Kratts' Creatures

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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 8/9/96

      Allison has lost her computer records on Africa. Chris and Martin have only eight hours to try and revisit all the places they had been to during the series.

    • Where?
      Episode 49
      A lot of curiosities deal with where creatures are found and not found. Chris and Martin answer several questions fielded by The Public. THis is the Kratt brothers last episode until Zaboomafoo.
    • 3 Cool Cats!
      3 Cool Cats!
      Episode 48
      Chris and Martin follow tracks to determine what cat wrought havoc in a barn in North America. The figure out it was a mountain lion, cougar, and house cat.
    • 8/6/96

      Chris and Martin are back in an African Savannah to learn how camouflage is standard defense for several creatures. They see how each animal blends in with its environment.

    • Gatorglades!
      Episode 46
      During a game of golf, the Kratts encounter alligators in the Florida Everglades. The Kratts are forced to fight off the alligator hunters and they feed the alligators dead animals to keep them happy.
    • Back in the Australian outback, Chris and Martin run out of water. They must follow the standards of creatures that inhabit the Australian desert. They learn that animals dig holes for water and shelter and that eating plants is good for water.
    • When?
      Episode 44
      How do animals factor in the time of day or year? That's the puzzle Chris and Martin set out to solve.
    • Leopard: Prince of Stealth
      Martin and Chris are in Africa, on the search for the lone-hunting leopard. In a land where only the strong survive, the Kratts and Allison learn that predators and prey ultimately help each other.
    • Chris and Martin ride a chronological timeline of the animals that came to Australia over the centuries.

    • Phantom Wolves
      Episode 41
      Just what is the truth about wolves? Chris and Martin try to lure wolves from their campsite in the Great Canadian North. One group does seek the other, of course, but we're not sure who's on the trail and who's being traced.
    • Wings!
      Episode 40

      Via multiple historical perspectives, Chris and Martin take up an aerial view on the flight of birds. They learn how different birds fly.

