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Comedy Central (ended 2015)

Get ready for some more Wheels Ontario, eh? Nick Kroll stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night and while he was there, he announced that his sketch show on Comedy Central, Kroll Show, will return for Season 3. Niiiice, bro. Kroll Show is currently in its second season and is averaging 1.1 million viewers for Comedy Central. 

Late Night with Seth Meyers is apparently becoming THE place for couples to announce the renewals of their Comedy Central shows. Just last week, when Amy Poehler was a guest on Late Night, she announced that Comedy Central's Broad City (which she executive produces) was renewed for Season 2. Kroll and Poehler are dating in real life and probably have the most hilarious arguments over who didn't do the dishes. 

On Kroll Show, Kroll plays a plethora of wacky-zany characters, but which one is your favorite? I demand that we declare a winner through combat by poll!!! My vote goes to Mexican radio DJ El Chupacabra. Coo-coo! No wait, I pick Bobby Bottleservice. No wait, C-Czar! No no, Dr. Armond! 

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