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  • A clever show

    i just started watching this show. I dont agree with the haters, this show is very clever. It's not always laugh out loud in stitches funny but its cool especially its take on reality shows. If you dont have a world view i understand u wouldnt like Kroll show.
  • Lighten up!

    Why so many haters? I love this show!
  • Someone cancel this and stop interrupting the good shows!

    I am not a reviewing person, but this show pisses me off to no end. Why is this on?

    How I shy and grumble when this crap of a show comes on. I immediately have to change the channel. Even when this comes on at 3 in the morning and I am dead asleep, I somehow sense to shut the tv off instead of chancing seeing this crap if I flip over. No wonder why its only been on for 2 months, has terrible reviews and manages to only make 14 year olds laugh.

  • how is this show on tv?

    How is this shit on . I'm done with comedy central. And I actually like workaholics. That's how utterly terrible it is.
  • Nick Kroll is the King of Comedy and that is awful

    A millionaire idiot makes fun of mooks and rich kids too. The show gets the worst reviews by press that can't be bought(Variety) and despite the massive and shady promotions- the ratings tanked after the second episode. Comedy Central knows this evil bastard will pay all costs and has the power to make them tons of money by just giving them money.

    Talented comedians go nowhere because Nick Kroll has infested the comedy world in a fascinating way-- he has used his fathers know how and massive wealth to "make

    The show is awful and Nick Kroll is the last thing from a But, with Jules Kroll as a father that doesn't matter. Boycott this bastard's .
  • Potential, but not great yet

    Nick Kroll is a really funny comedian. This show appears to have potential, but it's lacking so far. Nick maybe needs to be himself more instead of playing strange characters. Let other actors play the strange characters and just put Nick being a total a-hole in the mix. He is plenty funny being himself. His depth would give him the ability to play well off of many different situations. This is why the Ruxon character is so great on the League. I don't get the impression Kroll is being all that different from his real personality. He's great though and I expect big things from him.