • The Thieving Magpie
    The Thieving Magpie
    Episode 15
    An author who has best-sellers to his credit now finds himself back at the bottom. He returns with his fiance to his old college campus hoping to recapture the inspiration he's lost.
  • Eleven O'Clock Flight
    A woman, in love with a young sailor, is confronted by her ex-husband. The vindicative man is determined that she will never have another lover. To prevent a showdown between the dangerous ex and her boyfriend, she races to get on-board a plane out of town with the sailor.
  • The Christmas Dinner
    A rich boy, George, meets an old derelict on the street. Feeling the spirit of Christmas, he invites the bum to share Christmas dinner with his wealthy family in their ritzy apartment. George's parents are horrified and the old man's greed gets in the way of his gratitude.
  • A Nugget from the Sunrise
    A young woman finds it hard to find a husband in a ghost town. In this comedy, she makes friends with a grizzled old gold prospector who's being driven crazy by his nagging wife.
  • My Lady Ruth
    My Lady Ruth
    Episode 11
    A woman who still thinks of herself as a Southern belle deludes herself into believing that her homely daughter is a popular beauty. The girl's schoolmates stage a humiliating joke that make both women realize things are not as they liked to imagine.
  • Once a Genius
    Once a Genius
    Episode 10
    Though he hasn't made a film in years, an aging Viennese director, living in the U.S., is fiercely proud of the great movie he made decades ago. He convinces himself that the ideal way to regain his vanished glory would be to remake that film, and even to have his wife play the role she created in it.moreless
  • Day of Judgment
    Day of Judgment
    Episode 9
    A French village woman's day of judgment comes after the village is liberated from the Nazis. She was a collaborator and now the collective contempt of the populace comes down upon her.
  • Summer's End
    Summer's End
    Episode 8
    Set in a summer place that's been shut down now that summer's over, a small boy begins to suspect that his best friend, a handyman, is a murderer.
  • The Ticket and the Tempest
    In this comedy, a delicatessen owner who buys an Irish Sweepstakes ticket in a friend's name. When it wins $28,000, trouble abounds for the poor man.
  • Number Four with Flowers
    The bullet-riddled body of a big-time gambler is brought to the morgue in this tongue-in-cheek comedy. Out of the blue, a naieve young waitress steps forward to claim the dead man's remains. Soon, she finds herself with three boyfriends: a mortician, a tough police officer and the murdered crook's business partner. Soon she's being taken on her "last ride" and she manages to even charm the gunman.moreless
  • One
    Episode 5
    A professor is part of a team of spies who insure absolute conformity in a future society. When his blind allegiance begins to drift, the state makes efforts to put him back in his place.
  • I, Mrs. Bibb
    I, Mrs. Bibb
    Episode 4
    Despite having no political aspirations or experience, Mrs. Bibb is asked to fill the seat of her deceased husband. Aiding her is her husband's assistant, Ned, who is engaged to the Bibbs' daughter. Events take an ugly turn when it Ned is suspected of having taken a bribe from a contractor.moreless
  • Trucks Welcome
    Trucks Welcome
    Episode 3
    At a roadside diner, a trucker feels his marriage threatened by his wife's ex-boyfriend. The wife is losing faith in their relationship because of his long absences on the road.
  • The Beautiful Time
    The Beautiful Time
    Episode 2
    In this comedy, a little girl sells the winning ticket in a church raffle to a woman of questionable morals. This causes quite an uproar.
  • The Diamond as Big as the Ritz
    This satire of the wealthy centers on prep school student Percy Washington, who becomes friends with schoolmate John Unger. Percy invites John to spend the holidays at his family's isolated Montana mansion. It sits atop a monutain of solid diamond. John begins to worry about his safety when he learns the the father, Mr. Washington, is paranoid about his wealth. He shoots down planes that fly over the house and then kills the pilots. The crazed patriarch does the same with children who drop in.moreless