Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

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  • A Score of 8+? Really?

    Ok, so Aneka (India de Beaufort) is absolutely smokin', and makes this show worth watching... And as far as Comedy Central shows, it is a high budget production...

    But the jokes are so low brow, and repeated ad-nauseum that even a 10 year old should soon tire. The writing is ok I guess, but I don't recall ever seeing a show where it takes so much time to produce so little plot progression (so much time is wasted on setting up bad jokes that plot is forgotten). The acting is actually quite solid (by ComCen standards, at least). The problem is that it just isn't funny. Oh, sure, a few "hee hee" moments per episode... But when comparing the number of jokes that work to the ones that bomb - it's just not a good ratio.

    Ultimately, it's really kind of boring.

    I mean, really really boring.
  • This show needs to be put to death by it's own sword of fire...

    I really did want to love this show. Honestly, I did. However, after four episodes I just couldn't go on (and yes I'm sick of reading how it gets better as it goes along. It clearly doesn't).

    The whole thing is hamstrung straight away by a script that is just dreadful. It's not often that I've watched a comedy (which I believe this is supposed to be) that's so unfunny that seeing it causes me physical pain but this show managed it. It's just not funny. At all. In any way, shape or form. If you add to this a raft of performances that are catastrophically cheesy and over the top then it's the kiss of death for Krod and his bunch of idiots.

    And before people start posting, "You've missed the point! It's supposed to be cheesy, that's part of its charm!", I think you people have missed the point. It's supposed to be a comedy. It could get away with being cheesy if it had a script that was funny and it just isn't in any way.

    Positives? It looked great and had obviously had a ton of money spent on it. Unfortunately it was money wasted; it should have been spent on a good script doctor and some re-writes. Bye bye Krod, you certainly aren't going to be missed.
  • I have heard Krod Mandoon related to so many things, Mel Brooks, Benny Hill, Monty Python, etc... It is a comedy about a band of mercenaries making the world a better place. They have joined the resistance to become heroes and fight for their people.

    Of course they do this one silly skit at a time! The characterizations are very funny, the acting is just the right level of off that it is charming. The circumstances surrounding their adventures are absurd but the results are heroic and good defeats evil in the end even if good is stupid or maybe just naive.

    The dynamics of the characters is well thought out. The resistance leader and hero Krod played by Sean Maguire, his always horny and not the most trustworthy Pagan girlfriend Aneka played by the beautiful India de Beaufort, his friend and sorcerer sidekick Zezelryck played by Kevin Hart who is not a master of the magical arts, his muscle Locuasto played by Steven Speirs, and Bruce played by Marques Ray an attractive gay man they found frolicking with General Arcadius while he was in prison for a few weeks.

    This merry band is facing off against the evil Dongalor played by Matt Lucas and his sidekick Barnabas played by Alex McQueen. Dongalor is sort of reminiscent of the brother that is trying to usurp the King's thrown while he is absent. Not an overly qualified leader but he is always trying and not succeeding. If you are interested in seeing just a funny show with nothing really important to say you must see this show. The first season has ended with all six episodes showing on Comedy Central. Hopefully they'll be making more.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Hope It's Renewed

    Although it seems it took a few weeks to really start developing the characters, the first season ended with a great show. Here's hoping they renew and bring it back! Enjoyed the Star Wars parody..."I AM". Personally, could have done without the graphic display of the dogs self-pleasuring, but's Krod!

    The costuming and sets have all been remarkably well done; in that regard, the show reminds me of the old Hercules show.

    The uniqueness of the characters on the show make each episode worth watching. My personal favorite was the BiClops - the writers' minds, although not striving for award nominations, continued to produce entertaining characters and plots throughout the first season.
  • Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire appears to be a parody of Conan the Barbarian. It isn't a bad show, but it's far from perfect.

    Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire is basically Conan the Barbarian meets Monty Python. The majority of the characters are believable, from the incompetent band of heroes (Krod's group) to the bumbling overlord (Dongalor). The show is enjoyable, but also somewhat boring. Krod's sword also has the ability to catch on fire, hence the name "Flaming Sword of Fire", although this power is very seldom seen. Again, the heroes are incompetent, which adds some comedy. There's a sorcerer played by Kevin Hart (Scary Movie 3 and 4) who cannot perform magic well. There's also a pig-like archer whose shots are inaccurate, which often leads to injury to Krod. Overall, the show has some entertainment value, but it is highly unlikely that it will make it to a second season.

    Grade: C
  • Krod, son a a blacksmith and a housemaid, and his gang of fellows go on a crusade against evil and tiranny. Through the forests and fields, they fight. But there lies the problem: they aren't good at anything.

    The idea of the show, even if not so revolutionary, is quite great.
    Fantasy stories are always full of the same ingredients and preconceptions that make them so easy to mock.
    Even if you're not a fantasy fan, you should at least have seen one or two movies in these past few years telling stories about dragons, orcs or great wizards.

    It's true that for the first minutes, I found it really funny... Obviously it ha great potential.
    But then I unfortunately felt very disappointed.
    Too bad, I really felt like I was watching "Krod Mandoon and the secret of American Pie"...
    Why do americans need three sex jokes (minimum) per minute???
    Is that Uncle Sam's puritan values that prevent any comedy being funny without this easy provocation?
    This kind of humour is really low-level and highly predictable.
    Some scenes are really hilarious, but it's a shame that these constant insinuations about the sex thing ruin the whole show.

    Pleaaaase, dear producers and screenwriters, fix it!
  • Some of the jokes in this show are a bit silly and obvious but they still manage to pull it off and get a laugh for it. If you don't like the previous works of some of the main actors (Matt Lucas and Sean Maguire) then you probably won't like this show

    I however dig this show. A lot. Lucas is his usual crazy self. If you don't like Little Britain then you probably won't like this. It is to all the Conan/Earagon type movies as Robin hood men in tights is to the classic Robin hood tale.

    It's not meant to be serious or have a involved plot. It's a band of crazy mismatched hero wannabe's running around causing problems for the evil magistrate who isn't very clever/strong/powerful himself. They are going to have some wacky adventures along the way and people will grow to love them (I know I would love to love the female lead anyway).

    If you think you may like this show then my suggestion is to get the first episode of it. If you haven't laughed or at least found something amusing in it by the 10/15 minute mark then chances are your not going to like this show. Personally I laughed quite a bit for the first episode.. I think it has the potential to be a LOT funnier but that's my opinion. And I think once this has a few more episodes under it's belt it will get to that point. It's at that point it will go from a relatively small audience to the huge audience I think it deserves. This is defiantly one to watch IMO.
  • The series is set in a ancient fictional time which follows the life of a hero named Krod Mandoon and his struggle against the evil ruler, Chancellor Dongalor

    Its actually a pretty good show, I was just watching it on Comedy Central and I was really enjoying it, its like Monty Python meets Little Britain meets the Black Knight, and it works. I love the cast of actors in the show, especially Matt Lucas who pulls off being an evil chancellor very well and comically, I also enjoyed the premise of the show which I have never seen done before on any of these networks especially Comedy Central. So if you haven't seen the show yet you should definitely check it out, It will be worth your wile.
  • Great premise, good cast, okay comedy.

    I stumbled upon by pure accident. It's basic freedom fighters premise is what got me to watch. I didn't realize what it was until they started cracking modern jokes. I like the cast on a whole. Though, I must say that Krod is a little bit of a whiner for my taste.this dose not mean i don't thin the actor is good or the character has potential, the opposite is true. Generally speaking the style of comedy is not something I would like. However is this case, with a n almost all British cast, it took on a mild Monty Python feeling. I think it still needs work but new shows do. I believe this show has great potential.