Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

Thursday 10:00 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Apr 09, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 5/7/09
      Krod and his men must stop Dongalor from activating the eye. They discover that Grimshank is a traitor and go to Ralph's villa to stop him from helping Dongalor and to save Aneka.
    • 4/30/09
      While Aneka is off with Raph, Krod and his men are sent to set the warning beacon for all the resistance to be warned that the Eye is about to be activated. Dongalor is trying to find the one ingredient to make that happen.
    • 4/23/09
      In order to establish his credibility for the Elite Resistance Council, Krod must face off against a cyclops and retrieve its gem.
    • 4/16/09
      Krod and his group devise a way to avoid the bounty on their heads while simultaneously infiltrating Dongalor's castle through the use of 'fake death' potions for Krod and Aneka.
    • Golden Powers
      Golden Powers
      Episode 2
      Krod learns that he and Aneka are part of an old prophecy while Chancellor Dongalor is trying to discover the secrets of the most dangerous weapon in the empire.
    • 4/9/09
      Krod and the gang go on a mission to rescue General Arcadius. Dongalor reveals that he is in possession of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, the Eye of Gulga Grymna. Krod learns that he is "The Golden One."
    • Wench Trouble
      Wench Trouble
      Episode 1
      Krod Mandoon and his motley group of freedom fighters decide to attack the dungeon of Chancellor Dongalor to free a group of political prisoners, including General Arcadius, Krod's mentor. Meanwhile, Krod is having relationship problems.
  • Extras
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