    • Polyp Power!
      Episode 39
      Chris and Martin are back down under, witnessing the Great Barrier Reef. To their dismay, not all about the reef is golden. This episode explores the effects of pollution.
    • 7/24/96
      Chris and Martin go on a fiery observation through the animal spectrum to see if that special something about our favorite creatures is superior to another's special quality.
    • 7/23/96
      Chris and Martin return to the rain forest in Costa Rica to find multiple species of monkeys, learning the advantage that a monkey without a tail has and the advantages of having a tail.
    • Backyard Bandits
      Episode 36
      Chris and Martin take Allison on a camping night just outside the Creature Club, and find out just how the raccoon has adapted to living in the human environment. Chris and Martin show a video of a raccoon breaking into a house.
    • Chris crashes into the habitat of a koala bear. Martin collides with the resourceful wombat. These are dissimilar creatures with similar looks and lifestyles. The Kratts end up fighting over which animal is better.
    • Why?
      Episode 34
      A new Internet page called CreatureNet is brimming with kids' questions about why creatures behave the way they do. The Kratt brothers answer questions ranging from why dogs spin when they lay down, to why elephants squirt water with their trunks.
    • Marshmania!
      Episode 33
      The Kratts crash a hot-air balloon and are forced to forage in a marsh, where a veritable banquet for all sorts of creatures awaits. The Kratt brothers meet a bunch of amphibians including frogs, salamanders, and lizards.
    • Lion, King of Beasts?
      Chris starts the proceedings as a caveman, out to see what animal is the king of all beasts. Since the unknowing public has suggested the lion, Chris and Martin must observe lions to reveal the truth. Chris and Martin end up learning that the lioness is truly the king of all beasts.moreless
    • 7/16/96
      Chris starts the proceedings as a caveman, out to see what animal is the king of all beasts. Since the unknowing public has suggested the lion, Chris and Martin must observe lions to reveal the truth. Chris and Martin end up learning that the lioness is truly the king of all beasts.moreless
    • Creature Rescue
      Episode 31
      Chris and Martin are active in the Creature Rescue Unit to help injured wildlife throughout North America. As a part of their task, the Kratts go to a wildlife nursery. The Kratt brothers help wash animals after a oil spill.
    • Mungu's Revenge
      Episode 30
      Whatever Mungu is, that's just one of the fantastic stories told on a dark night at the Creature Club. Mungu ends up being a real creature that has invaded creature junction.
    • Hyenas Are Cool!
      Episode 29
      The Kratts spend the night in Africa, intent to dispel the myths some people have about the hyena. The Kratt brothers learn that Hyenas aren't that bad and scavenge to survive.
    • 7/10/96
      Chris and Martin take the challenge to duplicate the quick tour of Australia taken long ago by Spanish explorer Don Estoban. Chris and Martin stop at each main island at Australia and meet the animals.
    • Arribala 2: Running the Gauntlet
      It isn't easy being a baby sea turtle. Martin and Chris see another menagerie of animal distractions try to thwart the sea turtles on their march to the sea. Chris and Martin watch thousands of baby turtles hatch and race to the sea to survive.
    • Arribala 1: The Sea Turtle Invasion
      The Kratts are on the coast of Costa Rica, waiting for thousands of sea turtles to swim ashore and lay eggs on the beach. But distractions await the Kratts at virtually every stage. The Kratt brothers get to see giant sea turtles and mongooses.
    • Who's Who?
      Episode 25
      The Kratt brothers span through millions of years to trace the evolution of animals. The Kratt brothers show how crocodiles, birds, and elephants evolved.
    • Wild Ponies!
      Episode 24
      At Chincoteague, Virginia, Chris and Martin try to mix with the wild ponies by teaming up in a horse costume. Chris and Martin also travel to Montana to see the last of the wild ponies.
    • 7/3/96
      The cheetah may run fast, but as the Kratt brothers discover, its light body weight does have its disadvantages. The Kratt brothers learn the cheetah is in danger of extinction because of poaching.
    • The Cow Show
      Episode 22
      It's not the cow you think. Chris and Martin are off to the Florida Everglades in an effort to help save the manatee. Chris and Martin learn how Manatees are known as the sea cow and are in danger of extinction.
    • 7/1/96
      Chris and Martin chase foxes and end up being chased by foxhounds. Chris and Martin learn that foxes used to be in danger of extinction in Europe because of fox hunting.
    • 6/28/96
      Chris and Martin want to see an African rhino, but crocodiles and the hippopotamus guard his habitat. Chris and Martin learn that hippopotamuses are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and that Rhino have very poor vision.
    • 6/27/96
      Chris and Martin take Allison with them in this spoof of 1950s sci-fi horror films. They must regain a wide collection of bugs, which include Butterflies, Tarantulas, and Beetles. Before they take over the world.
    • 6/26/96
      It's a dirty job, but the Kratts have to do it, calling the play-by-play for a mob of wild kangaroos kicking and scratching for survival. Chris and Martin learn about other Marsupials in this episode.
    • The How Show
      Episode 17
      It's Allison's job to scour the city to find people who want the Kratts to answer creature questions. People ask about snakes, squirrels, and tails. The Kratt brothers meet a strange old man who is curious why Possums sleep upside down.
    • 6/24/96
      Chris and Martin adopt different strategies for studying the lives of baboons in Africa. Chris and Martin learn that Baboons are the most dangerous primate. Chris studies the Baboons from a distance and Martin studies them up close and personal.
    • 6/21/96
      A camping trip in Canada drives Chris and Martin to see the great bear and, in particular, how it gets food. Chris and Martin watch Grizzly bears catch Salmon and eat berries.
    • Planet of the Dolphin
      Out in the Caribbean, Chris and Martin look for dolphins. Both brothers are particularly interesting in echo-location. Chris and Martin learn that echo-location is when an animal makes sound to see.
    • Weird Creatures
      Episode 13
      Weirdness is in the eye of the beholder, or the species. This Chris and Martin learn when they go searching for what they think is the ultimate in weirdness: egg-laying mammals. Chris and Martin meet a Duck-Billed Platypus and a Spiny Anteater.
    • Elephants 2: Wild Elephants Couldn't Drag Me Away
      This episode is a follow-up episode from the previous one. Chris and Martin observe wild elephants to preview what's in store for Emily (the baby elephant from the previous episode). Chris and Martin learn the hardships of being an elephant.
    • Elephants 1: Educating Emily
      The Kratt brothers appear in an elephant orphanage in Kenya. It's their job to help prepare three baby elephants for their re-entry into the wild. They help teach the elephant how to find food and interact with other elephants.
    • 6/14/96
      Chris and Martin are in Australia in search of nocturnal animals. During the night, they enter a cave in search for the elusive ghost bat. Chris and Martin also see what it would be like not to sleep for 3 days. Chris and Martin meet Bats, Bush Babies, and a Bandicoot.moreless
    • 6/13/96
      In an attempt to help Allison finish her school report, the Kratt brothers do the obligatory program from inside a canopy in a Costa Rican rain forest. Chris and Martin meet an Anteater, Parrots, and Army Ants in this episode.
    • 6/12/96
      Out in the Great White North, the Kratt brothers carry a canoe throughout their search for Canadian wildlife. The Kratt brothers find Elk, Moose, Canadian Geese, and a Grizzly Bear.
    • Chimpanzees are the subject of this episode. Chris and Martin visit a Wild Life Care Center that specializes in returning Chimpanzees to the wild. Chris and Martin get to watch a baby chimps being trained for their return to the wild.
    • 6/10/96
      The Kratt brothers set off in search of animals with great defenses. Each brother experience different defenses. But in the end Chris and Allison get the worst, a skunk's spray.
    • An old diary belonging to Allison's grandfather and great-uncle sends the Kratt brothers halfway around the world to look for the elusive Tasmanian "Tiger." The Tasmanian "Tiger" ends up being the Tasmanian Devil from Australia.
    • Running with Wild Dogs
      Chris and Martin compete to find the Africa wild dogs. Martin takes the Jeep while Chris uses a helicopter to find the wild dogs. Chris and Martin study the way wild dogs hunt and how they are related to domestic dogs.
    • Sharks
      Episode 3
      Chris and Martin eagerly compete with the Discovery Channel to eliminate certain myths about sharks in the Caribbean. Chris and Martin work with a shark expert named Sam Gruber.
    • City Critters
      Episode 2

      Chris and Martin travel to the U.S to find wild animals in the urban world. Chris and Martin find falcons, beavers, foxes, and coyotes existing with people and adapting to the human world.

    • 6/3/96
      Chris and Martin seek the Big Five animals in South Africa: the elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard. It turns into a search for the little animals: the elephant shrew, rhino beetle, ant lion, buffalo weaver and leopard tortoise. This is where we first learn about the Kratt brothers.