Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 7

Andrea Finds Out

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Could possibly changed the entire dynamics of the show...

    Streaky tries to get away from Andrea and bathtime by sneaking into Krypto's rocket (while they're still inside). Of course, he was so busy that he didn't notice that, not only did Andrea see him, he forgot to close the lid on the entrance to Krypto's rocket. A few seconds later, Andrea is there and asking questions, while Kevin tries to explain. Unfortunately, he has to tell her the truth about everything, and gives Andrea a communicator so she can understand Streaky. Of course, this event is short-lived, as Krypto and Streaky have to head off to stop a new invention of Mechanikat: the Dirtbot. It absorbs dirt and minerals into it, and Krypto and Streaky can't stop it without breaking off a piece of it (and then it reforms it). It then heads to the Mineral Museum to collect a piece of kryptonite, as well as other rocks, and thus it grows larger. This is also Streaky's first time being exposed to it, so he can barely fly away with Krypto, and Kevin and Andrea have to stop the monster now. What better way than with water? After a while of running and planning, they finally beat the Dirtbot. episode can change the way the entire series might run. For one, not only does Andrea know the secret, but she has a communicator. Plus, this is another appearance by Delilah (wearing a new costume, might I add). Excellently done. One of the best in the series. 10/10
  • Andrea does, indeed, find out about Krypto and Streaky's secret identities in this tale.

    Man alive, I have to say that this WAS a darn good episode. I loved some of Andrea's comments as she was looking for Streaky to give him his usual bath... which he hates. Of course, Andrea spots Streaky entering Krypto's doghouse in the effort to avoid the bath water.... only to find Kevin and Krypto (Krypto in Superdog mode already) waiting for him.... and there's a message from Brainy Barker explaining that Mechanikat is up to some sort of new scheme and heading toward the area. After some groaning, Streaky decides he'd rather face Mechanikat than the bath and changes to Supercat. of course, Andrea follows Streaky, sees Kevin and the super-animals (IN their super-animal identities) and, after some failed attempts from Kevin to lie his way out of it, he finally fesses up to Andrea about their pets' secret identities.... swearing HER to secrecy and even providing her with her own intergalactic communicator. Afterwards, Krypto and Streaky fly off to investigate Mechanikat's latest scheme and Kevin and Andrea follow their pets to help out if they can.

    And I have to say, I loved seeing Andrea and Kevin working as a team in this. And Mechanikat's mineral absorbing monster was definitely a tough one for Krypto and Streaky (especially AFTER it absorbed a good sized Kryptonite). All in all, a highly entertaining sort-of turning point episode. And I loved Streaky's actually ASKING for a bath at the end of that episode too. Classic. :-D