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  • A poor debut for a promising performer

    I recently discovered the talents of Kristin Chenoweth and when I discovered she had done her own sitcom for NBC way back in 2001 I decided I would jump on YouTube and check it out. Before I started watching I was scratching my head as to why it was cancelled after just five episodes. After watching the pilot episode, I knew why.

    The story is bland and predictable, and it seems as if the creative team wanted the show to fail with little originality being put in to the series. The characters are very stereotypical and the supporting cast are forgettable.

    Only Chenoweth gives the show the kick it needs. She is enjoyable enough and you can see that she showed potential to be a star, even back then. But this show gives her nothing in return. One can be thankful that she went on to bigger and better things since this disaster of a sitcom.